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Toronto alongside the Greater Area of Toronto has long been known for being a great place to raise a family.  Whether you are looking for a community close to the downtown core or prefer a home in the suburbs, chances are you will be able to find the perfect neighborhood for your new home right here. The GTA area is known for being ethnically and culturally diverse with something for everyone. You’ll be able to find it all here. Spacious home, high-ranking schools, quiet streets, playgrounds, parks, and polite and good neighbors. If you are set in your decision, we recommend that you hire small Toronto movers so that you and your family will have more time for each other and an easy moving experience. And now, we are going to share with you our top picks for some of the best GTA area neighborhoods for families with kids.

Things to consider when choosing the best neighborhood for your family

Deciding on where to live at any stage in life can be notoriously difficult at times. Especially if you are not an empty nester anymore. Raising kids is a huge responsibility in all aspects. But you also need to pay special attention to their surroundings. It is one of the most important elements of their self-development journey and becoming an adult. There are many things you need to take into consideration. Those related to safety and location and those related to living conditions and life within a community.

Toronto landscape
The Greater Toronto Area is considered one of the best for raising a big family.

Now, we will try to cover some of the most important considerations you should take into account moving into a new neighborhood:

  • What is the distance between your workplace and your potential new neighborhood?
  • Are you okay with being further out but having more space?
  • Do you own a car or do you need to rely on transportation?
  • How far away are your kids’ future schools?
  • Are there many families nearby with kids your age whom your child can befriend?
  • Are there activities for families with kids within your potential new community?
  • What is the cost of living in Toronto ?
  • Do you feel safe around the neighborhood?
  • How good are the municipality services?

And finally, maybe the most important two questions you should ask yourself when looking around for a place to settle are “Do you like it?” and “Will you enjoy living there in a few years and beyond?” If you find a place where you can comfortably say “Yes” to both of those questions, feel free to call midtown Toronto movers who will be able to get you settled in your new home in only a matter of hours.

All you need to know about life in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The Greater Toronto Area includes the city of Toronto as well as the regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. Also, the GTA region includes 25 urban, suburban, and rural municipalities. About 5.5 million people live in this area of ​​Toronto. And it is also one of the fastest-growing areas in Canada. In the period from 2018 to 2021, the GTA gained about 131,000 new residents.

Also, in a conversation with residential movers Toronto, we came across information that the largest increase in population was recorded in urban areas, especially in the greater Toronto area. In the past 20 years, of the total number of immigrants to Toronto, 80% settled in the Greater Toronto Area. Also, the largest number of new residents (47%) are young people aged 25 to 37. And what makes GTA the most common choice of all newcomers is the simple and easy access to everything, as well as the high quality of life.

People in GTA from different parts of the world.
Here you will meet very friendly people of different nationalities.

Another interesting fact we found is that people of over 25 different nationalities live in Toronto. From this, we can conclude that this place is very diverse when it comes to ethnic composition. This is due to the fact that more than 50% of the residents of Toronto and the GTA area were born outside of Canada. If you are a fan of getting to know and exploring other cultures, customs, and religions, then this is the right place for you. GTA is a multicultural community where you can find some of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. And also, here you will meet people from different parts of the world. And mostly from Europe.

Family and kids demographics in the GTA

Do you have any idea how many kids live in GTA? 15% of the population have always been kids. Kids in Toronto live in very different families. It often happens that the parents are of different cultures, affiliations, beliefs, and languages. And similar to that is that no neighborhood has the same opportunities for housing, work, life, etc. That’s why you can always find different best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids. Also, the population census in 2016 found that around 1,070,635 children under the age of 14 live in this area. When we add to this data that 359,355 babies were born in Canada between June 2020 and July 2021, we can conclude that this number has increased since 2016.

 Top 5 best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids

It is difficult to decide which place is best for your kids. These are mainly important decisions in your life and represent the future of your kids. Therefore, what you must pay attention to is that your kids grow up in a healthy environment, far from the influence of negative things such as crime, violence, etc. Also, education is another important item that you have to think about when you think about the best place for your new home.

Happy family choose one of the best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids
Consider all possibilities ad choose the best neighborhood for your family.

Choosing the right neighborhood for raising kids while trying to cater to your own needs as well can get really overwhelming. Not to mention, you then have to think about all the packing and preparing. Lucky for you, we are here to help you with both parts. Our packing service Toronto can help you pack up your whole family in a matter of hours and get you ready to go. And to help you make the best choice, in this story you will see our list of our top 5 of the best neighborhoods for families with kids in the Greater Toronto Area.

Allenby first place on our list of best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids

This neighborhood is one of the best places for families with kids of all ages, but especially younger ones. Therefore, your kids will have no problem making friends there. And local movers Toronto call Allenby one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto. The only problem is that there isn’t anything for rent here, generally speaking. However, the schools here are amazing. The best ones are Allenby public school, North Preparatory, and Marshall McLuhan Catholic.

A family playing at the park in one of the GTA neighborhoods for families with kids
Allenby is one of the most desired GTA neighborhoods for families with kids.

When it comes to educating your children, Allenby can be called the best place. In addition to these schools, there is also Allenby Junior State School, which is attended by children from kindergarten to 6th grade. What sets this school apart from others is the possibility for your children to learn French from an early age. Therefore, students of junior kindergartens and senior kindergartens will have the opportunity to learn the first words of the French language. And there is also a French language learning program for students from the first to the sixth grade of elementary school.

Allenby is one of the safest places

What makes this place so special is the low crime rate, which will provide you with security. Also, this neighborhood has many parks, green areas, and children’s playgrounds, where your children can spend their free time.  One of the oldest parks, Eglinton Park is located in the neighborhood of Allenby. And here, after the move, many fun daily activities for the whole family await you. But don’t worry, you can always find at least 3 ways to get to know a new neighborhood. Also, near Allenby, you can visit the Beltline Trail, and North Memorial Community Center in Toronto. In addition, there is also the Eglinton shopping district, as well as the TTC.

Can Deer Park be one of the best neighborhoods for families with kids?

Deer Park is considered one of the more affluent neighborhoods on this list, but families love it. The homes are well-maintained and quite spacious. But in addition, this neighborhood offers a great shopping area in the heart of the place, plus a very large selection of apartments and townhouses with monthly rental prices that can fit almost any budget. But unfortunately, the real estate market in Deer Park is not very diverse. Real estate in Deer Park includes 83% condos, 9% single houses, and 8% semi-detached houses. Condo movers Toronto revealed to us that people choose condos the most, and for this reason, a large percentage of this type of property is represented in this place.

Toddler in playground
Deer Park offers you constant fun and many activities for your little ones on the kid’s playground.

So, what makes this place ideal for families and children? 

Are these the schools around Deer Park that are well-ranked? There is one of the best schools in this area, Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School. Local primary and secondary schools make this place suitable for family life. Also, Deer Park is one of the safer communities in the city. And at the same time, it offers you a peaceful and safe life, as well as a healthy environment for your kids to grow up in. Therefore, this place is perfect for families with children, as well as for the elderly, who want to live in a peaceful environment away from the city. Deer Park is a great area that offers you various outdoor activities, shopping, health services, and many great restaurants nearby. But that’s not all! This place also offers some great business opportunities that give you the opportunity to earn over $100,000 a year.

The Beaches – Ideal place for all generations

This is simply the ideal place for all generations. This Neighborhood in GTA is an attractive place that attracts young professionals, families with kids, retirees, and even single people with its life opportunities. Also, The Beaches are one of the most popular places in Toronto. And this place is located very close to downtown Toronto. If you also plan to find your new home in this place, you can rely on movers Downtown Toronto. Also, the movers revealed to us information that The Beaches is one of the favorite neighborhoods for families with kids who want to live in a fast-growing community.

dad and baby walking on the beach
The Beaches is one of the favorite GTA neighborhoods for families with kids where you can find many interesting activities for all generations.

So, what is it that puts The Beaches at the top of the wish list of almost every family that looking for a new home in the GTA? In first place are the highly rated schools, Kew Beach Junior Public School and Williamson Road Junior Public School. In addition to schools, a low crime rate is crucial. But the fun is not far behind. We all like to have fun, and as a parent, you will certainly be researching activities for your kids. That’s why we will present you some of the must-visit places, which will very quickly become your favorite places to have fun.

  • The beach is three kilometers long, which is an ideal place for strolling. Here you will see many people with children, and find many fun activities.
  • Kew Gardens. This is a public park and one of the most beautiful flower gardens you have ever seen. Here, your children will be able to enjoy the pool, playgrounds, and baseball, and make snowmen during the winter months.
  • A seasonal skating rink where you will feel the real winter magic.
  • Tennis courts during the summer.

So, The Beaches is a gorgeous area of Toronto that has a cottage country vibe to it. Although prices can be steep, the houses are truly stunning. And if you decide to move, moving services Toronto are at your disposal. Believe us, family relocation can be a hard job, but with these services, everything will be easier.


Riverdale is another desirable family environment. It is also one of the largest urban settlements in the GTA. And what sets it apart from the rest is the entertainment and beautiful Victorian houses. Also, if you move this fall, several top fall festivals and events in Toronto 2022 await you. There are three main parks, namely Riverdale Park, Riverdale Park West, Riverdale Park East, and Bruce Mackey Park. Also, there are many other green areas perfect for picnics, as well as playgrounds and pools for kids. Riverdale Park is the largest park in the neighborhood and is located next to the River Don at the west end of Riverdale.

The view from Riverdale Park, that is one of the best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids
At Riverdale Park, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful Toronto views.

Riverdale is the perfect place for those who want a life away from the city center. And the most common choice is the young population, as well as families with kids who want easy and simple access to schools, playgrounds, and parks. In fact, Riverdale is a neighborhood with higher living standards. And at the same time, this is one of the largest neighborhoods in Toronto. And what is perhaps most important, you will come across very favorable real estate prices in Riverdale, but not a huge selection. Monthly rental prices range from $850 to $1,900.

Davisville Village

Davisville Village is an old-time favorite and is also known as Davisville. This place is located very close to the center of Toronto, which gives you easy access to work and all other activities. It has a huge range of amenities for people of all ages. So, you really can’t go wrong with this place if you’re looking for the ideal place for your family. This area has the most casual atmosphere. What makes this place an ideal choice for your family life is the large selection of apartments, excellent access to transportation, many wonderful restaurants with delicious food, as well as many beautiful parks for your kids, and a large selection of highly-rated schools.

family dinner
Davisville Village can offer you a number of excellent restaurants for your family gatherings.

One of the main reasons why families with kids choose this place is the excellent selection of schools for kids of all ages. As well as a very short distance from the center of Toronto, which offers many more attractions. And besides, this place also has some of the best private schools in Toronto. We would single out two excellent high schools, namely North Toronto Collegiate Institute and Leaside High School. These schools are ranked in the top 100 of the best schools in Ontario. And on that list, they are in the top 20. Also, for the younger generation, is also available Eglinton Junior Public School, Maurice Codi Junior Public School, and Davisville Junior Public School.

Bloor West Village also can be one of the best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids

This small neighborhood is the epitome of family life, and is known as “a small village in a big city”. Families of all generations live here, with many kids, and pets, but also those who are looking for a quiet life. On the streets of Bloor West Village, you can see a large number of restaurants and cafes. You can also visit several excellent parks, as well as many other places that can be a great choice for family time. Also, near this place, you will find much good public and private schools, kids’ playgrounds, playrooms, kindergartens, and much more fun for your little ones. This is one of the small GTA neighborhoods for families with kids, where you can find nine public schools for kids of all ages. Some of them are King George Junior Public School, Rockcliffe High School, and Humberside Collegiate Institute.

kids at school in one of the best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids
Some of the best schools in Toronto are located in Bloor West Village.

But like any place, Bloor West Village has its drawbacks, which are the high rent prices, which are as high as $3,300. But regardless of high real estate prices, people still choose this place. If you’re wondering why, here are a few more reasons. Interestingly, Bloor West Village is known as one of the best shopping districts in Toronto. Here you can find a large number of restaurants, and cafes, as well as over 400 shops. But also extraordinary nightlife. Also, this is a very young place that was built in the middle of the 20th century, which makes it one of the top 5 favorites for young families.

Make a smart choice!

Finding the best GTA neighborhood for families with kids is no easy task in such a diverse large city and large metropolitan area. However, we hope that whatever you choose, you will have your children’s best interests in mind and that you will pay attention to the most important details in making this decision. Also, you need to consider, notice, and decide a lot, as well as make several choices. We know that choosing a place to live is not a simple step, and at the same time, we hope that our story about GTA neighborhoods for families with kids will help you to make a smart choice for your family. What you have to think about is safety, as well as a comfortable life for you. families.

And when it comes to moving, don’t worry. Our Professional Movers Toronto will be happy to help settle your family into your new home. We wish you an easy and stress-free moving day!

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