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We all know how difficult and overwhelming relocations can become. However, arriving at your new home does not finish the process. It just means that half of the process is done. Now, you need to unpack, clean your home and make it “homey”. Luckily, you can rely on packers and movers in Canada to help you tackle some of these processes. Nonetheless, now you have to prepare your home for your future life there and settle in. Today, we talk just about that. In today’s article, we will help you settle after moving to Oshawa. The process of settling in is pretty vast. It can mean both preparing your home for living, as well as getting in touch with the local community and exploring your new environment. Hopefully, today we will help you with both of those things.

Settle after moving to Oshawa – Preparing your home

Oshawa is a small town on the shore of Lake Ontario around 50 miles from the city of Toronto. Although so close to Toronto, the town actually belongs to the Ontario territory. Parks, beaches, and lovely neighborhoods are just some of the many things that await you in this small town. In fact, some people view living in Oshawa as living in a quiet, small part of Toronto. The name Oshawa comes from the term Ojibwa, which means “the crossing place” or “a cross”.

a couple unpacking and having fun to make it easier to settle after moving to Oshawa
To settle in your new home does not mean having to spend days doing it, you can do other activities in the meantime

The city of Oshawa has around 160.000 residents. Today, the city is the point of entry for many manufacturers and is also home to General Motors of Canada. On the other hand, as we are familiar with some of the basic information about Oshawa, let us discuss how you can settle in your home much easier.

Before you unpack clean the house

The house you are moving into is probably empty. However, this does not mean that it is dust and germ-free. Before you start unpacking your clothes clean the rooms. You should consider packing a cleaning supplies box before you move so that you can start cleaning as soon as possible. In fact, if you want, you can clean a specific room and then start unpacking items inside it. Cleaning the house before unpacking is a great way to get a sense of each room in the house and figure out what you want to put where. Furthermore, make your home inviting and warm from day one. This way, you will be able to enjoy the days that you have left to unpack all of your belongings. Even if you arrive before movers Oshawa do, start cleaning the home and get it ready for the unpacking process.

Have a plan on how you want to unpack

Do not go and unpack items randomly. If you put labels on the boxes before moving, you can have an easier insight into which item is where. Utilize this and focus on specific rooms first. For example, if you want to settle after moving to Oshawa, you should start unpacking the bathroom and the bedroom first. Hopefully, this should be done during the first day. No doubt, the moving supplies Toronto you obtain will provide your items with a safe journey.

a couple moving items into the living room
Move the items accordingly to the room you want them in and start unpacking them room-by-room

By doing so, you ensure to have a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. Furthermore, unpacking the bathroom is one of the most essential things to do upon arrival. The bathroom contains all the hygiene products you will need for the first night and morning. Not to mention the much-needed shower you will need to take upon finishing your first day’s chores.

Settle after moving to Oshawa – Introducing yourself to new surroundings

Now that you have successfully tackled preparing your home, it is time to get to know your new surroundings. On the other hand, even if you did not finish unpacking your home, getting to know your neighborhood will surely be a good break. Furthermore, if you need more advice on how to move to a new city in Canada – here are some tips and tricks.

Get to know your new community

One thing that Canadians are known for is their hospitality and general kindness. If you want, you can get to know your neighbors as you are taking a break from unpacking. Moreover, there is a chance that your new neighbors will gladly offer you a helping hand.

several people putting their hands together in the center
Oshawa residents nurture unity and their tightly-knit communities enforce that

A fun fact is that around 90% of residents of Oshawa said that they have someone in their neighborhood that they can always turn to. People living in Oshawa engage in their tightly-knit community and gladly accept new people in it. This only adds to the overall safety the town has and makes Oshawa a great place for parents.

Visiting nature is a must

Do you need a break from all the unpacking and cleaning of your new home? If the answer is yes, Oshawa has the perfect place, or places, for you to relax and unwind. Namely, Oshawa is home to nature jewels like:

  • McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve
  • Darlington Provincial Park
  • Second Marsh Wildlife Area
  • Lakefront West Park, etc.

The list just keeps going. You can enjoy beautiful parks and reserves. If that is not what you prefer, you can head down to the beach and relax. Moreover, to settle after moving to Oshawa is fairly easy as the city has a little something for everyone. Furthermore, the strong presence of nature in the area contributes to the first-class air and water quality.

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