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When the time for relocation comes, you should make sure to do whatever is up to you to ensure that you and your belongings are ready for the moving day. Obviously, there are going to be different things that you are going to have to deal with in this process. Many people will focus on the most obvious things such as preparing their furniture for relocation. However, truth is that these large pieces of items are easy and quick to wrap up for relocation. However, the small things may look unimportant but can have a big effect on what your move is like. To pack your picture frames is one such thing. Professional Movers Canada is here to ensure that you know what to do and how to do it. So, if you are close to relocating soon, make sure to bear with us till the end.

Pack your picture frames to preserve a part of a world

Pictures and paintings are some of the things that many of us take for granted. This is especially true in the case that we look at them from the perspective of living in the 21st century. Many aspects of our lives have gone digital. We can take an immense number of photos without running short of space for them. Hardly anyone prints their pictures too. We all hang onto them on our cell phones. However, the issue that we all are going to be faced with pretty soon is their loss. After all, our phones break down, computers as well, and websites, where we post our photos, can be taken down at any moment. So, if you are smart, you have already printed out your photos and found a place for them in your homes. 

picture frame
Whatever the type of the frame may be, you should make sure to pack it properly

On the other hand, paintings cannot be moved into the digital frame. So, we have already found a place for them on our walls. They are there to make sure that our homes are warmer and more beautiful. And, very importantly, the frames of our paintings play an important role.

However, by the time long distance movers Toronto has to offer have come to pick our things up, you should have prepared your things for relocation. So, let’s take a look at how to ensure that all of our picture frames remain intact throughout the relocation.

How do you pack your picture frames?

Now that we understand how important pictures and paintings are and are aware of the value of their frames it is the right moment to take a look at how to pack them. Right before your condo movers Toronto has to offer have come to help you with your move, you will want to have finished the following steps in the process of packing your frames:

  • Use the right set of packing materials
  • Bankers boxes can be very useful
  • Corner protectors are very important
  • Use glassine for packing instead of standard plastic wrap
  • Use a lot of cushioning

Let’s find out more.

a man wrapped in plastic wrap
A plastic wrap is a good option when packing frames

Use the right packing materials when packing

The most important thing that you can do is to make sure that you are using the right packing material. Not cutting corners about it is one of the crucial things that you can do in order to make sure that your belongings are ready for moving. In the case that you still seek moving materials, make sure to get in touch with providers of moving supplies Toronto. Invest in professional supplies and your worries are going to be cut in half. What about the other half? Well, the other half consists of your packing skills. Unless you have them, not even the top moving supplies are going to enable you to transport your belongings without them suffering damage.

Bankers boxes can be very useful when packing

The next thing that we need to talk about in terms of packing is the use of the right boxes. Bankers boxes are usually a very good option when preparing to pack your picture frames for moving. In fact, they are not made for holding your frames. Instead, they are going to protect your loose paper items for the duration of moving. In the meantime, you can take the time and address the issue of preserving your picture frames in a separate iteration.

Corner protectors are very important

For all of the paintings and pictures that you cannot take of, or would rather not take out of their frames, you need to think about the protection. To make sure that they receive as much protection as possible, you should make sure to use corner protection on all of them. These are the things that are going to ensure that your frames are protected exactly where they need protection the most. Add to that the right type of wrapping and you are set for a safe move.

People pack your picture frames in a careful manner
Make sure that you carefully pack your picture frames

Use glassine for packing instead of the standard plastic wrap

Many people have never heard of glassine. Many of them have even seen it but had no idea that it is called glassine and that it is important. So, what is it?

Glassine is a type of paper that is air, water, and grease-resistant. This means that it is going to provide your artwork with amazing protection when moving between Canadian provinces. And this is exactly what you should aim for! Invest in glassine and be on the right packing track!

Use a lot of cushioning when you want to pack your picture frames

Lastly, let us point out that cushioning is very important when you want to pack your picture frames. The more you use it, the safer will your belongings be. So, waste no time and invest in it now!

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