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You have just recently moved to the beautiful Southern Ontario, but now you feel afraid to meet your Ajax neighbors? Luckily for you, you live in Canada now! After you have successfully moved your entire family to Canada and settled in nicely, meeting your new neighbors should be the least of your worries. Canadians are well known for being some of the most polite, tactful, and peace-loving human beings on the planet! It is not a myth that a Canadian will apologize despite not being at fault. With Canadians, simply knocking on their doors and saying hi will do the trick. But we get that that can be intimidating for some people. Especially when you are not really used to hospitality. To make it easier for you, in the next few paragraphs, we have prepared our top 3 simple ways to get to know your new neighbors after you Ajax movers relocate your home.

A family home in Ajax
Ajax has a lot of cool family-friendly neighborhoods.

How to introduce yourself to your new Ajax neighbors

The best thing to do on your first morning in your new town is to go for a walk around the block. Feel free to check out the neighborhood a bit. See if you can tell a little bit about your new neighbors just by looking at their houses and gardens. If they seem to have a nice garden set up for hanging out outside, if they have toys all around or a swing, sports equipment, etc. It could be a good guessing game for you and your family. To try to figure out what your neighbors might be like if they are elderly if they have kids and so on. If you can find some common interest, if you both have kids, for example, this will make it much easier to approach the person. You might even see someone in their garden. Maybe they will pop up a word or two. Don’t hesitate to have a little chat if they do.

However, if you are a rather introverted person or you have anxiety when talking to strangers, there are some easier ways to do it. These are some of the less intimidating ways to introduce yourself:

  •  The online introduction
  •  The wingman 
  •  The favor 

1. The online Introduction

Some people get very nervous when interacting face-to-face right off the bat. If you find that that applies to you as well, there are plenty of online neighbor-connection resources which can help you ease into it. Many neighborhoods use sites such as Nextdoor or Facebook to share news and events, buy and sell stuff and generally keep in touch. Look up your Ajax neighborhood’s page and join them. Write a post about yourself and ask them to show you around. If you want to find some interesting events, visit the Town of Ajax website. You can find all the town news and events here. Once you starting chatting with your neighbors online, you can invite them to some.

2.The Wingman

Another really cool way to meet your Ajax neighbors is to have your own personal wingman. It could be your friend, your colleague, or one of the neighbors you met online. Anyone who knows somebody from your area or can connect you to them. But, the best wingman that you will ever have is your dog. Of course, if you own one. Going to a local doggy park will do wonders for your social life. Your wingman could also be one of our Ajax movers who have moved countless people to that area. It is likely that some of your neighbors could recognize their mover unloading a truck in front of your house. And there you go, your mover can help you meet your neighbor.

A young man sitting on the bench in the park with two dogs.
Your dog can help you meet your Ajax neighbors.

3.The Favor

This one will never get old. You have probably even done it before. It is the old-fashioned way. Go up to your neighbor’s house and knock on their door. Ask them if they can borrow you a cup of sugar or a corkscrew. Their Canadian manners simply won’t let them say no.  You may think that this is a bold move, but it can be quite rewarding. Once you have made those cookies, knock on your neighbor’s door once again to bring back what you have taken. Say thank you and give them some cookies. Don’t forget to add that you are always there for them too if they need anything.

The next step

When the word about the new neighbor (that would be you) has been spread a little bit, you should throw a party. Slip invitations or flyers under doormats and encourage people to drop by your place for some donuts and coffee or a casual backyard barbecue. If you were having trouble moving and you haven’t brought your barbecue equipment yet, call long distance movers Toronto to help you out with that. We are sure your Ajax neighbors will like this gathering and then you could make it an annual thing. To celebrate your new chapter in life.

Maintaining the connection

To take your neighbor to neighbor relationship to the next level, it’s important to maintain it friendly and polite. When you are shoveling a snowy driveway, offer to shovel theirs as well. Help them carry an old dresser to the curb or deliver someone’s newspaper from their driveway to their doorstep. On that note, if you need help with some of your own furniture and your neighbors aren’t around, furniture movers Toronto can give you a hand. Little acts of kindness like that will make your Ajax neighbors appreciate having you by their side.

A man with a "Love your neighbor" hat.
Treat your neighbor as you would like them to treat you.

We all want to put down a few roots in this world. But very few of us get the chance to do it in more places. You have made the right choice about Canada and we can’t wait for you to settle in with us. You can go to our website Professional Movers Canada for any further Canadian moving tips and tricks. Be sure that Canada will welcome with arms wide open, and so will your Ajax neighbors.

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