5 things you will love about living in downtown Toronto

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Every person is having an ideal place for living. Some people better like living in suburban areas. Some opt for living close to nature and small places out in the country. If you are among those who like to be in the heart of the action, there are many things you will love about living in downtown Toronto could be right for you. In that case, you can also use the services of  CA professional movers. They know the best routes to reach your new place. Also, a lot of downtown streets are forbidden from traffic. So, you can relay of them, as they know the place well. And they will know how to come the closest as possible to your new home.

A man and ice skating in Nathan Phillips Square, representing the things you love about living in downtown Toronto
Nathan Phillips Square in winter becomes an ice-skating place, which is something many people love about living in downtown Toronto.

Before you move, make sure that living in downtown Toronto is right for you

People who were not living in a big city before may have idealistic expectations. So, if you have the idea of moving to downtown Toronto, be careful. You may get disappointed as the real-life will not match your vision. In such cases, it could be good to rent an apartment for some time. That way, you will get to know what living in Toronto’s downtown looks like. And, if you decide to call it home, you can easily move. If you are already living in a big city, you will know what to expect. And downtown Toronto is a buzzing area that comes with many amenities.

Living in downtown Toronto comes with some benefits

There are cons and pros to living in downtown Toronto. However, this area is filled with skyscrapers, world-class restaurants, markets, shops, and rich nightlife. Also, there are numerous possibilities for outdoor activities. There are located some of the famous art galleries and museums. And, from November till the end of winter, Nathan Phillips Square becomes an ice-skating place. It is free to use, so you can enjoy skirting as long as you wish. And you will be skirting near the giant, magically illuminated ‘TORONTO’ sign.

The population of downtown Toronto

The latest census showed that:

  • About 75% of the downtown population moved from other parts of Toronto, with the help of  best moving companies Toronto ON
  • Most of the residents are in their twenties and thirties
  • Downtown has more single-person households than the other parts of the town
  • There are not so many families with children living in this area

The same census showed the future moving plans of downtown residents. Once they decide to establish a family, they plan to improve their housing space. This means they will move to some of the neighborhoods with more affordable real estate. And usually, they choose to stay within the City of Toronto.

A man walking to work.
When you live downtown, you can walk to work.

Things that people love about living in downtown Toronto

There are various factors why people decide to live in downtown Toronto. Here is an overview of the 5 most common reasons.

No need to commute

Regardless of how close or far you have to commute, it is time-consuming. And it can be mentally and physically hard sitting in traffic for hours every day. Some studies showed that commuting is often rising stress and anxiety levels. It can even end up endangering mental health.

In case your office is located downtown, there are enough condos for renting nearby. So, instead of commuting, you can easily walk to and from work. Or, if your apartment is a bit further, you can use a bike. That way, you will have some light morning and afternoon exercises. And you will not get stuck in a traffic jam. And finally, you will have more free time for yourself every day. The time that you can use as you wish. You may go for walk, for jogging, or simply rest reading a book. Besides, you will save on commuting costs. And you will not be adding up to carbon pollution.

When living in downtown Toronto, you have easy access to everything

For those living downtowns, it is very easy to rich a bank or a shopping center. Whatever errands you have to complete, it is enough to step out from your condo. And you can do it at any time, as there are always people around. So, you can safely walk, without fear that you will be attacked. So, when living downtown, everything is easily accessible to you.

If you are living in a suburb, and need to go shopping, to the bank, or go to an art exhibition, you will need a car. This also means that you have to spend additional hours stuck in traffic. Not to mention the patience and time you will need to find a parking lot. And all that just to complete some simple things. This may be a reason for you to use the services of the movers downtown Toronto and move to downtown.

A smiling woman is jogging in city park.
Downtown Toronto has many places where you can go jogging.

Living in downtown Toronto is not so expensive

Most people consider living in downtown Toronto very expensive. This opinion comes from the fact that renting there is more expensive. And that is true. However, you will be saving on many other things. When living downtown, you actually don’t need a car. So, you are saving a lot on commuting costs. Also, you are saving on car insurance, gas, car maintenance. All this can be more costly than your downtown condo rent.

You will also have considerable savings on utilities. The condo apartments are smaller than suburb houses. So, your utility bills will be smaller. In some condos, you will have free internet and cable TV. Also, if there is a gym in the building, as a tenant you can use it for free.

You can easily find a better job

With a lot of offices located downtown, you stand good chances of finding a better job. The chances are that you will hear about new openings faster. Maybe you are acquainted with someone from that company. Or you are living in the same condo building. So, soon you get the news, you can react. And you can visit the office immediately, to offer your CV. And in today’s fast-paced world, the timely reaction can make you the candidate number one.

However, you could be living outside Toronto. If you manage to get a good job in the town, you can count on affordable services of the long-distance movers Toronto.

Living in the center, you can easily get in better shape

People living in the town centers are walking more. And they are using bikes more, either to commute or go shopping. Already this is enough to keep you healthier. And downtown Toronto has many places where you can go jogging. And many gyms or yoga studios that you can easily walk to. So, that will further help you to maintain good physical conditions.

If you are visiting downtown Toronto, don’t miss seeing its landmarks

Toronto downtown has many places worth visiting. So, if you already didn’t, you can include in your visit tours:

  • CN Tower
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • Kensington Market Toronto
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Art Gallery of Ontario

Even if you are a resident, you will not get tired of d visiting those places. Something new is always happening there. And that is additional things that you will love about living in downtown Toronto.


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