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Today, the cost of living is one of the main topics in 2022. After the three-year struggle of the entire world with the Covid-19 virus, the economy of almost all countries on the planet has changed. Some countries have successfully recovered, and some are still recovering. Also, you probably noticed that there was an increase in the price of groceries, electricity, gas, etc. So, this situation is the reason why a large percentage of people moved from big to smaller cities and vice versa. Moving and storage Canada companies are guaranteed to have a lot of work. But when we talk about moving, the main topic is living costs. Therefore, if you have decided that Toronto will be your new place to live, we will help you to be informed about the cost of living in Toronto in 2022. Let’s see if Toronto is a place that matches your possibilities!

Living in Toronto

Life in Toronto can be more than interesting. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario. This city offers many possibilities, both for life and for work, career, education, and entertainment. Toronto can be one of the best places to live. This city is home to people of different nationalities. This means that in this city you will meet different cultures, customs, and more than 50 different languages. You will meet people from different parts of the world. Also, a large number of people from India and all over Europe live in this city in Canada, which can be witnessed by the very large number of inhabitants, which is about 3.5 million.

Living in Toronto
When we talk about life, Toronto is a fast and well-developed city.

One of the most common questions, when we talk about living in Toronto, is, is living in this city expensive? The answer may depend a lot on your location ie in which part of Toronto you live in. All places near downtown can be very expensive. But regardless of that, people often hire movers Downtown Toronto, to move them to that part of Toronto. So, Toronto has a high standard of living. But, in addition, it gives good business opportunities, as well as the possibility to earn a lot of money. The average annual salary in Toronto is around $120,000.

Also, people decide to move their business to this city, because it offers great chances for better business. Which office movers Toronto can confirm because they have done a large number of office relocations so far. But if you also want to move your job, they are at your disposal.

Cost of Living in Toronto in 2022

Therefore, the cost of living is what everyone wants to be informed about in detail. And as we promised at the beginning, we will introduce you to all the costs that await you if you decide that your new home will be in Toronto. We said that Toronto offers a lot of business opportunities and that Torontonians can make a lot of money. This enables this city to have high living standards. So, the cost of living is slightly above average. But don’t worry, local movers Toronto will offer you a very favorable price for their services. And for example, the monthly expenses of a family of four in Toronto are about $4,300, not including the cost of renting an apartment.

Also, when we talk about living expenses, you need to know which expenses fall into the “basic living expenses” group. It’s not just food and housing costs. So, check out the list of things that await you when it comes to living in Toronto:

  • Groceries
  • Gas/ fuel
  • The rent
  • Bills for electricity, utilities, cable, internet, telephone bills, etc.
  • Hygiene products and chemicals for home maintenance
  • Health Insurance
  • Public transport
  • Childcare
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Fun
grocery shopping
Weekly grocery shopping is one of the costs of living in Toronto in 2022.

These are the basic living costs that you will have wherever you live. Costs may vary from place to place. Sometimes they can be bigger, somewhere smaller. Also, this list of costs can be increased or decreased in relation to your needs, wishes, and possibilities. Also, there are many ways you can save. So, in the following text, you will find more details about these living costs.

Average monthly grocery cost in Toronto

The costs of the grocery aren’t only a month but also a daily life cost. And probably one of the biggest living expenses. Therefore, you will spend about $500 a month on food. Depending on the number of members of your family. You can spend about $20 in the store every day. Every day people usually buy bread, water, milk, eggs, more precisely everything they need for regular meals during the day. So, let’s see the average grocery cost in Toronto in 2022:

  • Milk 1liter – $3,18
  • Eggs – $3,81
  • Chicken fillets 1kg – $16,5
  • Apples 1kg – $4,18
  • Bananas 1kg – $1,70
  • Tomato 1kg – $4,49
  • Potato 1kg – $3,36
  • Water 1,5 liter – $1,5
  • Loaf of Fresh White Bread -$43,48
  • Cigarettes 20 pack s- $17,7

When you look at the prices of the items on this list, you can see that they are a little higher than average. they are usually $0.8 more. That’s not much when it comes to a pair of glasses, but when we’re talking about a larger purchase, the difference is big. Also, there are several ways you can save when it comes to food costs. For example, you can make a weekly menu, and buy groceries that you will need during the week. Or, go shopping once a week.

Transportation in Toronto in 2022

Transportation is another cost of living in Toronto in 2022 that awaits you after moving. You must have wondered whether it is more profitable for you, for example, to travel to work in your own car, or to opt for public transport. So, now we will introduce you to the costs of public transport, as well as the prices of gas and fuel. Based on that, you can decide what will pay you more. If you decide to use your car on the streets of Toronto, you must be aware of all the costs that you will have for it. First of all, it’s the cost of fuel. Fuel prices are around $2 per liter. In addition, take into account parking fees every time you want to park your car, as well as registration, maintenance of your car, etc.

Public transport in Toronto
Public transport is the most affordable way of transportation from home to work.

Also, taking a taxi can be very expensive. The starting tariff for a taxi is around $4.34, while one kilometer is $1.75. For example, if you decide to travel on the route from Toronto to Mississauga, where the distance is about 34 km, this trip will cost you about 60 dollars one way. So, think about whether it’s paying it to you. Also, movers Mississauga can provide you with excellent moving services. If you decide to shorten the hassle of traveling from Mississauga to Toronto every day to work, they are at your disposal.

Public transport will pay you the most

Public transportation in Toronto is very well developed, and here is one of the better transit systems in the world. At your disposal, you have a various bus, tram, and train lines to all cities in Canada. For example, the distance between Toronto and York is about 54 kilometers. By public transport, you will reach the desired location in less than 1.5 hours. Also, public transport prices depend on the distance. When it comes to local transportation, a one-way ticket is about $3.40. While the monthly ticket is around $150. Toronto is a city that offers you an extraordinary life, and many people move to Toronto from smaller cities, and York is one of them. Movers York can be of great help if you decide to make your home in Toronto. Trust us, comfort, fun, and excellent life opportunities await you in Toronto.

Real estate cost in Toronto in 2022

If you have planned to start a new life in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Toronto, then it’s the right time to look at real estate prices and choose your new home according to the possibilities of your budget. Real estate prices are one of the most important living expenses, especially if you decide to rent a house or apartment or pay off your new home on a loan. These costs are part of your monthly budget, so look at them carefully.

First, it’s very important to know that the price of the property you decide to buy or rent will depend on the location. More precisely, it will depend on whether you are in downtown Toronto, or a little further. For example, the price of renting a one-room apartment in the City Center will cost you about $2,133. While a one-room apartment outside the center costs about $1,800. Also, a three-room apartment will cost you around $3,400 in the city center, and around $2,900 outside it. If you decide to buy one of the apartments in Toronto, the prices per square meter are around $12,500 in the city center and around $9,800 outside the city.

buying house in Toronto
The House market in Toronto in 2022 is affordable.

When we talk about house prices, which are one of the most important costs of living in Toronto in 2022, we can say that the prices are a little higher than average. The price of the house will depend on the number of rooms, the location, as well as whether it’s new or old construction. And when you buy a house, furniture movers Toronto are at your disposal. For example, house prices in Toronto range from $630,000 to $1.5 million. While the prices of apartments are a little more affordable and they range from about $450,000 to $780,000.

Childcare is one more cost of living in Toronto in 2022

When we talk about child care, from the expenses that await you, you will have the usual expenses for children. Such as cosmetics, food, diapers, toys, etc. Also, depending on the age of the child, you can expect the costs of a private kindergarten, which are about $1,609 per child for a full-day stay. Also, in addition, if your child goes to school, you will have to allocate about $20,500 per year for one child in International Primary School.

We can also include Health Care in this group of expenses. Medicines cost about $10. While a visit to a private office can cost over $80. But once again, it’s important to repeat that these costs are quite affordable based on the earning potential, as well as the level of average annual salaries.  We can also include Health Care in this group of expenses. Medicines cost about $10. While a visit to a private office can cost over $80.

But once again, it’s important to repeat that these costs are quite affordable based on the earning potential, as well as the level of average annual salaries. The cost of living in Toronto in 2022 is similar in all cities around Toronto. Also, one of the more favorable cities to live in is Oakville. Movers Oakville gave us the information that moves between these two cities are very frequent. And the biggest reason for the move is better business opportunities in Toronto.

Fun can be an additional living cost

Although fun is one of the most favorite things of all of us, it can actually be an additional expense. When it comes to entertainment, people’s opinions are divided. 30% of people think that it’s unnecessary and that it creates an unnecessary additional cost. Also, they think that if they leave out the fun, they can save money. While the other 70% of people in the world live to have fun and consider that life without fun is boring and monotonous. So, Toronto may look like a gloomy city, but it offers you many interesting things to do, both free and at very affordable prices.

How much will it cost you to party in Toronto? If you decide that shopping is your pastime, get ready to shell out large sums of money. Meanwhile, in local pubs and cafes, you will have to shell out from $3 to $15 depending on what you want to order. For example, a beer is about $8, a kettle is $15, and a cappuccino is $4. Also, you will find many affordable restaurants, where you will spend $40 to $67 for one meal. A visit to the cinema, for two people, can cost you about $25, while two theater tickets cost about $219.

Girl drinking beer with friend
Don’t think that partying is an unnecessary expense, so, relax with friends.

So, when we finally compare the cost of living in Toronto in 2022 and the annual salary, we can say that a very favorable, comfortable, and affordable life awaits you. For all those who are planning to move to Toronto and are thinking about living expenses, the advice isn’t to worry. Because Toronto is a city of good opportunities. So, the best moving companies Toronto ON is at your disposal if you decide to move to this city. Good luck!

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