Packing mistakes to avoid before the move

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Moving time is one of the most stressful periods of life. Changing the environment is always something that needs to be well planned and avoid unwanted surprises. You never know what the day brings and what unexpected situations can prolong or make your move harder and tiring. In this post, you will discover some common packing mistakes to avoid before the relocation day. Also, don’t hesitate and let the crew at Professional Movers Canada help you organize your belongings. We will handle this for you and you’ll settle in your new home peacefully and stress-free.

a man packing glass items
Have in mind common packing mistakes to avoid before you move.

#1 Not planning for a move in advance brings unwanted stress


It would be best to plan the move approximately 10 days in advance. Each segment of the move requires special attention, and you should take care of every detail. Moving preparation includes:

  • arranging the day of relocation with the company
  • choosing the right time of the move
  • making a list of moving supplies
  • taking time to organize and pack everything
  • transportation

Packing for a move itself always takes longer than you thought. You may have thought that you can pack the whole house in one day, and many of them start packing on the day of moving. How many years do you think you have been collecting your things, and is it logical to pack everything in one day or a few hours? The rule is to start packing much earlier before moving. First, you should pack those things that are used no more than a couple of times a year. After that, the seasonal wardrobe of the opposite season, because you will not use them for a long time.

Master the skill of decluttering

You should also throw away accumulated garbage before you start to pack your home. Items can take up a lot of space and excessive clutter is the last thing you need. Ask yourself these questions while sorting out items:

  • Do I need this?
  • Is it there only to collect dust? 
  • Is it outdated/replaceable/ impossible to repair? 

Look up online some charities that would make good use of your old clothes, books, and so on. Make sure what you donate is well-preserved and not damaged. Give away anything you don’t want to bring with you. Maybe some of your friends and family need extra furniture pieces. Also, instead of throwing away your old electronic equipment, or kitchen appliances, check their condition first. Decide if they are up for recycling or should go straight to trash.

couple tossing the box
Get rid of extra stuff.

#2 Don’t be careless when you pack for a move

Keep in mind it’s very important to pack and secure everything you have. It’s not enough to just wrap the thing, pack it in a box and pray that everything goes well. Quite often things collide in a moving truck or trunk if they are not packed and stored properly. You will have to disassemble big furniture and electronics, then pack every piece carefully. Instruction manuals are your best pals in that case. On the other hand, it’s good to contact the manufacturer for advice or let the moving company that specializes in packing/unpacking services handle everything. If the items aren’t additionally secured, they may end up broken and damaged.

Cheap packing supplies aren’t always the best solution

Be wary of ads for free supplies. They may seem in a good state online, but often what you get isn’t the same as in a picture. It’s always better to spend extra money on strong cardboard boxes and strong packing tape than to regret cheap options.

On the other hand, it’s possible to obtain decent price-friendly or even free packing supplies. Make sure the source you’re buying from is reliable. It would be good to ask your friends or family members to give you leftover boxes if they’re kept in a good condition. Also, check out the packing service Toronto – based moving companies offer.

#3 Don’t company that’s not trustworthy

When choosing a company, pay attention to everything. Find out about their reviews, what kind of relocations they do, whether there are any unhappy clients, and why. Experienced long distance movers Toronto residents highly recommend are those that can handle more demanding moving tasks. Be careful not to hire an unprofessional or unreliable agency! This can seriously endanger your budget and give you unnecessary headaches! When choosing a way of transport, ask what the dimensions are and whether it suits you. In case of longer moves, check if the company offers climate-controlled and clean storage solutions. It is especially important to purchase insurance for your furniture and other valuable belongings. In case you don’t do that, you won’t get compensation.

Most people think the best time for a move is the one that they deem most suitable. This is not completely incorrect, but the right choice of moving time is very important. Summer is the most rewarding time for moving, but there is a problem here because the agencies are getting too busy. Spring and autumn are also good times for successful relocations. But be careful with the holidays, because some companies may not work during the holidays. Last but not least, ask about the pricing. Find out whether additional service – packing and loading heavy furniture, for example – may tighten your moving budget.

a man making a list
The movers you hire have to be experienced and professional.

You’re never wrong if you ask for help

The list of packing mistakes to avoid before the relocation is a much-needed instruction manual. In addition, it’s better to hire professional pairs of helping hands than to bother with DIY tutorials. Hire reliable midtown Toronto movers, then sit and relax. You can be sure there will be no need for additional repairs after relocation. Top-level moving companies have been out there for years and are familiar with all kinds of unexpected circumstances. The safety of your belongings is their priority, and they will ensure your move goes smoothly, without much stress.

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