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Even the shortest local move can be quite demanding. You have to prepare almost everything exactly the same way you would if you were moving long distance. The only real difference is that drive itself will be much shorter. Of course, that in itself makes local moving much easier than long distance moving. But the preparation process is pretty much the same regardless if you’re moving from Midtown Toronto to York or from Toronto to Vancouver. Because of that, we at Professional Movers Canada take moving preparations very seriously. We also advise our clients to put 110% into moving prep since a proper prep can mean easier moving. But what should you do to prepare well for a local move? Unfortunately, a lot of things. But luckily for you, we’re are here to tell you exactly what they are and how you should go about them.

Prepare yourself for moving from Midtown Toronto to York

Even though York and Midtown Toronto are only 20ish minutes apart by car, moving from one to the other can still be a big change. Of course, you’ll still be in Toronto which is already your home. But moving is still always some sort of a change. That’s why you should take some time to ponder what moving means for you. If you process moving in a healthy way and give yourself time to adapt to the idea of moving, it’ll be much easier for you to actually move. So before you start looking for movers and packers Toronto has to offer, you should first take a moment to explore and accept your emotions and thoughts regarding the move.

A man thinking about his moving-related feelings.
It’s important to prepare yourself before you start preparing for the move!

Get to know York before you move

This step may seem pointless especially if you’ve lived your whole life in Toronto. How different can York and Midtown Toronto really be? Well, the truth is that it’s not really about whether they’re different. It’s more about getting comfortable in York. It’ll be much easier for you to get back to your daily routine if you know where everything is. So if you’re at all interested in resuming your old life quickly and easily, you should definitely explore York before moving from Midtown Toronto. While exploring you should try to find easily accessible:

  • Grocery store
  • Pharmacy
  • Gas station if you’re a driver
  • Gym if you’re a gym goer
  • Parking
  • Coffee shop for your morning cup of joe
  • Your favorite fast-food restaurant

Start organizing your move from Midtown Toronto to York by planning and scheduling

When it comes to the actual moving, planning, and scheduling are pillars of success. If you make a plan early on and then create a reasonable schedule, you’ll undoubtedly prepare for moving to York from Midtown Toronto with ease. Just make sure to start early on and take the planning portion of moving seriously. It’s better to take more time to come up with a good plan than rush and end up in a messy situation down the line. Then once you have a good plan, start scheduling tasks. Just make sure not to overestimate your capabilities or how much time you have. You are still, after all, only a human.

A person planning a move.
If you dedicate yourself to planning a move, you’ll execute the actual move much easier!

Also, you should help yourself stay on top of moving tasks. You can do so by utilizing various tools, gadgets, and methods that are generally good for remembering tasks. Setting reminders, having a visual calendar on your fridge, or creating a moving checklist can all be quite helpful. And by utilizing these, not only will you remember everything you have to do, but you’ll also be under much less stress because your reminders will do all the remembering for you!

Look for experts that will help you move to York from Midtown Toronto

Moving by yourself is not easy. Especially if it’s your first time moving and you’re not very experienced. Luckily, you are not alone. There are plenty of amazing movers York prides itself in that would be more than willing to help. So if you’re not sure about your own moving skills, you should probably look for professional movers. Such movers have heaps of experience and for them handling a local move is a walk in the park. Yes, movers add a bit to moving costs. However, what you get is a lot more valuable than money. With experienced movers by your side, moving is less of a chore and more of an adventure. So if you want moving to York from Midtown Toronto to be pleasant and easy, you should look for suitable local movers.

Preparing for a moving day is extremely important

Even if you’re moving with great Midtown Toronto movers, you should still prepare for a moving day. Remember, even such a short drive requires prep. But the drive itself is the least of your problems. It’s very likely that you’ll have to deal with moving boxes all day. Because of that, you should make sure to prepare well. It’s very important for you to sleep well the night before and nourish your body with food and drinks. But aside from that, you should also prepare a bag with necessities. Even if you manage to unpack a good amount of belongings, it’s very likely that you’ll need something you can’t find. So to avoid needing and not having something important, you should pack everything you might need, for the first night in your apartment, in a bag you’ll take with you. That way, whatever happens, you’ll be sorted.

A woman holding a healthy sandwich.
Eating healthily and drinking plenty of liquids will make moving from Midtown Toronto to York much easier!

With good prep, moving from Midtown Toronto to York will be as easy as ABC

Moving from Midtown Toronto to York might seem like a very easy task. However, preparing for a local move is very demanding and can be quite time-consuming. Luckily, if you organize yourself well, it’ll be much easier for you to handle your move to York. Especially with expert movers by your side, your move could be super easy. Just make sure to prepare well and your local move will be a breeze!

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