Moving to Brampton with kids: pros & cons

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Finding a perfect city for your new family home is not easy since it depends on many factors. A good family home is often not affordable for some families, so finding a convenient city can take time. If you are moving to Brampton with kids, you should consider all the factors that will affect your lifestyle. Living costs, housing, traffic, and neighborhoods are just some of the things you should explore. There are plenty of pros and cons of living in this city, which is why we made a short guide for you to read. Before you look for the best movers Brampton has to offer, take a look at the pros and cons of moving to Brampton with kids.

Pros of moving to Brampton with kids

A family relocation is not an easy decision, since there are so many things to consider before moving to a new city. While you are searching for a new family home, take a look at some of the upsides of living in Brampton with kids.

Affordable housing

If you are looking for affordable cities in Canada for a new home, Brampton is a great choice. When compared with the surrounding cities, especially Toronto, Brampton offers pretty affordable housing. There are plenty of great neighborhoods for families with kids, and the community is very family-friendly. For renting an apartment, the prices are also lower than in the surrounding cities. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you just above $1,500 in the city center.

counting money
The lower cost of living is one of the biggest pros of moving to Brampton as a family.

Buying a home is one of the biggest reasons why people are moving to Brampton with kids. Properties in this city are up to 50% lower than in Toronto, which is a convenient solution for families with lower incomes.

Good location

Lowering the living costs but still being close to Toronto? If you move to Brampton with your family, this will be a real possibility. One of the biggest pros of moving to this city is its location. While living costs are lower, you will be just a short commute away from Toronto. This city’s location is convenient for everyone working in Toronto but looking for a quiet family home.

Beautiful scenery

When moving to Brampton with kids, you will have plenty of things to look forward to. And one of them is – gorgeous scenery. The natural beauty of this city is well-known, whether it’s green neighborhoods or surroundings. The city itself is home to plenty of small shops and restaurants. However, the best part of this city is the large number of parks and green areas where you could spend time with kids. If you plan to move to Brampton with your family, you will have plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Cons of living in Brampton

There are many upsides to living in this city, but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone. Take a look at a few cons of moving to Brampton with kids.

Limited job market

Raising a family can be expensive in Canada, so having a steady job is a priority for most families. However, Brampton is not famous for its steady job market. Since it is mostly home to some local businesses, you might find it difficult to find a job here. Most parents look for work outside the city, mostly in Toronto. Brampton has a limited job market and a relatively high unemployment rate. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a job here – it will just take some time.

house door
Bampton is known for its convenient location – it’s only a 20-min ride to Toronto.


Until a few years ago, Brampton was a much quieter and simpler city. With so many newcomers arriving at this place, the city has become congested with traffic. Daily traffic jams are some of the reasons why people avoid moving here.

How to prepare for a family move?

As you could read above, there are more pros than cons to moving to Brampton as a family. This city has a lot to offer to young families, which is why it’s becoming a great city for newcomers. If you are moving your household to this city, here’s how you can plan your move:

  • Find a new home. Explore different neighborhoods and housing prices.
  • Set the moving day early on. If you are moving long-distance, it’s best to start planning the move at least 6 weeks ahead.
  • Decide which items you want to move. Sorting out and organizing your household inventory will help you pack faster.
  • Hire professional movers. When moving with children, a professional moving company can be a big time-saver.
couple standing in the kitchen
Moving with kids is not easy – a reliable moving company could save you a lot of time and energy.

In case you want to organize a DIY relocation, there will still be some items that are too heavy to relocate. For example, oversized furniture, antiques, pool tables, and chandeliers are not easy to move without proper equipment. This is why you should look for the most reliable furniture movers Toronto locals recommend. A good moving crew can ease your relocation day in many ways.

Is moving to Brampton the best decision for your family?

Moving to Brampton with kids is a great decision for families who prefer staying close to Toronto. On one hand, Brampton has lower living costs than Toronto, and on the other, it has a convenient location. For those who need a quiet family home but want to live close to Toronto, Brampton can be a perfect location for a new family home. Moving to this city will not be a bad idea, especially if have a lower income. If you already made the decision to move, all you need to do is start looking for reliable moving companies. There are plenty of experts for moving and storage Canada has to offer. You just have to find the ones who suit your needs. With good planning, your relocation to Brampton can be easy, affordable, and stress-free.

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