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We may freely say that the winter holidays are the happiest and most cheerful period of the year. The holiday season has an obvious charm to it, in large part because of the seasonal decorations. It is always so exciting and nostalgic to bring out all of your favorite Christmas ornaments, ribbons, and wreaths. However, later on, the last thing you want to do is put all of your holiday decorations back in storage. It’s also difficult to store decorations after the holidays in Kingston without them taking up room, making a big mess, or destroying something. That’s where Canada movers may come in handy so that your house isn’t left with a mess of scattered boxes of ornaments all around. Let’s now discuss how to properly, promptly, and efficiently store holiday decorations in Kingston once they’ve been used.

Useful Tips on How to Store Decorations After the Holidays in Kingston

Before putting away your Christmas decorations, you must first take them down and neatly arrange them. You may maintain their ideal condition all year long in this manner. Additionally, it makes it easy to set them up for the upcoming holiday season. You should have a mental map of where everything should be and what condition it should be in if you are properly organized. There are also movers from Kingston who can handle every aspect of your relocation for you, including packing, transporting, storing, and unpacking. The following advice will help you pack away your holiday decorations.

A couple trying to store decorations after the holidays in Kingston
Neatly arrange your decorations before putting them away.

Remove the decorations and throw away the shabby ones

First, take the ornaments off, then arrange them in a row. Sort the decorations you ultimately select to preserve, then get rid of anything that is broken, damaged, or otherwise useless. Take away any damaged decorations, broken lights, and other old items, for instance. Instead of tossing any decorations, you ought to think about giving them to someone who might not be able to buy them themselves. However, because holiday decorations are linked to so many special memories, save the ones you value most so that you won’t regret later.

Different ways of packing decorations

From cardboard boxes to specialized plastic containers, there are several methods to pack your holiday decorations. Depending on the kinds of decorations you have, how much storage space you have, and your tastes, you can choose one of several packing options. It’s better to combine the packing techniques and see what suits your situation the most. Pick what works for you and implement a few of your personal packing tips. The options for packaging holiday decorations are as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Special plastic storage units
  • Plastic boxes
  • Garbage bags

Arrange the fragile items

Separate delicate Christmas decorations like porcelain, beaded, and glass to be sure they have been wrapped appropriately. Make sure to handle them gently and pack them appropriately. It is necessary to separate delicate holiday decor, such as ceramic, beaded, glass, and string lights with glass bulbs. Many holiday decorations are fragile, despite their appearance. Some of them have small components that should be handled with extreme care, such as glass fragments or miniature light bulbs. To prevent damage, however, gather all fragile decorations. You can save yourself the stress of doing this yourself by hiring small movers Kingston ON that can assist you with storing your sensitive items. This way you won’t have to be wondering how to store decorations after the holidays in Kingston.

A woman packing items into a box
Wrapping them in paper and placing them into cardboard boxes is one of the safe ways to store decorations after the holidays in Kingston.

Sort decorations according to their type and use

After removing and getting rid of any decorations that are no longer needed, the next step is to organize the decorations according to their purpose. Sort the items into groups while keeping in mind their category. Wreaths, garlands, indoor and outdoor fairy lights, Christmas trees, ornaments, ornament holders, and general Christmas decorations can all be classified under this category. This will make unpacking simple the following year.

Untangle Christmas lights

Instead of leaving the string and strands stacked together, separate them. Untangling them will make unpacking much easier, and the lights will stay in perfect shape. The best method to do this is to wrap the lights around sturdy things like discarded aluminum foil or cling film rolls, metal or plastic rods, etc. They won’t tangle and their original structure will remain if you do this.

Christmas lights as a decoration
Untangling the lights will make unpacking much easier, and they will stay in perfect shape.

Group together boxes

The Christmas decorations should be removed, divided into groups, and then arranged and ready for packing. Looking at the various heaps should help you determine how many and what kind of storage containers and boxes you’ll need. It is advisable to use a single storage box or container for each of the ordered groupings. Plastic containers are preferable to cardboard boxes since they are simple to reuse year after year and provide the best protection for your decorations from moisture and dust. However, if you don’t have enough money for plastic containers, you might still utilize sturdy cardboard boxes. With Kingston moving services you can rest assured that relocating and storing your decorations for the next year will be over in no time.

Before organizing the decorations according to their groups, make sure you have all the necessary packing equipment, including packing tape, permanent marker, scotch tape, plastic bags, and box dividers. If you put together the necessary packing supplies, storage containers, boxes, and other goods, the entire packaging process will go much more smoothly and promptly.

Prepare for the Next Year

There is no deadline for starting to take down your decorations after the holidays. In general, it’s a good idea to begin taking them off before they start to look boring. Decorating will be easy when the holiday season rolls around in the following year. You’ll be happy you took the effort to organize and safely store your holiday decorations. These are quick, simple techniques on how to store decorations after the holidays in Kingston. We guarantee those will help you save time and commit yourself to finding decorating ideas for next year relieved and pleased.

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