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Summertime is when the peak moving season kicks off, and it extends well into the fall. Each year, summer is the busiest season for the moving industry. But, did you know that particularly in Canada, the busiest day to move is June 30th? It’s Canada Day’s long weekend and tens of thousands of families pick their moving date on this day. Moving during summer has obvious advantages. However, with so many people relocating during the summer months, there are certain drawbacks as well. It might not be summer at the moment of reading this article, but you might be contemplating your move in the summer. So, find reliable movers, like Professional Movers Canada, that will share their pro experiences, in regard to this. Learn more in the text that follows, and prepare yourself for a smooth and successful move.

Why are so many moving during  summer?

If you live in a particularly cold part of the country, moving in winter might be out of the question. Who likes to plod through snow and slip on ice while moving boxes anyway? Then summer comes, and the weather gets nice and warm, with minimal chances of rain. The days are longer and brighter making moving easier. Besides, expert moving companies Toronto point out a few more favorable moving circumstances that come along with summertime.

Early summer throughout September is when the student summer rush kicks in. School breaks begin, and families are able to comfortably move altogether. Also, college students head home, and new graduates move to look for or start new jobs. Further, many businesses turn to summer working hours. As it’s generally a much slower time for many companies, employees have more time to plan and organize the relocation of their families in the summer.

Another reason for moving during the summer is that many leases expire at the end of June and July. This gives people a push to look for property elsewhere and set on the move. There are many other reasons why summer is the ideal season for moving. However, with the demand for moving during the sunny months drastically surging, so do the prices. With this being said, let’s review some of the boons and banes of moving during summer.

Toronto in summer
Summertime is the peak moving season

The pros of a summer move

Summertime correlates with many life changes, making it the perfect time to move. But with so many people taking advantage of the nice weather and more free time to make their move, you should expect that quality moving resources will be somewhat scarce. Hence, make a point to plan your move well ahead of time. Expect that majority of good movers will be heavily overbooked when moving during the summer. Hence, consider booking your moving services at least 30 to 60 days in advance. We all know how important pro-moving assistance is, especially in the hot summer months. So, prepare ahead and get a few free estimates early on. Besides, consider the following pros of a summer relocation:

  • The real estate market
  • The rental market
  • Storage solutions
  • Longer days for longer moves
  • Easier to organize

The real estate market is at its prime in the summer

If you’re planning to move with your family, and you contemplate selling your current home, you’re in luck. Even all residential movers Toronto can confirm that the demand for buying a home is highest in summer. It’s an ideal time for buyers to evaluate the conditions of the property they intend to buy in the nice sunny weather, as roofs, courtyards, and other important areas aren’t covered with snow. If you work with professionals, you might be able to get a premium on your property. But beware that this also means that you will most likely pay a higher price for a property you intend to buy during the summer. Of course, everything depends on the person you are working with to give you the best options!

Toronto in summer
The real estate market is up in summer and it’s the best time to sell property

The rental market is also at its peak

Unlike sellers, renters will benefit significantly less during summertime. Namely, as the demand for property is high in summer, and many people move as well, prices of rent go up, as a response to the high demand. This also means that it is easier to find the perfect place for you if you start searching on time.

Take advantage of possibly lower storage rents

For anyone running a business, a storage solution is always a topic of discussion. In case you are moving your business during the summer, talk to your commercial movers Toronto about storage as well. As people tend to take their summer gear out of the repository during the summer, you can expect storage rents to remain steady, or even decrease slightly. So, it is good to know that summer is a good time to look for your ideal storage unit, whether it’s for the purposes of making your home a better place, or simply a practical extension for your business needs.

a storage unit that will cost less when moving during summer
Use the opportunity to rent a storage unit on time!

You have longer days to complete your move

Another good thing about moving during summer is the fact that the days are longer. This is extremely important for people that are having a long distance relocation. Moving in winter will give you 4-5 fewer hours that you can use, even if you have the best long distance movers Toronto. However, they will do a much better job in summer when you have more hours to work on the move. The important thing here is to just find good movers with enough experience. If you find this, you are golden!

Easier to organize the move in the summer

When relocating in the summer, you have more free time. It is a common thing, even though there are always exceptions. However, if you have more time, you will do a much better job of finding the right people to help you relocate. That means that you can find much better movers downtown Toronto with more experience because you just have more time to do it. There are fewer obstacles like too many things that you have to think about. When you have to work and do everything else, it can be quite hard to concentrate only on the moving part. It can lead to mistakes and it can cause problems in the long run.

The cons of moving during summer

  • The price of professional movers is higher
  • Summer heat can cause problems
  • Movers are harder to find
  • Higher chances of damage to your items
  • Pets do not like heat

When moving during the summer, expect higher prices for moving services

As we’ve already mentioned, the high demand for moving in the warm months causes moving companies to get overbooked. If you are sitting on the fence about hiring a pro mover, you should not hesitate and push this as a last-minute decision. A pro mover will significantly facilitate your move in the hot summer months, and make it easier by far. The prices of services fluctuate during the year, and even during the week, depending on the demand. And summer is the busiest when it comes to moving, so expect that the prices for moving services will go up as well, especially for special ones. For example, if you want people to handle heavy furniture, you should expect that all furniture movers Toronto will make the price much higher.

The best solution is to lock in your moving date early on, and with this ensure your smooth moving project. A good mover will save you a little fortune in the long run, as you would not have to deal with unpredicted moving costs, or fixing and replacing inadvertent damage to your items. On the other hand, when you pick them up at the last minute, you may have to pay a much higher price!

a woman holding dollars to pay for moving during summer
A higher price is something you should expect

Finding the right movers can be problematic when moving during summer

Even though you may have time to find the right movers and it is the best season to move to Canada when considering the weather, it does not mean that you will do this just yet. The problem with relocating during the summer is the fact that more people move during this time. This is a big problem if you do not start your search on time. Even if you go up to three weeks before the moving day, most good movers will already be booked. That is why you want to be as careful as possible here in order to get what you want. Start your search two months before the move so that you could keep your stress level at a minimum. This time is enough for you to find the perfect moving company that will help you relocate.

Moving during summer and in the heat

Summers in Toronto tend to get hot and humid. This can be somewhat of a drawback for summer relocation. Anyway, we think it’s much more convenient to take measures and remain healthy in the heat than combat vicious winter winds and blizzards while moving in winter. Thus, remember to follow common guidelines on hydrating and staying away from direct heat exposure when making your transition in the hot months. Then the temperatures will be more of a pro than a con, and most certainly you will be glad you’ve decided to move in summertime.


a lemonade with ice is a good idea when moving during summer
Remember to keep yourself well-hydrated when moving during the summer

Higher chance of damage to your items

A ton of pros of having a move in summer can’t erase some of the biggest problems with it. One of the most common problems is damage to your items. Even if you are moving locally and you have local movers Toronto to help you out, there is always a chance that some of your items will get damaged. This is all because some items are heat sensitive. If they are not protected properly, you can say goodbye to them. That is why you want experienced movers that know what moving in summer can give you.

Another great thing to think about when moving in the summer is getting a climate-controlled storage unit. There are many items that require climate-controlled storage like electronics or artwork. However, this is another risk why you need to be careful. Check every storage unit before making the final decision!

Pets are harder to relocate in the summer

Moving alone in the summer is hard but more manageable because you are the only one you need to think about. All you have to do is pick all the moving services Toronto that you want to use, hire movers and make the move a reality. However, moving with someone else, like your family or pets is much harder.

a dog in a box
Pets are harder to handle when relocating in summer

The problem when moving with pets is that they do not like the heat. They have a much lower point where they start to feel unwell. This is something that you have to take into consideration because you do not want to have to handle the medical emergency of your pet. If you still need to move in the summer, then make sure you do everything you can to make the relocation more manageable for them. Hydrate them all the time and make sure the temperatures in your car or anywhere else are not too high!


To wrap it up, with our tips on the pros and cons of moving during summer you will be able to move smoothly and at your utmost benefit. Thus, start preparing now, and enjoy a positive moving experience in just a few weeks. However, you want to be as careful as possible so that you could make sure the transition goes well. You will do this by getting the right movers to help you out, preparing the best moving supplies Toronto for packing your items, preparing storage units for your special items, and much more. Only like this, can you be sure that you are going to have a nice and smooth relocation. Sit down, make sure to make a decision whether it is worth moving during the summer and get to action no matter what you decide!

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