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The big question – When to move? Can we choose the best time of the year to move to Kingston? To be honest, it can be hard to schedule movers when you need them at the time of the year that suits your needs. And there are several reasons for that. We usually have our vacations in summer or winter. Our kids, if they are going to school, are busy in autumn and spring. As you can see, it can be hard to choose a perfect time of the year to relocate to Kingston. But, with the right mover, everything can be done fast and efficiently. With that in mind, it is easier to choose a date. Faster relocation means fewer days for moving. Professional Movers Canada is there for a fast and efficient relocation. With them, everything will be much easier.

Why are movers important?

There are a lot of reasons for that. You can try to move on your own, but it will be hard on you because you don’t have enough experience with moving. Here are other top reasons for choosing movers:

  • They are faster than you
  • Your stuff will be safer with them
  • They know how to pack everything
  • Movers are more organized in every way when moving is in question
  • Less stress and anxiety

It is not impossible to relocate without movers. If you are a well-organized person that has enough knowledge about moving, you don’t need them. But, people usually make mistakes, especially when they move long distances. And it later cost them a lot of money! That is why Kingston movers are always a good choice.

Movers packing things in the truck
Hire movers for heavy lifting

Let’s talk about the seasons of the year

First of all, the best time of the year to move to Kingston is when you need relocation and when you have time. This might seem strange to say, but it is true. We will discuss what is the best time according to weather, time, and people’s obligations like work and school.


Everybody likes summer. At least most of the people. And because of the weather and summer vacations, people tend to choose this season of the year for relocation. But, because a lot of people move during summer, prices are higher and movers are overbooked. At least the reputable ones. That is why if you need to book movers, you call them at least 4 months up front! And if the weather is too hot, moving will not be pleasant. Are you willing to postpone your vacation later because of this?


Another time of the year with great weather. Not too cold or too hot. Ideal for relocating. Then why do people not use this part of the year? The answer is – work and school. People don’t use vacations because they want to use them in the summer. Kids are going to school during this part of the year. That is why it is a little complicated. But, the prices are not so high. Think about this when relocating. Maybe there is a possibility to take a few days off work during spring.


This is also a good choice because of the weather. It is still hot, but not so hot as in summer. Two things can get in your way. Kids are starting the school year in September and it is not wise to move when the school year starts. If you don’t have kids, postponing your vacation for this time of the year will be a perfect match.


The time when people don’t dare to relocate because of many things. Cold weather, ice, snow, and a higher risk of moving. But, if you hire movers for the job, you don’t have to worry about this at all! It is their concern. Long distance movers Kingston are well equipped for any weather. A big benefit is that you will pay less in winter because movers are not so booked. Kids have winter breaks and you can use the other part of your vacation in winter to relocate.

Winter could be the best time of year to move to Kingston
Winter is cheaper for moving

The time of the week and hour

This is another part of our blog. It is also important to choose the right day of the week because you want to avoid big crowds between 2 pm and 5 pm. That is the time when people are returning from work and crowds are big, especially in big cities. So, you should arrange with movers, especially if you are relocating long distances, to calculate and arrive early in the morning or late afternoon. If you need to take the stuff out and you get into the crowded streets, you will have a problem and everything will slow down.

Another thing to remember is to avoid weekends. People, at least most of them, don’t work on weekends. If you have to move on weekends because you don’t have any other choice choose later in the evening on Sunday. People are usually home and the streets are not so crowded. If you are moving locally, inform local movers Kingston about the late evening move.

A clock
Choose your time correctly for moving

What is the best option for you?

The best time of the year to move to Kingston is the one that suits you. The perfect solution will be late spring or early autumn, work days in the morning. But, if you can’t manage this then you need to calculate what is the best option for you. Whatever the time of the year that you choose to move, inform movers upfront. Especially for summer. By using Kingston moving services you will make everything about the moving, whatever the time of the year you chose, much simpler and much better for you and your family.

Avoid rogue movers whenever you are moving

Because a lot of people are moving in summer, people fall into the traps of rogue movers. Who are they? They are people who just have one thing in mind. How to take as much as possible from you. That is why you need to find the best time of year to move to Kingston and schedule movers upfront. Rogue movers are usually available all the time and for a good reason. Nobody wants them!

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