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Moving homes in Toronto often requires packing oversized furniture. For some people, this can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Without hiring movers, furniture relocation can cause many problems. Injuries on a moving day, broken and damaged furniture are some of them. If you want to pack and move your furniture in Toronto, you will have to plan this process in advance. Before contacting a reliable moving company like Professional Movers Canada, take a look at our short guide. Here are some tips for easy furniture relocation in Toronto.

Prepare furniture for relocation

The first thing in this relocation will be the preparation process. Since furniture is often in use until the moving day, you should decide which pieces to pack first. For example, if you live in a big house, decide which room to leave with furniture inside, and pack all the rest. Most of your chairs, cabinets, night tables, and sitting furniture you can pack in advance.

grey sofa bed
Before packing your furniture, make sure to clean and disassemble it.

In order to prepare pieces of furniture for the moving day, you will have to prepare necessary moving supplies. Depending on the size of those pieces, you might need professional equipment for the loading and unloading process. Further in this article, we will list all the necessary supplies you’ll need. While you are planning your move, consider hiring reputable movers to help you with hard work.

Look for professional furniture movers

Most furniture relocations are impossible to handle without professional equipment. Moving straps, dollies, and protective blankets will be just some of the equipment you’ll need. The easiest way to pack and move your furniture in Toronto is to hire professional movers. Moving companies offer various services you can rely on. If you don’t have time to prepare your furniture for the move, consider looking for the affordable packing service Toronto has to offer.

In case you never relocated furniture from one home to another, you should know this. Professional movers have the most efficient tools to plan and handle this process. Since furniture can be too big to handle, it’s often too difficult to move it without the right equipment. This is why paying for movers in this situation can be the best option.

Get necessary packing supplies

If you don’t have too much furniture to move, you can ask a friend to help you with this relocation. If you want to pack and move your furniture in Toronto without moving assistance, you should look for the best moving supplies Toronto has to offer. Here are some supplies you will need:

white chair
Using plastic wrap will help you protect furniture during transportation.
  • Cellophane wrap
  • Protective blankets
  • Styrofoam for furniture corners
  • Moving boxes for disassembled pieces
  • Scissors and packing tape

When it comes to finding moving supplies, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on these items. What you should do is look for free or cheap supplies in local stores in Toronto. You could find some free packing supplies, at least when it comes to moving boxes.

How to pack and move your furniture in Toronto?

Once you prepare all necessary packing supplies, you should start planning the furniture relocation process. Once you find and read easy packing tips, consider making a timeline of your moving day. Usually, furniture is the last thing to pack and move. If you hire professional movers, they will most likely load furniture last. If, on the other hand, you want to do this process on your own, here’s how you can pack and move furniture in Toronto safely:

  • Pack smaller furniture pieces first. Items like chairs and night tables are the easiest ones to pack. If you prepare them for relocation the night before the move, you will have more room for packing the rest.
  • Disassemble oversized furniture. Some furniture will be impossible to pack and move in one piece. If you can disassemble them – do it. It’s way easier to pack smaller parts and reassemble them after moving in.
  • Use cellophane wrap to cover furniture. These packing supplies will help you protect furniture from dust and dirt. Also, it will help you avoid any scratches or other damage during transportation.
  • Protect corners with Styrofoam. This packing material is perfect for covering sharp edges of sofa beds, couches, and other big furniture parts.
  • Use moving straps to lift and move furniture pieces. If you decided not to hire movers, you will have to do this part by yourself. Keep in mind that moving heavy inventory is a common cause of injuries, which is why you should be careful while loading furniture into a moving truck.
  • Let movers to the hardest part of the move. The easiest and safest thing to do is to hire a moving company for this task. They have the most efficient way to pack and move your furniture in Toronto.

Avoid injuries on a moving day

Whether hiring professional movers or not, moving injuries happen all the time. While packing and carrying a heavy load, people often slip, fall, or strain their backs. If you want to avoid this from happening, you should hire professional furniture movers Toronto and let them do all the hard work.

white and green chairs in the living room
When furniture is large and too heavy to transport, it’s always better to call professional movers.

When movers take over this process, it’s not only their equipment that makes the process easier. Professional movers have the knowledge and experience needed to safely pack and move your furniture in Toronto. One day before the move, you should get a good night of sleep and rest well for the moving day. Furniture relocation can be easy and efficient if you let movers do all the hard work. It’s better to spend extra money on a furniture relocation service than to get some injuries on a moving day.

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