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There are many different ways to organize the packing process. When getting ready for the move, it’s not easy to decide which things to pack and which ones to leave behind. Besides sorting out, finding the right packing supplies will also be time-consuming. However, with the right plan, packing doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. In order to speed up this process and make it efficient, there are some packing tips you might consider. Before you start looking for affordable moving supplies Toronto has to offer, take a look at our short guide. Here are the 4 most important packing tips you should always use.

Make a packing plan

No matter how many things you have to pack, it’s always better to make a packing plan first. As one of the most important packing tips you should always use, we suggest writing down a list of different categories. For example, you can organize packing one room at a time and write down essentials from each room. Another way to plan packing is to write down a timeline of the packing process. If you have more than a few weeks left before the move, this might be the best way to organize.

pink suitcase
You can pack some of your belongings weeks before the move, and leave essentials for packing last.

While you are making a list of packing supplies and essential items to pack, there will be another thing you should consider. You might need to hire a professional team of packers to help with items that are fragile or too big to pack. To find reliable packing services, all you have to do is contact some of the best residential movers Toronto has to offer. Moving companies provide flexible packing services, whether you are moving your home, office, or your business.

Find the right packing supplies

Speaking of packing tips you should always use, it’s important to find just the right packing supplies. Otherwise, you could end up packing too many things inside one box or damaging some of your fragile inventory. If you write down a number of boxes and other supplies you’ll need, you will ease this process a lot. Here are some of the basic moving and packing supplies you’ll need:

  • Cardboard and plastic boxes in various sizes
  • Plastic wrap, bubbly wrap, and packing tape
  • Labeling machine or a marker
  • Scissors, Ziploc bags, and scotch tape
  • Cushioning materials like towels, newspaper, and other soft materials
kitten inside a cardboard box
There are many different ways you can find cheap packing supplies for your move. Local stores might even have some to give for free.

Once you assess your inventory and decide which packing supplies to get, it’s time to find the right packing supplies. One of the best packing tips you should always use is to look for free or cheap moving boxes. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, you can always look for free boxes in local stores. Bookstores, grocery chains, and similar places always have some cardboard boxes they want to get rid of.

Sort out your inventory

Before you start packing, you should know exactly which items you want to relocate. When planning a move, decluttering your home or office can be a good idea. It might help you decide which items to leave behind and downsize your inventory. Once you separate items you want to pack, you should sort them out into categories. For example, clothes, bedsheets, and towels could all go into the same moving boxes. On the other hand, fragile items like lamps, glassware, or antiques should always be packed separately.

In case you have too many items to pack or you have to move last-minute, you can always let professionals handle the packing process. If you look for the best packing services Toronto has to provide, you will find packers who will save a lot of your time. This service is usually flexible, which means that you can pay for full or partial packing service.

Pack items in the right order

Once you start packing, you will need to know which items should be packed first and which ones – last. There are two reasons for this type of planning. First, you might need to use some of your belongings up until the last day before the move. Therefore, you should pack these essentials a few days before the movers arrive. The second reason you should pack in the right order is the equal weight of your moving boxes. Depending on the size and shape of different items, there is always a chance of overpacking the boxes. In order to avoid this, you should pack similar items together and fill the empty space with lighter materials. This method will work well when packing fragile inventory because it will keep each item protected during the move.

person holding a traveling bag
Don’t forget to pack a bag with essentials for your moving day.

More packing tips you should always use

After you have a bigger picture of how to organize your packing process, take a look at more of our tips:

  • Start packing early on. Make sure to pack items you rarely use first and then make a plan for the rest of your inventory.
  • Save money on packing supplies by using what you already have. If you saved original boxes for your home appliances and electronics, they could work well for the packing process.
  • Let professionals pack fragile items, furniture, and valuable inventory. This service can be affordable, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Whether you are moving across the street or relocating to another state, packing can be an overwhelming process. If you do it the right way, you can easily save time during your moving process. No matter how much skill you have, it’s important to make a plan and start packing in the right order. Hopefully, making a packing plan will now be easier with our 4 packing tips you should always use.

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