The best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area

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So you got bored of seeing the same scenery every day. Maybe you got a new job and need to move to a different place. Did somebody tell you to search for the best places to live in Greater Toronto Area? All this can get fairly overwhelming. Greater Toronto Area is vast, so that doesn’t help either. Finding a good place to move to is not easy. This article will help guide you to find it in no time! You’ll come to realize that was the easy part. Moving is even more stressful. Good thing Professional Movers Canada got you covered for that as well. With us, moving is always easier.

The best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area consists of four regions: Peel, Halton, York, and Durham. It has a population of about 6.5 million people, including Toronto. With so many options at your disposal, it can feel daunting to find the right one. There may however be the best place to live in the Greater Toronto Area for you and your family. Every region has its pros and cons, it’s just a matter of finding a place that suits you. It’s a stressful journey, but with the correct mindset, you can make it easy. Whether you are single or with a family, there are many things to take into consideration. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be able to say “this is the one”.

Peel region

Peel region grew largely thanks to the transportation infrastructure and immigration. Currently, its a home to 1.5 million people. The seven most important highways make a great connection with other regions and cities. Toronto Pearson International Airport is located on the boundaries of this region. These things combined make the Peel region one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. Now let’s talk more about two cities in this region that are great for starting anew.


Bridge in the woods
Relax by taking a walk in the woods in Brampton

Brampton, formerly known as the Flower City, is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. It’s also a regional seat of Peel. With a population of about 600 000, it’s a larger city with a family-friendly environment. If you do not own a car, there’s no reason to panic. Getting around the city was made especially easy thanks to Brampton transit. If you tend to use the bicycle a lot, Brampton is perfect for you. Recreational cycling trails cover 33 km of land. The city is also great for social life, outdoor activities and education. Whether you are moving alone or with a family, Brampton deserves every recommendation.


Along the shores of Lake Ontario lies Mississauga. It has more than 800 000 people. Because of the proximity to the lake, it’s a perfect place for folk that enjoys spending time near water. The city is a headquarter to many Canadian and international companies. Same as in Brampton, having a car is not a necessity. A local public transit system called MiWay operates over 90 bus routes across the city. Mississauga offers a wide range of recreational activities and sports. There are more than 500 parks, perfect for children and pets. Education is also at a high level, having much high-ranking public and Catholic schools. If music is your passion, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s an Academy of Music in this lovely city. If you play guitar, drums or perhaps a piano, you’ll find it’s gonna be tough to move that huge instrument. Good thing piano movers Toronto can help you with that.

Halton region

Halton is the only region that is not situated directly adjacent to Toronto’s city proper. The region grew exponentially from 2001. to 2011., giving it one of the highest growth rates in the country. According to Maclean’s national crime ranking, it’s the safest and one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area. Among many cities in this region, there is one that sticks out the most. Keep reading to find out more about it!


Enjoy the view in Oakville, one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area

Oakville is well known for its beautiful harbor and charming downtown. This lovely town was proclaimed the best place to live in Canada back in 2018. Oakville is known for its heritage and state homes. It’s possible to get around without the car, even though the city is continuing to grow and spread. Oakville also possesses over 190 km of on and off-road cycling trails. Approximately 200 000 people are already enjoying the beauty of this place. Why not join them?

York region

The municipality of York is a part of the Greater Toronto Area and the inner ring of the Golden Horseshoe. The population is at around 1,2 million. The regional government is situated in Newmarket. In York, the largest settlements are Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Markham.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill started as a small settlement north of Toronto. Today it has a population of more than 200 000 people. The city is situated between Markham and Vaughan. Same as some of the other cities, advanced public transit makes it so you don’t have to own a car. In the city, there is almost 150 km of trails, 90 km of which are bike-only routes. Richmond Hill offers a variety of different cultural establishments, such as the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, Richmond Hill Heritage Centre and others. If you’re into astronomy, there’s a David Dunlap Observatory that runs tours and programs for the public. If you decide to move into this lovely town, movers Richmond Hill will help you with that!

Durham region

Located east of Toronto, Durham forms the east end of the Greater Toronto Area and a part of the Golden Horseshoe region. It spans over an area of approximately 2500 square kilometers. The region is comprised of two areas, Toronto Census Metropolitan Area and Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area.


House in Whitby, one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area
Stay warm and cozy in Whitby

Whitby is located in Southern Ontario. It is home to the headquarters of the Durham Region. It has a population of about 150 000. The Southern part of Whitby is predominantly urban, while the northern part is more rural.

Final thoughts about best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area

At the end of the day, you never know where life will take you. Right now you might’ve found a home in a city in Greater Toronto Area. In a year from now, you might get ambitions to move to Toronto itself. Then in two more years time, you might be moving from Toronto to Ottawa. The prime goal of moving is to improve your quality of life. A place to start and a place to stay. A place where you can feel at home. Having a better foundation to live your life to the fullest and raise a family. We hope that this article will help you in finding your best place to live in Greater Toronto Area.

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