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Ontario is considered one of the best places to live in Canada. And it’s also known as the Province of Opportunity. Due to its excellent business opportunities, security, and clean surroundings, this place has become an increasingly popular choice for those who decide to move to Canada. But also those who already live in Canada but still decided to move to another province. So, if you are planning to move here, Odessa and Prescot are two places you must consider. Also, during your move, know that you can always count on Professional Movers Canada. So, should you choose Odessa or Prescott ON? Let’s see!

Why Choose Odessa for Your Next Move?

This place used to have the name “Millcreek” which it got from the large number of mills that were located in this area. And some of them still exist. After the Crimean War in 1854, this small town changed its name to “Odessa” in memory of the British siege of the Black Sea port of Odessa, Ukraine. After that, until today, this place has changed, so today it has the title of one of the best places to live and visit in Ontario. Today, about 16,221 inhabitants live in this town. Also, our movers Odessa ON has to offer revealed to us that Odessa is expected to attract more and more residents in the future. And yes, if this wonderful town would be your choice, our movers are at your disposal.

Rural are with mill in Odessa that is perfect place you can choose
Odessa used to be a rural area, while today it’s a completely different place to live.

Look at a few reasons why you should choose this place for your next move!

  • Affordable life
  • Safe town
  • Convenient location and beautiful nature

Odessa is one of the smaller municipalities in the province of Ontario. And what is characteristic of it’s that it has a very low crime rate. Based on that, it can be considered one of the best places for families. Also, this is a less urban place, and you will rarely encounter big crowds like in big cities.

Affordable life is the main reason why you should choose Odessa

When it comes to choosing a place to move to and start a new life, most people base their research on living costs, real estate prices, and job opportunities. When it comes to Odessa, real estate prices are very affordable. Based on information from CANADIAN Real Estate Wealth, real estate prices in Odessa start at around $286,900. At the same time, the expenses of a family of four are $1,344.2 per month, without rent. So, if you choose Odessa, these are the costs that await you.

Convenient location and beautiful nature

Odessa is located between Napanee, ON, and Kingston, ON, and what makes it a convenient place is highway 401, which facilitates easy access to this place. Odessa is also known as one of the quietest and most peaceful cities in all of Canada. The closest city to Odessa is Kingston. And with that in mind, if this city is your choice, movers, and packers Kingston ON are at your disposal. In addition to the fact that this place is ideal for families, it’s also a frequent choice for retirees.

Cyclists in Odessa
Nature is one of the factors to help you decide should you choose Odessa or Prescott ON

The nature of this small town is amazing. Here you will find many attractions, while one of the biggest is the protected area of ​​Parrott’s Bay. This park is a destination where you will find a large selection of walking paths, forests, wild animals, but also some of the rarest types of plants. In addition, in the nature of this city, you will find easily accessible routes where you can enjoy cycling throughout the day.

Why Choose Prescott for Your Next Move?

Prescott is located about 120 km from Odessa. Prescott is a small town in the province of Ontario, with a population of only 4,300. Compared to Odessa, and in terms of the number of inhabitants, Prescott is a much smaller city, but it offers a lot of life opportunities. It has a very rich history, and the first name of this city was “Fort Town”. And if you looking for a place for your next move, consider Prescott. Here are some reasons why this town can be your choice:

  • Low living costs
  • The mild climate
  • Good education

When we talk about the cost of living, it’s important to point out that Prescott is one of the most affordable towns to live in in Ontario. Because the cost of living here is 28% lower than the average of the entire province. The cost index in this city is 81, out of 100 of the national average. And based on data from areavibes, the real estate market in Prescott is 70% cheaper than the national average.

Prescott has a milder climate than all of Canada

Canada is generally known as one of the coldest countries. It’s known for its snowstorms, high rainfall, and freezing winters. But what is important to know is that not every part of Canada is that cold. Let’s say, the movers Prescott ON revealed to us that the climate in this city is quite mild compared to the whole of Canada. There is snow, but much less at about 5-6 inches per month in December, January, and February.

Winter in Prescott ON
Winters in Prescott are very mild, maybe that’s the reason why you should choose Prescott ON?

Good education is one of the main reasons why you should choose Prescott

Education is another important thing to consider when you are in doubt should you choose Odessa or Prescott ON for your next move. When it comes to Prescott, Wellington ES is one of the best schools serving this town. There is also South Grenville District High School, as well as TR Leger School. Considering this is a small town, it still offers good opportunities for education. So, that’s why it belongs in the group of the best small towns for women in Canada.

The Final Decision – Should You Choose Odessa or Prescott ON?

So, if you have realized that it’s time for your next move, one of the first things to do is choose a new place to live. So far you have had the chance to meet two really beautiful towns in the province of Ontario, which can be a good choice. Should you choose Odessa or Prescott ON depends only on you and your needs. But don’t forget, whichever of these two towns you choose, Kingston moving services are at your disposal. All you need is to contact us. After that, the matter is in our hands! Good luck!



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