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Are you planning on moving your office to Scarborough? Well, we from moving helpers Toronto think you have made quite the decision. We are sure that your business is about to start thriving in this famous seaside resort town. Your personal life is bound to benefit from this decision as well. But we know that office relocation is a lot of work, regardless of the size of your company. You will definitely need a helping hand and in the next few paragraphs, we have prepared for you sort of a guideline. Whether you have moved your office before or not, you certainly are going to need a little bit of help this time around.

Scarborough's harbor
Moving your office to Scarborough can be daunting.

Preparing for moving your office to Scarborough

Moving to a new office space is quite the task, even if you are moving just a few blocks away. It is as much involved of a process as it is moving a whole house. You’ve got a lot of big bulky items from furniture to difficult to pack and store electronics and multiple rooms worth of knick-knacks to pack up. And usually, you would want to move your business quickly because we don’t want you losing your pace. You can’t really shut down everything for a week or two to get all of this done. That’s complicated enough but if you are moving your team of employers as well, it adds to your troubles. Not to mention, some of you are moving your office to a different country or continent even. Now, this may sound daunting to you, but you need to face this with seriousness. You have full responsibility on your back which is why you need to prepare thoroughly.

Plan ahead

You have to start the planning process early. Plan everything, from dividing up who will be doing what, how they’ll be doing it, and when it will be getting done. You are going to have to find a temporary location for your employers to work in between the move. It might mean working from home for some of them or you may have to rent out a workspace for the time being. Figure that you are going to need at least a few months just for figuring out the costs of everything. You need to look up the current prices of moving companies in your area and find the one you need. We suggest hiring our office movers Toronto because they offer a variety of moving services at a fair price. Moving your office is guaranteed to go smoothly with them. In addition to planning how you are going to get everything packed up and ready for moving day, you need to look up all of your additional needs for your new office.

Figure out the logistics

If you plan on moving your office next year, you need to start with this now. Select one place to organize your notes for the move and to-do lists. Make an office move timeline on your Google Drive. This will prevent you from pulling your hair later. Organize your key documents and make copies. Insurance records, contracts, agreements…you need everything. To make this all easier for you, we made a checklist of things you need to do before even planning to announce the news to your crew.

  1. Review your current lease
  2. Get quotes from moving companies
  3. Determine if you need moving coverage
  4. Appoint a manager
  5. Set a budget
  6. Assemble a moving team
Two women discussing over a board.
Figuring out the logistics of your move is the most important part.

Establishing move-related workflow strategies

Moving your office to Scarborough will be hard. You need to talk to your appointed manager and your moving team to see how you will juggle work with the move. Do not try to do everything on your own, you are not going to be able to do it. Encourage your manager and your team to develop comprehensive plans for managing and continuing the workflow throughout your moving process. Remind them to consider any critical deadlines that fall within the moving frame. See if anyone else from the employers wants to volunteer and join the moving committee. Outline their duties before you make your appeal. Here is a list of some standard duties that might be interesting for your volunteer team:

  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing
  • Office designing and decorating

It will be useful to create a separate e-mail address for move-related questions and correspondence.

Packing And Organizing

When it comes to packing the first thing you need to do is to ask for vendor recommendations. If you are asking yourself what vendors and services you even need for moving your office, here is a list of your basics:

  • Movers/moving crew
  • Trucks
  • Boxes
  • Clean-up crew and cleaning service

Finally, we have some optimistic news for you. You can find all of these in one place. With just one call, moving companies Scarborough can take care of all of these for you. After you have secured your moving crew for the date, you can inform them about any other specific requests and pick out the boxes and other materials. They could, for example, label all of your boxes so it will be easier for you to unpack and organize your shiny new office.

A box and a scalpel
Don’t forget to label all your boxes

Although it may be daunting at first, moving your office to a whole new place is exciting and refreshing. We hope that we have helped you get the idea of how your moving process will look like, but if you need some additional advice look up some more of our commercial moving tips and tricks. Don’t forget to celebrate your move with your colleagues once you get to that stunning Scarborough. And take them on a tour of the city. After all, you did this for a good reason and we wish that your company continues to thrive even more in your brand new office space. You deserve it!

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