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You have just started packing for your upcoming move and you are just now realizing that you need to pack small kitchen appliances you own? For most people, the kitchen is the most dreadful area of the house to pack and organize. You are not alone here. Because this truly is a tricky job, doing it on your own would be a really brave decision. If you want your blender, toaster, and microwave to arrive at your new address in one piece, we suggest hiring a moving company. Luckily, moving helpers Toronto is here to give you a hand. They have all the necessary resources to ensure that your plates, silverware, glasses, and all the other small kitchen appliances get safe and sound to your new address. They also include packing services. However, if you decide that you want to pack up your things yourself, do read the guide below.

Small kitchen appliances on the counter
Packing small kitchen appliances can be tricky.

Things you need to know before packing

Many people use some really shoddy packing techniques. It is important to start preparing on time. Simply putting your plates and pot and pans into a box and getting it done in 10 minutes is a recipe for disaster.  Small appliances like silverware tend to get lost that way and a few of your plates will probably end up shattered. Packing your small kitchen appliances properly isn’t gonna take that much time anyway. All you really need are the right supplies. Some of your appliances will need to be packed with plenty of padding to keep their delicate electronic components safe from damage. Here is a list of some of the appliances that these rules apply to:

  • Toasters and toaster ovens
  • Blenders, food processors, and immersion blenders
  • Microwaves
  • Air fryers
  • Pressure cookers
  • Stand mixers
  • Bread makers
  • Rice cookers
  • Coffee makers and espresso machines

The supplies you need to pack small kitchen appliances

In order to pack your small kitchen appliances properly, you will need to make sure that you have enough supplies and the right kind. It would be ideal to pack small kitchen appliances in the original boxes. But if you don’t have them around, find boxes that are as close to their actual size as possible. A standard moving box will work just fine too, but it might be a problem when you start loading your car. In case you will need a moving truck or two, long distance movers Toronto could help you with that. If you don’t wanna bother finding the necessary materials, they will have everything you need. Including, the right size boxes, packing paper, packing tape, twist ties, and sealing supplies. For most of your kitchen appliances, you will need lots of packing paper for padding. And the twist ties are for securing cords.

Packing boxes
It’s important to choose good-quality supplies.

Packing up small kitchen appliances

The first thing you should do is to check if you still have your kitchen appliances’ instruction manuals. Instruction manuals often contain tips and tricks on the best way to pack kitchen appliances. This comes in handy if you’re moving expensive items, such as industrial-size coffee machines, or a Thermomix. If you haven’t kept any, you may be able to locate them online by simply searching for the brand and model of your appliance. If you would like to declutter some of your kitchen items before the move, you can find out where to donate your items on Toronto’s official website.

Preparing the appliances for packing

Next, you will need to disassemble some of the appliances instead of trying to pack them all in one piece. Parts such as the tray in your microwave and the blade in your food processor need to be packed up carefully and separately. After you disassemble your items, you need to thoroughly clean and wipe them down. Do the same for the rest of your kitchen appliances as well.

Boxing them up

Now, you can start preparing your appliances by bundling up loose cords and wrap everything in wrapping paper. Secure your small kitchen appliances with twist ties or packing tape. Use an additional piece of packing tape, if necessary, to adhere them to the side. If your items are going to be in storage for any period of time, this packing tape could leave a bit of a sticky layer behind. In that case, have a bottle of adhesive remover on hand when you are unpacking. Having said that, if you are in need of storage, feel free to contact Professional Movers Canada for some storage options. When you have placed a wrapped appliance in a box, fill in the gaps with crumpled paper.

Sealing & Labeling

It is important to seal and label each of your boxes as you go so that you don’t forget what you put where. You will need to get some labeling markers. You need to accurately label each box. Don’t just write “Kitchen”. A generic label like this will make it almost impossible to find specific appliances. Once you start packing your home, you’ll find that your kitchen appliances will take up most of your boxes. Instead, you should be more specific. Write ‘Kitchen – Baking Appliances,’ or ‘Kitchen – Toaster and Kettle.’ Please mark all of these kitchen boxes “fragile” so that you and or your movers can take extra special care with them while loading and unloading.

A room full of boxes
Don’t forget to label your kitchen boxes as “fragile”.

We hope that our small guide has given you the idea of what you need in order to do pack your small kitchen appliances right. If you are moving long-distance or internationally even, you might have to take some extra steps. We’ll make sure to cover that the next time. In case that you are moving from Toronto to Ottawa, on this link you can find some pretty useful moving tips. Make sure to devote the necessary care and attention to packing, and your appliances will stay in perfect condition for your new home. We wish you a very happy new chapter in life!

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