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Office moving is a very delicate type of moving. It is much more complex and you need to be more careful with it. There are more things that you have to do properly. That is why we wanted to present to you a couple of things that you should have in mind. Commercial moving does not have to be a massive problem if you have all the necessary information by your side. It is much easier when you have office movers Toronto by your side to guide you through the whole process. Here are some of the most crucial things that you have to handle if you want a nice and somewhat relaxed move!

How to make your commercial moving easier?

Before we present you with a couple of tips that you should use during your office move, you need to understand that there is no one particular task that will solve everything. All of them are important and you should take your time when handling each and every one of them. Be sure to be responsible because a lot depends on this relocation.

Start preparations soon

Time is your ally when you are moving an office. You should use it to the fullest. If you still procrastinate and avoid starting on time, you will experience some setbacks that could be enough to make everything much harder. Time is here to give you enough space to breathe and make the right decisions. Most of the decisions that you need to make require time. You need time to check the companies for the move, you need time to pack all the items from the company, etc. If you try to handle everything quickly, you will most likely forget something. Do not allow this to happen and start on time!

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Start your preparations before it is too late

Find a top-notch company for the job

Looking for reliable professional movers Canada is an exhausting job. There are so many moving companies nowadays and you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But, you need to concentrate because everything depends on the movers that you are going to hire. It is not hard to find a company but it is harder to check them all out. You will have to consider a couple of things before you make the decision:

  • Price– it should not be the only criteria for making a decision about the company. But, it is still important. The best way to see how much the move is going to cost is by getting moving estimates. Reliable moving companies are always affordable and you should know that. Some will try to rip you off and that is why you need to compare the estimates before making the call.
  • Experience– you want people that know what they are doing. You do not need amateurs because they could turn the whole move upside down! The best way to know that you have the right company is by reading moving reviews posted by previous customers. Most of them are not biassed and you should get the full picture!
  • Availability– your movers need to be available for everything. That means that they should be eager to help you with whatever you need at the moment. This is especially important due to the fact that you are moving office. It is much harder and you will most likely need your movers more often.

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Dedicate time to packing

Commercial moving is harder because there are more items that you need to move. There is professional equipment and a lot of other stuff. That means that you will need good organization in order to pack everything. First, you will have to obtain packing supplies for the move. This is best done through your local movers Toronto. You can just ask them and they will provide everything that you need.

Now comes the harder part. You need to pack your equipment. If you have a lot of computers, it is best that you separate different parts. All the cables should go in one box. On the other hand, vital components need to go separate in their own boxes. It would be best if you have the original boxes. But if you do not, be sure to add extra towels or some other soft materials to the bottom and the sides of the boxes. It should be okay to compensate for any impact during the transport.

Back up data before packing!

Before you start packing, you need to store your files properly. You should back up the data and protect them from losing. You probably have a ton of files that you need for your job once you move. Of course, if you have specialists from this area, it will not be your job at all. But, if you do not, you can do it yourself. Of course, it is better to get someone professional to help you out. It should not cost you a lot of money but you can gain a lot.

a computer
Back up the data before the move

Get the insurance

When having a commercial move, you ‘risk’ a lot! There is a chance that your files or your professional equipment get damaged. That is why you should always get moving insurance before the move. All moving companies offer basic insurance but that is not enough for you. It will not cover the whole price of the move. You can get insurance from third parties that offer them. It pays to be protected. If something happens, you will be compensated and that is it.


Moving the office is stressful for most people. We completely understand if you feel overwhelmed or you want to back out. But, there are pretty great tips that you can use. Commercial moving has become much easier than before and all due to the existence of moving companies. You should use this to your own advantage. The biggest pro of having professionals helping you is the price. They will not rip you off. Be sure to follow the tips on this list and you should be okay with moving your office!

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