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The key to any move is choosing the right time. Because moving is a big step in your life, as well as a big change. And for that reason, “anytime” doesn’t exist when it comes to moving. We know that the year has 4 seasons, and the real question is, when is the best season to move in Canada? So, the first thing you should do at the moment when you make the decision to move is to consult with Canada movers about this. What is important to know is that the climate in Canada varies from place to place. Therefore, choosing the season to move may depend on which part of Canada you plan to move to. We will introduce you to some things you should know about moving to Canada, but your movers can give you the best answers to this question.

Seasons and climate in Canada

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter season, but does every continent or country have all four seasons? North America where Canada is located, South America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, and Australia, what do you think, does each continent have the same climate? For example, it’s always winter in Antarctica, and it’s a continent that is covered with ice all 365 days of the year, which means that winter is the only season here. In Australia, it rarely snows, while in some parts of Canada, snow, i.e. winter, can last up to 6 months a year.

winter season in Canada
Toronto is a city in Canada where winter lasts 6 months.

When we talk about Canada, we can say that it has several seasons. They may depend on the geographical location, as well as on the climatic factors that are prevalent in that area. For example, in Eastern Kanda, winter can last for several months, usually from November to March or at the latest at the beginning of April. For example, Montreal and Toronto have very severe winters, with temperatures below zero. That’s why the best movers in Toronto would definitely advise you to choose spring or summer if you want to move to one of these two cities.

The south of Canada has warm summers, while a little further north the summers are much cooler. Along the coast, the winters are long, and during the summer months, the temperatures go from 25° to 30°. While in the interior, i.e. the central part of Canada, it is sometimes extremely hot during the summer. So, it’s important to be familiar with the climate so, that you can more easily choose the right season for your move. Because, believe it or not, this decision is very important. Imagine the traffic and transport of your belongings during the harsh winter when everything is covered with snow and ice.

Summer – The best season to move in Canada

Surveys have shown that summer is the favorite season of 80% of people. And when it comes to moving, most people decide to do it right in that period. Because summer move has many benefits. Also, summer is the period when the moving season is in full swing, from June to August, long distance movers Canada have the most work. And believe it or not, it’s very difficult to get a free appointment for last-minute moving. During the summer months, it’s much easier to do all my preparations because you will not encounter storms and other weather disasters. But even moving during the summer can be difficult, especially when it comes to moving in the central part of Canada, where the heat can be extreme, up to 40°+.

Summer season in Canada
Summer is a period of moving season, so, you need to book your moving date on the time.

When we talk about moving during the summer, the first thing we can tell you is that this can be the best season to move in Canada. But what you need to know is that you need to plan your summer move several months in advance. More precisely, before the beginning of the moving season. It’s best to start planning at the beginning of March. Then you can book your moving company, request a free moving estimate, and do some basic preparations. Even when it comes to moving from Toronto to Ottawa, you need to start your preparations on time, so that you have the opportunity to choose the desired date. But, if there are no possibilities to move during the summer, think about another season. In some parts of Canada, the winters aren’t extreme, maybe autumn will be a good choice?

Benefits of summer move in Canada

We said that the summer move has its benefits. Let’s see:

  • The days are longer, and therefore you have more time at your disposal.
  • Weather conditions are on your side.
  • School vacations are mainly during the summer.
  • Possibility to get annual leave.

But in addition to benefits, a summer move can also have disadvantages. One of them is that extreme heat can affect everyone. And also, there are almost no free appointments during the summer. Which can lead to big costs. But if you plan everything in time, your summer move will not have any inconveniences.

Can autumn also be the best season to move in Canada?

Why do most people hate autumn? Why autumn is characterized as the worst season? Maybe that’s why it comes right after summer, and maybe because that’s the time to say goodbye to summer and good weather. Autumn is mainly rainy and a bit colder than summer, but still warmer than winter. So, what about Jesni when it comes to moving to Canada?

Autumn in Canada
Autumn is a unique season, but at the same time, it can be the best season to move in Canada.

When we talk about moving to Canada during autumn, we can say that this might be the ideal time of year for moving. The days haven’t gotten shorter yet, and there isn’t as much rainfall yet. This means that the weather during this time of year can really be on your side. And one of the biggest advantages of autumn moving is that the moving season is already over. This means that you will have the opportunity to choose the desired date, as well as to get some discounts. That can please your budget.

If, for example, you are moving to Oshawa, fall can be an ideal time. Oshawa is one of the most beautiful cities in the province of Ottawa, and the city where tourism is most represented. And also, movers Oshawa can help you with your fall move. And you can use the nice days until winter to visit all the interesting places in Oshawa.

Cons of moving to Canada during autumn

In addition to all the advantages that we have mentioned, moving during the fall has several disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that during autumn the weather can change suddenly. Long and boring rain, as well as short-term rains, can really sabotage you during the trip, or the preparation for moving. Also, one of the disadvantages of the move is that the new school year starts at the beginning of autumn, and the children then go to work. And considering that moving is a big change for you and your family, missing school for a few days can affect your academic success.

If you’re moving to Vaughan, for example, know that it rains year-round. The month with the most precipitation is September, just when autumn begins. And the month with the least rain is January. But then it’s winter? So, you need to ask your movers Vaughan when is the best season to move to Canada? They might advise you to look at the long-term weather forecast for the period when you would like to move. But you shouldn’t rely too much on that either. Because the weather can change from minute to minute. Remember that!

Winter moving to Canada – Yes or No?

If you are wondering if winter is one of the seasons that can be ideal for moving, it’s enough just to remember the winter landscapes that you can see when you look out the window of your home. So, the answer is definitely NO. Winter is the season when your move can be the cheapest, but remember low temperatures, snow, blizzards, and ice, and these aren’t very favorable conditions for moving.

professional movers
Professional movers can be your best help during your move to Canada, especially during the winter period.

Although you can conclude for yourself that moving during the winter can have many disadvantages, there is also one advantage. We have already mentioned it. Your move during the winter months can cost significantly less than during the moving season. So, what is important for you to know is that during the winter, the preparation for your move will be slower. That’s why the organization is a little different, as well as the packing. But you can always find moving supplies Toronto, which will help you protect your belongings from the effects of low temperatures. Also, real estate prices are significantly lower in winter, so maybe this is the ideal opportunity to buy your dream home.

Preparing for a winter move

Did we say that winter moving can go a little slower than in warmer conditions? Well, everyone has difficulty moving during low temperatures. As long as the temperatures are it’s acceptable. But after they go under, it’s time for a break. We said that winter in some parts of Canada can last up to 6 months, but if you have decided to move during the winter months, here is what awaits you.

First of all, good organization will be needed. But also a long preparation process than usual. The way of packing itself is different. Electrical devices, glass, and ceramics are quite sensitive at low temperatures, so you will have to double pack them. That is, wrap them twice in protective foil, and it is best to pack them in a thermal bag. If you aren’t sure, packing service Toronto is always at your disposal. Also, you will need to prepare winter equipment for the car, as well as winter clothes. Always keep hot drinks, as well as blankets and gloves with you. There are still many things you need to do. And the last one is to type your movers well.

Maybe spring can be the best season for moving?

Spring, like autumn, is a season between winter and summer. Except that it lasts a short time, just like autumn, there can be a lot of surprises when it comes to the weather. But, regardless of that, people look forward to spring the most. What is important for you to know is that spring has many more beautiful days than autumn. However, rain is characteristic of autumn. But the autumn rains are unique, mixed with the smell of dry leaves. Also, moving in the spring may be your best choice. Not only will you avoid low temperatures, but also high ones, but in early spring you will have the opportunity to choose a moving date up to a month in advance.

Spring in Canada
Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and at the same time one of the best times to move to Canada.

If you are planning to move to Scarborough, spring may be the ideal time. At this time of the year, nature awakens, and Scarborough is a place that is surrounded by rich nature, parks, beaches, and hiking trails. This would mean that after moving to Scarborough there are plenty of fun outdoor activities waiting for you. Your moving companies Scarborough can recommend one. But apart from that, your movers can be your best support and help during your move.

When is the best time to move in Canada?

The best answer to this question would be “when you are ready“. But, there are many factors that can influence your decision. Moving companies Mississauga will suggest that you choose a date for your move that suits all members of your family. As well as contacting your moving company on time. And when it comes to the season, Spring is definitely the best season to move in Canada. But you can also plan your move to Mississauga before the end of summer when the moving season is already over or at the beginning of autumn. After moving to Mississauga, a rich cultural life awaits you with many galleries, theaters, art centers, concert halls, and museums.

Also, it’s important that you know one more thing, which is that, regardless of which season you choose for your move, a lot of work awaits you. That’s why we advise you to be organized and have a good plan. Also, you can always find some useful moving hacks that will help you. Good luck!

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