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Toronto alongside the Greater Area of Toronto has long been known for being a great place to raise a family.  Whether you are looking for a community close to the downtown core or prefer a home in the suburbs, chances are you will be able to find the perfect neighborhood for your needs right here. The GTA area is known for being ethnically and culturally diverse with something for everyone. You’ll be able to find it all here. Spacious home with room to grow, high-ranking schools, quiet streets, and polite and good neighbors. If you are set in your decision, we recommend that you hire small Toronto movers so that you and your family will have more time for each other and an easy moving experience. And now, we are going to share with you our top picks for some of the best GTA area neighborhoods for families with kids.

Toronto landscape
The Greater Toronto Area is considered one of the best for raising a big family.

Things to consider when choosing the best neighborhood for your family

Deciding on where to live at any stage in life can be notoriously difficult at times. Especially if you are not an empty nester anymore. Raising kids is a huge responsibility in and of itself. But you also need to pay special attention to their surroundings. It is one of the most important elements of their self-development journey and becoming an adult. There are many things you need to take into consideration. Those related to safety and location and those related to living conditions and life within a community. We will now try to cover some of the most important considerations you should take into account moving into a new neighborhood:

  • What is the distance between your workplace and your potential new neighborhood?
  • Are you okay with being further out but having more space?
  • Do you own a car or do you need to rely on transportation?
  • How far away are your kids’ future schools?
  • Are there many families nearby with kids your age whom your child can befriend?
  • Are there activities for families with kids within your potential new community?
  • What is the cost of living and do you feel safe around the neighborhood?
  • How good are the municipality services?

And finally, maybe the most important two questions you should ask yourself when looking around for a place to settle:

  • Do you like it?  &
  • Will you enjoy living there in a few years and beyond?

If you find a place where you can comfortably say “Yes” to both of those questions, feel free to call midtown Toronto movers who will be able to get you settled in your new home in only a matter of hours.

 Top 5 best GTA neighborhoods for families with kids

Choosing the right neighborhood for raising kids while trying to cater to your own needs as well can get really overwhelming. Not to mention, you then have to think about all the packing and preparing. Lucky for you, we are here to help you with both parts. Our packing service Toronto can help you pack up your whole family in a matter of hours and get you ready to go. And to help you make the best choice, here is our list of our top 5 of the best neighborhoods for families with kids in the Greater Toronto Area:

1. Allenby

This neighborhood is packed with families with kids of all ages, but especially younger ones. Therefore, your kids will have no problem making friends there. Allenby is even called the most family-friendly neighborhood in Toronto. The only problem is that there isn’t anything for rent here, generally speaking. However, the schools here are amazing. The best ones being Allenby public school, North Preparatory, and Marshall McLuhan Catholic. You can visit Allenby Parents Assosiation for more information on Allenby and Allenby’s school options.

A family playing at the park in one of the GTA neighborhoods for families with kids
Allenby is one of the most desired GTA neighborhoods for families with kids.

2. Deer Park

Deer Park is considered one of the more affluent neighborhoods on this list, but families love it. The homes here are well-kept and pretty spacious, but it is too a poor place for renting. The schools around Deer Park are ranked well. Deer Park is one of the safer communities in the city.

3. The Beaches

This neighborhood has a beautiful view of the lake and it is not far from downtown Toronto. It is only one streetcar ride away. This neighborhood has a low crime rate. The Beaches is a gorgeous area of Toronto that has a cottage country vibe to it. Although prices can be steep, the houses are truly stunning.

4. Riverdale

Riverdale is another desirable family-friendly neighborhood. What sets it apart is its funkiness and pretty Victorian houses. There are three main parks as well as many other green spaces perfect for picnics and wading pools for kids. Riverdale Park is the largest park in the neighborhood and it is situated by the Don River to the west end of Riverdale. The other two main parks are Jimmie Simpson Park and Withrow Park.

The view from Riverdale Park, East Toronto, Canada
At Riverdale Park, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful Toronto views.

5. Davisville Village

Davisville Village is an old-time favorite. It has a huge array of amenities for people of all ages so you really can’t go wrong with this one. This neighborhood has the most laid-back atmosphere. Davisville Village is in close proximity to Downtown Toronto so your kids are able to be involved in a variety of different extracurricular activities. If you work in Downtown Toronto, you should definitely consider Davisville.

Finding the best GTA neighborhood for families with kids is not an easy task in such a diverse major city and sprawling metropolitan area. However, we hope that what you choose you’ll have in mind your kids’ best interests, and our Professional Movers Toronto will be more than happy to help settle your family in your brand new home.  We wish you an easy and stress-free relocation day!

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