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The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has become one of the most popular areas in Canada. This place includes the city of Toronto and 4 neighboring regions, and they include 25 urban, suburban, and rural municipalities. Every place in GTA offers different living conditions, high quality of life, and good education and career opportunities. Based on data from macrotrend, GTA entered the year 2023 with a total of 6,372,000 inhabitants. And compared to the previous year, the number of inhabitants increased by 0.93%. What is evident is that the GTA is increasingly the choice of people who immigrate to Canada and those who decide to move from other parts of Canada. So, why do people move to GTA? What are the main reasons people move here, and what attracts them, we at Professional Movers Canada will reveal to you today!

What’s So Special About GTA?

People often confuse Toronto and the GTA. The GTA represents the Greater Toronto Area, which includes the city of Toronto and the other 4 regions of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York, while Toronto is just one of the biggest, leading big cities in Canada. But it’s important to say that Toronto is also one of the favorites. And that’s what’s so special about it. So, GTA offers so many possibilities for life, starting from children and teenagers, students, and all the way to adults and seniors. And what is very specific is that 44.4% of Canadians live in the Greater Toronto Area, while about 2.93 million people live in the city itself. So, the GTA is known for its tall buildings, urban and lively streets, high concentration of people, different customs and cultures, as well as excellent opportunities for education, work, and career. Why do people move to GTA? Let’s see!

Street in GTA
Find out why do people move to GTA

What is special about this area is its diversity, multiculturalism, and fast life. Residents of this area usually say that one day is not enough for them to visit and experience all the charms of living here. But if you plan to become a part of GTA, then you will have to sleep less. Also, you will also have to seek help from long distance movers Canada to get here. So, let’s see what are the reasons why people move to the GTA.

Let’s Find Out Why Do People Move to GTA?

Regardless of whether you are moving to the GTA for studies, work or simply looking for a new place to live with better opportunities and conditions, consider that you are on the right track. Because this is the place with the largest population in Canada, which is the main seat for business, entertainment, culture, education, and much more. And Toronto, which is part of the greater GTA area, is among the top 5 cities in the world. So, you will find out why Toronto is the best city in the world, as well as why people move to the GTA, in the continuation of this story.

Toronto city that offers cofor and luxury life, one of reasons why do people move to GTA
Toronto is a world-class city, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Main reasons why people move to GTA:

  • A strong and multicultural community
  • Free healthcare for all residents
  • Friendly and kind people
  • Excellent education
  • Job opportunities
  • Amazing nature
  • Good fun that doesn’t stop

So, these are some of the main reasons why GTA is the favorite place for all people who decide to move. Also, this wonderful place will be a main moving trend in 2023. Take a look and consider all reasons why people move to GTA, and if you decide the same, contact long distance movers Toronto. They will help you!

GTA is a strong and multicultural community

Given that Canada is a multicultural country, and that a large number of people from all over the world immigrate to this country, this is one of the important characteristics of GTA. The simple reason for immigrating large numbers of people is clear, Canada is a welcoming country for all people. And, based on Statistics Canada data, 46.6% of the total population of the GTA is made up of immigrants. Therefore, considering these data, it can be easily concluded that the GTA is an area where different cultures, religions, and customs are represented, as well as where languages ​​other than English and French are spoken. And for this reason, the GTA can be said to be a multicultural area.

Toronto Downtown
A large number of people live and work in the GTA, which means that you will often encounter crowds in the area’s main locations.

What is also characteristic of the Greater Toronto Area is that this is one of the economically strong communities. And most people move here precisely because of work. There are frequent relocations of companies to the GTA from other provinces, but also from other countries such as the USA. If you are also planning to move your business, you can count on moving services Toronto. Our movers will provide you with quality and affordable commercial services. And besides, it will help you get to know the business area of ​​Toronto.

All residents in the whole of Canada have free healthcare

Living in a city where all residents have equal rights to health services, treatment and medicines is really a great advantage. This can also be considered one of the greatest advantages of all of Canada. This leads to the fact that it’s one of the most frequently chosen countries when it comes to moving. When we talk specifically about the GTA, here all residents have the opportunity to use healthcare services, regardless of age, religion, nationality, level of income, status, etc. So, this can be considered a big advantage when it comes to living in this area.

Free Helathcare, one of reasons why do people move to GTA
No matter which part of Canada you live in, you will always have the right to free health care.

Some of the best hospitals in the Toronto area are Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, North York General Hospital, and Bridgepoint Health. 

Friendly and kind people are everywhere

One of the best things is when you meet smiling and kind faces around you during the day. Such is the case when Toronto and the surrounding areas belonging to the GTA are involved. Canadians are known as welcoming people. Always and everywhere they will welcome new guests, residents, tourists, and passers-by with a smile. But, even when you need help in the city center, don’t be shy, ask. And believe us, they will come when they see that you need help. So, after only a few days of your life in GTA, you will make a bunch of friends who will be with you. Without expecting the same in return. Also, local residents can help you find the perfect condo for you. And after that, our friendly and smiling condo movers Toronto will help you move. So, don’t avoid their help!

Excellent education is one of the main reasons why people move to the GTA

Did you know that there are over 1,400 educational institutions in Toronto and that the education sector is one of the largest employers in Canada? Now it may be clearer to you what the education system looks like in Toronto and its surroundings. Because even in relation to its surroundings, studying in Toronto is a trend. What must be singled out in particular when it comes to education in the GTA are the universities. And some of the best are right here in Toronto. The University of Toronto tops the list of the best and most sought-after universities in Canada. But after it, there is the University of York. This is the third largest university in Canada, and what makes it stand out is that it’s the oldest film school in Canada.

North York is also part of the York region that belongs to the GTA. And it’s one of the places that also have a good education. Which is one of the reasons why families inhabit it. So, some of the famous schools in North York are the Academy Of Learning Career College North York, Urban International School – North Campus, and North York Academy. And, if you and your family want to move here, moving companies North York can help you with that. So, be free to call them!

GTA offers good job opportunities

Looking back, since 2020 the job market has grown significantly in the Toronto area. At that time, the unemployment rate was 8.6%. Today it’s significantly less and amounts to 6%. Also, a drop in the unemployment rate from November to December 2022 by 0.3% was recorded in Toronto. When we talk about earning opportunities, the average household income is about $52,268, and it’s always possible to earn more. When it comes to job opportunities in Canada, Toronto is the city that has the largest workforce. Also, Toronto is the GTA of an area where tourism is represented as one of the activities. But, in addition, there are finance, education, design, aerospace, film, and many other industries that are represented and offer good career opportunities. 

A businessman reading newspaper
Business is one of the reasons why do people move to GTA

Also, when we talk about business opportunities, Richmond Hill is another place in the Toronto area that offers good business opportunities. Reliable movers Richmond Hill revealed to us that this place is one of the frequent choices of families. Some of the main industries are professional, scientific, and technical services (PSTS), finance, health, information, culture, etc. You can also find good career opportunities here.

Amazing nature is all around you

The GTA isn’t just a place for those looking for a suitcase and good business opportunities. In this area, you can enjoy nature, clean air, and water. And you can also have fun. So, if you want to have contact with nature, you will be able to achieve it here. And that’s just another proof that GTA can offer everything, to everyone! So, GTA has a large number of green areas, urban and suburban, which offer good conditions for life. There are also numerous parks, recreation centers, and much more. And some of the must-visit places are the Town of Richmond Hill, Richmond Green Sports Center & Park, City View Park, and many other places.

Niagara Falls, nature wonder that is one of reasons why do people move to GTA
Niagara Falls are just part of Canada’s natural wonders.

Mississauga is just one of the beautiful places in the GTA that can be your choice. Especially if you love nature because here you can find a large number of excellent parks. So, you can visit Feature park, Danville Park, Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, etc. What is characteristic is that these places can be excellent destinations for a day trip. If you choose this place, moving companies Mississauga are at your disposal. At any time!

Fun is another reason why do people move to GTA

GTA is a place where you can enjoy many attractions. And at the same time, it’s a place where sports, recreation, and a healthy life rule. But, even for those who don’t like to get up early and do yoga, GTA offers extraordinary nightlife. So, some of the best things to do in the GTA are visiting the CN Tower, Toronto Island Park, and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. In addition, you can enjoy the previously mentioned parks, but you can also enjoy some of the best restaurants. Also, the nightlife isn’t far behind, and there are nightclubs like The X Club, The Piston, and many others. Toronto is also a city of art, so, if you like art or play the piano, we believe you will find something for you. And yes, piano movers Toronto is at your disposal. Your piano will be in safe hands.

Move to GTA and Enjoy Your Life!

By now you have seen many reasons why do people move to GTA. Also, you have seen what kind of life awaits you in the GTA, as well as what this area has to offer. If you move to this area of ​​Toronto, consider yourself to have made the right decision. And what is guaranteed – You will enjoy your life!




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