How to pack your kitchen before moving long distance? 

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Organizing a move can be quite a daunting task. You have to pick up your entire life and all the roots that it has, take them into your arms and carry it to some other place and make it somehow start growing there. That on its own is simply a huge load of weight that is not always easy to deal with. Then, you will have to pick the perfect date that does not interfere with your new and old jobs. Also, you will have to find the perfect company of Canada movers to help you out. You will also have to organize the packing schedule as good as possible. Having your things packed safely is indeed one of the key elements of any move and as such, it will require a lot of effort. In fact, every room requires a special kind of treatment. Today we are going to talk about how to pack your kitchen before moving long distance.

By following these tips, you will be able to prepare your kitchen perfectly for the incoming trials. So, without further ado, let us begin!

Creating an inventory list is key to pack your kitchen before moving long distance

Inventory lists are generally among the most useful tools when it comes to planning a great number of anything anywhere. When you are planning a move, they are especially handy because they are useful in more than one way. 

white and black kitchen
Packing something so delicate as the kitchen requires proper preparation

Here are the three most important ways 

  • Firstly, having an inventory list can help you better assess the situation with your belongings and then decluttering your household. Over the years, you have for sure hoarded a lot of things that you do not actually need. Moving to a new home with long distance movers Canada is a great chance to get rid of all the extra items
  • Secondly, it helps with organizing the packing process. Once you get rid of the excess things, you can start planning the packing section of the move. It will be much easier to naturally group all the things if you have a clear picture of everything you have. This is especially true for kitchens because they have so many pieces of equipment of significantly varying durability, thickness, materials, and shapes. Furthermore, it can help you with the unpacking part of the move also. You can simply mark all the boxes in a distinguished way and then keep track of what goes in which box. When you start unpacking just check the inventory list on where everything is.  
  • Thirdly, an inventory list is an important document in case of having to file a moving insurance claim. Hopefully, there won’t be any need for that, but it is better to be safe than sorry. There are useful ways the inventory list can serve you, but these three are the standouts. 

Before you start packing, figure out the essentials 

“What are the essentials exactly?”, you may ask. Well, when preparing for a move a lot of people forget about this until it is too late, or at least late. Packing an essentials box or a bag is basically preparing the things that you will need during the moving day or days. If you are moving a couple of blocks away, then this is not too important, and you will probably only need some food, a bottle of water, and your charger. But, if we are talking about a move that lasts the whole day or longer, then the situation is quite different. 

pots on a kitchen counter
Do not forget to put some key pieces of kitchen equipment on the “essentials” list

You will need spare clothes, you will need your hygiene kit, your laptop, etc. Speaking of the kitchen items specifically, you will need a place, a cup, cutlery, maybe a bowl or two. It will also be useful to mark the moving boxes in such a way that some key appliances are easily accessible. The inventory list can be quite handy here. You can use it to figure out more quickly what you want to put on the “essentials” pile, but you can also use it to effectively pack the mentioned appliances so that they are easily accessed right when you need to be.

Prepare the equipment 

In order to start to pack your kitchen before moving long distance, you need to make the necessary preparations. You are going to need the proper equipment for packing your things. Various types of items have varying needs for safekeeping. You won’t pack books, clothes, and china the same way, will you? For packing your kitchen, you need heavy-duty boxes, plastic wrap, specialty dividers, packing paper and packing tape. 

You need to be methodical to effectively pack your kitchen before moving long distance
Appliances are the safest in their original packaging

You will also need markers for marking the boxes (so that you can use those to combine them with the inventory list). One of the most common mistakes people make when preparing the packing supplies is that they take just enough. You are almost a hundred percent guaranteed to need more than that. Whether you will be storing some of your belongings or moving all of them to your new place, always take extra packing supplies. 

Start packing

Actual packing, while it takes time, is actually the easier part once you are done setting it up. Pots and pans will mostly require just stronger, larger boxes. On the other hand, glasses, stemware and other more delicate items will require more touch. This is where you use the dividers and extra packing paper. Do not try to save money on this. It is never a good idea if you value your belongings. Knives you should roll in full sheets of packing paper. Then wrap them in a towel and secure them with a rubber band or something similar. The appliances you should pack in their original packaging, but if you do not have it, then each will need its own suitable-sized box. As for packing the food, check our guide on packing your pantry. Good luck!

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