5 Reasons why you should buy new moving boxes

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Moving is always a risk when you have to do it. It is all because you need to make sure that you pack your items properly. If you do not do it, there is a risk that your items will not survive the move. The most important part of packing is moving boxes. They are crucial if you want to have a nice move without too much trouble. However, many people still go with used boxes. You should avoid this and always get new boxes. We will give you 5 reasons why you should buy new moving boxes. Find reliable movers and get moving supplies Toronto that will make sure your items stay in the same condition!

Stacking is easier with new moving boxes

This may not sound like an important thing, but it is. If you get used boxes, you will not get them all from one place. There is very little chance that you will actually manage to do this. That also means that you may not be able to stack them well in the moving truck. It can lead to crumbling and that is not something that you want.

a laptop on the table
Finding new boxes is easier with the internet

On the other hand, when you want new boxes, you will most likely get them from the same movers. Even if you are having a local move, you want to get your boxes from reliable local movers Toronto because you never know what can happen. The great thing here is that those boxes will be of the same size and you can stack them real nice. As we have said, this may not sound like an important part of moving but it is. You will realize once you get to the stacking part!

Finding new boxes easily is another reason why you should buy new moving boxes

The common misconception is that you will have to do heavy work in order to find good moving boxes. You may know someone close that has spare boxes to give you which you can use for your move. However, in the present time, you will soon learn that finding new boxes is as easy as finding the used ones.

That makes getting new boxes a much better decision than getting the old ones. All you have to do is find movers and packers Toronto that have enough time to help you out. The best thing of all is that you do not have to use all their services. You can just get moving boxes and handle the rest of your relocation on your own. You have the flexibility and you should definitely use it in the best way possible!

New moving boxes offer better protection for your items

Another reason why you should consider getting new moving boxes for your move is the fact that newer are more durable. They are new and fresh and they are more stable than the old ones. When you have old boxes, there is a moderate risk that the cardboard is always weakened. This is especially important if the water made any connection with the boxes. It can lead to crumbling and destroying your items in the process.

That is why you should always go for newer boxes. You will soon realize on your own that they are a much better and safer choice. Risking anything about your move is not a smart move, especially if you are having a long distance relocation. They are much harder to complete and you should be aware of this fact. You want everything to go smoothly and the only way to do it is by getting reliable moving boxes from good long distance movers Canada that will make sure you get everything that you need for your move.

a man below boxes
Picking the boxes of various sizes is important

Various sizes are at your disposal

If you go with professional movers, you can get anything that you need for your moving process. That means that you can get boxes of various sizes for all your items. It is not the case when you go with used moving boxes. You will just have to settle with whatever you get and that is it.

When you go with new boxes, you are the one that is calling the shots. You just need to see what sizes you need and that is it. However, this sounds like an easy job. It is not and you should make sure that you contact professionals that offer moving services Toronto too because they have practical experience. We say this because there are companies selling just moving supplies so you need to investigate this before engaging in making any kind of deal.

Not that big of a difference in the price of new and used moving boxes

Another misconception about getting moving boxes for the move is that people think that they will pay less for used moving boxes. Even though this is the truth overall, it does not mean that you should opt for this idea.

We say this because the prices of moving supplies are not that high when you go with professionals. The price of the box is 1-10$ so you should not have too many problems paying for them. Many people do not have this information because they are not that well informed. Now that you know how much boxes cost, you can start making your arrangements for your move!

a man calculating why you should buy new moving boxes
There is not that big of a difference in price between used and new boxes

Additional reasons why you should always get new boxes when moving

Even though we have selected 5 main reasons for this, you should also know everything that you will get if you take this road.

  • cleaner supplies mean that you will have less cleaning to do
  • with new moving boxes, you will have a much easier job of making sure nothing gets lost in the process
  • they are easier to identify
  • they are looking better and stronger

Commercial relocations require using new moving boxes

Not all moves are easy. As we have mentioned, when you are moving locally, you have a much easier job to organize everything. However, commercial moves are another reason why you should buy new moving boxes. It is all because you probably have a ton of expensive equipment that you would like to preserve like electronics, expensive furniture, etc. So, if this is the kind of move that you have, you should find commercial movers Toronto that will help you out both with durable boxes and their advice. This way is the right way and you should use it in order to have a successful commercial relocation.

a modern office
Commercial moves require better quality boxes

Long distance relocation is easier with the right boxes

Another reason to get moving boxes when moving is when you have a long distance move. Long distance moves are much harder to pull off because you have more distance to cover. That means that there is a higher chance that your items will get damaged in the process. So, you should not risk anything, especially if you have higher-value items. Making sure those are safe is your first task so you should make sure you get this covered by opting for the right long distance movers Toronto that will give you everything that you need to handle your relocation.

When buying new moving boxes, make sure you get help from the right moving company

It is easy to say why you should buy new moving boxes. But, you need to find them. We have said that you can get them from professional moving companies. But, how to know that the movers are the right for you, especially if you want to use moving services too?

  • make sure the moving company you are interested in is licensed
  • ask for references
  • check moving reviews and read experiences from former customers of the company
  • observe the communication between you and the company

Of course, this is just a glimpse that can tell you whether you have the right company. However, a good reputation is something that you want to look for. If the company has a good reputation, you can somewhat be sure that they can handle your relocation with ease.

Picking the moving boxes is the key to getting them

Once you find a reliable moving company, like Professional Movers Canada, you need to make sure you get those boxes for the move. There are a couple of important tasks that you should have in mind. Picking the right size is the first thing. There is usually small, medium, and large size but you do not need all of them. Or, you may need mostly smaller boxes due to the nature of the items that you would like to relocate.

a man writing why you should buy new moving boxeswhy you should buy new moving boxes
Make sure you get the boxes from reliable movers

Smaller moving boxes are good for items like books, toys, collectibles, and smaller items in general. When it comes to medium boxes, you should use them for packing kitchen, bathroom, or medium-sized items. Larger boxes are used for lamps, pillows, covers for the bed, and other bulky items that you can’t fit in smaller boxes. Since it can be hard to do all of this on your own, you could opt for packing service Toronto where the movers will take care both of picking the right boxes and packing everything that you have to move. It is definitely a great choice if you want to leave some of the stress behind.

Have in mind that boxes are not everything when packing

Even if you have all new and durable moving boxes, you should know that they are not enough to preserve your items on their own. What we mean is that you can’t just place the items in the boxes, seal them and that is it. You want to pack your items as carefully as possible in order to prevent any damage during the move. That means that you can’t pack fragile items superficially. You need to make sure that they will survive the move, by using other moving supplies.

What about other moving supplies for the move?

We have talked about why you should buy new moving boxes for your move. But, moving boxes are just one part of the supplies that you should get for packing. There are also packing tapes, packing papers, air-filled plastic wraps, cushioning, and much more. There is not really a definitive list of moving supplies because we all have different needs. The problem can occur when you do not know what you need for your move. You may not need cushioning or something else. That means that you will just spend money on something that you essentially do not need. That is why having movers by your side and maintaining a connection with them is the key.

man and woman packing
Boxes are useless if you do not pack properly

Consider your options carefully before deciding

We understand that this can be too much for you. Talking about why you should buy new moving boxes is easy, but making that decision and getting everything that you need is another. Of course, there are some pros of getting the used moving boxes but that is nothing compared to what you are getting in the new boxes. Of course, it is your choice and you are the one that will have to live with the consequences if something bad happens during the process.

Getting moving supplies sounds much easier on paper

Talking about why you should buy new moving boxes is easy. However, it is just one step in the whole process of actually getting them to your doorstep. The key of this article is to give you all the reasons to avoid getting used boxes because there is no need for you to do this. Doing this can lead to a lot of problems, especially if you have a harder type of move, like long distance moving or commercial moving.  Make sure you understand all of this and get all that you need in order to make the move seem much easier than it is. You will definitely do this by using just new and durable packing supplies for your moving process.


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