Top Fall Festivals and Events in Toronto 2022

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Toronto is one of the biggest and best places in Canada to live. It just has so much to offer and that is certainly something that people want. Opportunities are at every corner and all you have to do is use them. One of the things that make Toronto great is the number of festivals in fall that it offers. You can do and visit something new every day. But, you first need to learn about fall festivals and events in Toronto so that you could know which one to pick. This can be hard when you are new in the area and Professional Movers Canada has just finished your relocation. But, we are here to help so here are some of the best festivals and events in Toronto in the fall that you could and should visit!

Elevate Festival

Not all festivals need to be about music. It is certainly the case with Elevate Festival this fall. It will be from September 20-22 and you should definitely check it out. This festival will give you the chance to learn about all the new innovations in the tech world. There are many tech enthusiasts in Toronto so if you are one of them, you should definitely visit this festival and learn something new. The good thing is that some of the biggest tech names in the industry will be there so you could even snatch a chat or two and learn something new firsthand without having to sit through the whole presentation on the subject.

an old writing machine
Literature is a big thing in Toronto

Toronto International Festival of Authors

If you are a literary geek, then this is the place for you. This is certainly one of the best fall festivals and events in Toronto because it is one of the largest in the world of this kind. It will be held September 22- October 2 so you have plenty of time to visit once your small movers Toronto finish your move and you settle into your new home. Also, there is very little chance that you will miss it because you have over a week to visit it and learn new things. It will be held at Harbourfront Centre which is one of the best places to actually held a festival like this one. The will be a lot of separate guests and big names in the literary community so you do not have any reasons to avoid getting there.

Ontario Garlic Week

As the name suggests, this is a festival of garlic. People who love garlic should definitely visit it because they will have the chance to enjoy some of the best garlic dishes out there. There will be tons of chefs and farmers as well as people that like consuming this great food. If you are fond of garlic, then you already know the number of dishes you can make from it. It will be held from September 22- October 2 so you also have enough time to prepare your stomach for some delicious dishes that will make you feel full.

garlic on the table
The garlic festival can be a fun experience

Toronto Octoberfest

We have all heard about the original Octoberfest in Germany. It is one of the biggest festivals there and for a good reason. Well, Toronto has its own way of organizing this great festival. This year’s festival will be the 10th in total so you should expect a lot of great things to celebrate this great event. If you are fond of beer, you will definitely want to visit it and enjoy some of Bavarian’s greatest beers. Also, the first 500 visitors per session will get 500 German glass beer steins.

The downside of this great fall festival in Toronto is that it lasts only for two days, from September 30- October 1 so if you want to get the chance to visit it, you should really start working on your move with your midtown Toronto movers that will make sure you get here in time. However, even though it is soon, you should not rush everything and make some crucial mistakes. Take your time, you have it for now, and make sure you get to Toronto Octoberfest in the best spirit possible!

Forever Fest

This is the most Canadian festival that you can attend right now and in Toronto! It was created to bond people through a three-day festival with great Canadian food, drinks, and music. It will be held from September 30-October 2 so you have plenty of opportunities to come and have a good time with your friends or family. However, the best thing about it is not the fact that you are going to have a good time here. 100% of the income that the festival makes will go to charities around Canada. That is certainly a lot of money so you should definitely come here to support people who did not have good luck in life. And, you will do this just by having a good time enjoying great music and enjoying great beverages with your close ones. There is no better choice that you can make this fall!

people in toronto octoberfest enjoying on of the best fall festivals and event in toronto
Originated in Germany, Octoberfest has a big role in Toronto

Halloween Haunt

After you are done with the move and your movers Downtown Toronto are out of the door after giving you a pleasant moving experience, you should prepare for Halloween. The thing that you probably already know is that Canadians are fond of this great holiday. It will be held at Canada’s Wonderland which is definitely one of the best places to host this great event.

Everything will be in the spirit of Halloween. People will all be dressed up and you will have the chance to explore the deepest secrets that Wonderland has to offer. Everything will be themed so you can be sure that you are going to get a surprise or two along the way. Or a scream or two along the way. People that organize are really trying their best to give you the best experience possible and that is why this is one of the best fall festivals and events in Toronto in 2022. Give yourself an opportunity to get scared or even terrified. It is all for fun so you should definitely check it out.

Ontario Universities Fair

This is an annual event made for people that want to attend some of Ontario’s greatest universities. It will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre and there is no better place for this. It is perfect for this great fall event in Toronto. Each university will have six 30-minute presentations per session. You will have plenty of opportunities to see what each one has to offer. But, that is not always enough, right? You will get the chance to ask all the questions that you may have. That is why you should visit Ontario Universities’ Fair and gather all the necessary information in order for you to make the right decision about where you want to study.

halloween pumpkins
Halloween is a big thing in Canada!

Career Fair Canada

One of the main reasons why people come to Toronto is the number of job opportunities. You have all the necessary freedom here. So, it is no surprise that all movers York have a lot of work basically across the whole year because Toronto is still growing. However, once you come, it can be hard to find what you need and want to work on due to the number of information you get. That is why Career Fair Canada exists. It gives you all the necessary information in order to guide you towards what you want to do in life. There is something for everyone, from tech jobs to health care jobs. All you have to do is come to Metro Toronto Convention Center and focus on the information that you are going to get.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

If you are into horror and sci-fi films, then this is one of the best fall festivals and events in Toronto that you will encounter. It is one of the leading festivals in this area so you should definitely take your time when visiting it. As we have mentioned, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the greatest works in horror, sci-fi, and action genres. Also, many film icons will also attend the festival so you will get the chance to see them live.

Before you get the chance to enjoy fall festivals and events in Toronto, you have to get there!

As you can see, Toronto does not have a shortage of festivals in the fall that you can visit. However, relocating to a big place like Toronto can be pretty hard without having help in form of moving companies North York that can assist you in your move. So, that is certainly the first thing that you should focus on when deciding to relocate to Toronto. Of course, that does not mean that you will just sit around all day until the moving day comes. But, your movers have a much bigger experience and they will definitely know some traps and how to avoid them. On the other hand, if you try to move alone, you may end up stuck in those traps and having much bigger problems than you need.

a doll from a horror movie
Get scared in Toronto!

How to find experienced movers that will assist you in your relocation process?

Big city relocations, like in the city of Toronto, can become a big problem in no time. The crowds, traffic jams, and much more can be a big liability when relocating. However, you can prevent this by proper planning and by finding the right movers for the job. So, in order to make your search much easier, here are the best tips for you on how to find them.

  • never rush your decision because you can make the wrong one
  • avoid hiring movers on the first encounter
  • make sure you get more than 3 moving estimates so that you could learn how the pricing of relocations work
  • ask for referrals
  • read moving reviews about movers East York that you want to hire and get the unbiased information
  • do not hesitate to ask anything of importance

However, you should not expect this to happen overnight. The path of finding movers for the job can be quite long and you want to do it properly. Take your time, do not rush anything and you will find the adequate movers that will help you in relocating to Toronto.

Make sure to use all the moving services that you need

Many people still think that movers just transfer your items from one place to another. However, the moving industry has evolved and you should know that you can get a variety of services. For example, you do not want to pack your items. You can just use packing service Toronto from your movers and let them take care of them. They will certainly do a better job than you.

a mover by the van that can help you move and enjoy fall festivals and events in toronto
Let movers take care of your relocation

On the other hand, you may want to handle packing by yourself but you do not have the necessary moving supplies. You can just get moving supplies Toronto from your movers and take care of your own. The point is that you should use everything that you do not want to do by yourself!

Enjoy Toronto to the fullest this fall and enjoy the best festivals and events

Now that you know how to find the best condo movers Toronto for your relocation, you can start making your own list of the best festivals and events in Toronto in the fall. We did not want to focus just on one type of festival. Have in mind that some of them are at the same time. You may have to make a decision about where to go first!


Even though there are even more fall festivals and events in Toronto, we could not cover them all. It would take all day long so it is better to make a selection of the best. However, do not allow this to put a fog over your thinking because you still need to relocate. Proper movers and using proper moving services Toronto is essential for having a nice and smooth relocation. Only after that, you can start enjoying your fall in one of the greatest cities in the world!


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