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Relocation is a delicate matter for most people. Not too many people have too much experience that they could do everything on their own. So, you should make sure that you get everything covered with our help. It is important that you know what you have to do prior to the move so that it could go as smoothly as possible. You should see this pre-move checklist and learn all the important tasks that you have to do. Yes, having packers and movers in Canada will help you a lot but that is not everything. There are many more things that you need to handle before your movers even come into the game. So, here is the checklist you should follow until your relocation is finished!

8 weeks before the moving day

  • Prepare a moving budget
  • Start your search for the right movers
  • Decide what goes and what stays

    man using a calculator
    Make sure your budget is prepared on time

Prepare a moving budget

A proper moving checklist can’t start without mentioning a moving budget. Moving budget is something that will help you plan your entire relocation much better. It is all because you will have a better view of your own possibilities and you will spend your money on proper things. People that do not make budgets for the move usually have a lot of problems later because they spend more than they would want to. It can lead to excess stress and that is definitely not good for your decision-making. You want to be as prepared as possible so that you could anticipate things and act accordingly. So, make sure you prepare a moving budget for your move 2 months before the move. Of course, it can change over time but you should not change the core of the budget. It is what keeps you safe during the move!

Start your search for the right movers

As we have said before, the right movers will make your entire experience much more pleasurable. However, finding the right movers sounds much easier than it is. It is even harder if you need specialized movers, like office movers Toronto. They need to have the right moving experience for you. You certainly do not want amateur movers to handle your items because you want to reduce the risks to a minimum. The search for the right movers can be long so starting late may be the worst mistake that you can make.

The key thing here that you need to remember is that you are not pressured to find the movers at the time you start your search. The key thing is that you should leave yourself as much room as possible, especially when Toronto moving. Relocating to Toronto is a hard task, no matter how good your movers are. So, you want to make it as easy as possible by making the right calls!

a woman learning about pre-move checklist
Search for your movers on time before it is too late

Decide what goes and what stays

Leaving this for the future time is not a smart idea. The key behind this idea is to reduce as many items as you can and therefore make your packing time a lot easier. Also, you will save some money on moving supplies Toronto which you can spend on something else. Some people do not do this at all and end up spending money that they do not have or do not want to spend. On the other hand, some people leave this task for later thinking that they will have enough time to do it.

However, this sounds much easier than it is. You may have tons of items and sorting is not usually the most interesting of jobs out there. So, it is better for you to take your time and start slow. You do not have to rush and you will have time for everything. Just take your time and you will be done by the moving day!

6 weeks before the moving day

  • Start obtaining the packing supplies
  • Changing the important papers
  • Start using your food properly

Start obtaining the packing supplies

The time has come for you to start preparing packing supplies for your move. One way is to try and get them for free. You can try this at your local stores. They probably have more boxes than they need so they may be willing to lend you some.

man and woman sitting next to boxes
Prepare packing supplies on time

On the other hand, our recommendation is to always go through some of the reliable movers Burlington. There are many of them but you want people that can give you everything that you need for your relocation. Most professional moving companies offer a variety of packing supplies so you should get what you need. This is where we can see the importance of decluttering before moving. When you reduce the number of items for the move, you will know exactly which and how many packing supplies you need for your move. Everything is connected, as you can see!

Changing the important papers

Moving is not just about the moving part. There are many other tasks connected to it that you have to do in order to have a stress-free relocation. That is why we have to include them on this pre-move checklist. One of those tasks is changing some of the official papers and documents.

Those can be anything from bank papers to changing billing addresses, to school and medical records. The reason why you should do this during this timeframe is that you may need some time to finish the documentation. It will not happen overnight and you should not expect it to happen like this, especially with government documents. If you want to avoid problems, then handle this matter on time!

a man preparing a pre-move checklist
Documents should be in your possession before it is too late

Start using your food properly

Even though this may not seem like an important part of a pre-move checklist, you should think again. Many people do not even stop to think about their food consumption during the time before the move. If you are moving all your items, fridge and freezer, you need to think about how you use them. You can’t continue to buy food like you are not moving anywhere. You need to use everything inside your fridge and freezer so that you could have enough time to prepare them for the move.

4 weeks before the moving day

  • Let go of items that you do not need anymore
  • Start packing slowly
  • Measure everything inside your home

Let go of items that you do not need

Now that your moving day is closer, you should get rid of all those items that you have sorted out before. There is no point in keeping them anymore, right? There are many ways how to get rid of these items. The first one is to organize a pre-move garage sale and get some money back. It will not be too much but it is still something that you can use one something else. Another way is to donate your items. Even though you will not get any money this way, this is a charitable decision that will make you feel good. You will do two good things, one for you and one for someone else. Is there something better than this?

Start packing slowly

One of the most important parts of this pre-move checklist is packing. It is what will make your move easier or harder, depending on how you handle it. Even though you do not have to pack everything right now, it would still be a good idea for you to do some light packing. Why should your items lie around when you can do some light work and make your future packing a bit easier? However, if you opt for some packing, you should make sure that you do not pack as your things fit. If you use the packing service Toronto, you will see that movers will never pack out of order. They will go room by room until everything is completed. But, if you are packing on your own, you should follow this way of packing items for the move.

Measure everything inside your home

This pre-relocation checklist can’t continue without measuring your entire home. This is important if you want to move your furniture too. Even if you have furniture movers Toronto by your side, you will want to do this. This is all a precaution so that you could be sure that the move will go smoothly. If you avoid doing this task, there is a high chance that something will not fit across your home. And by the time that happens, you have other solutions to the problem. At least quick ones. So, make sure you add this to your pre-move checklist and measure all hallways, rooms, furniture, tables, chairs, etc. Make sure that everything will fit once your movers come to take your items to your new home!

a measuring tape
Make sure everything fits in your home

A week before the moving day

  • Finish arrangement with your movers
  • Pack the rest of your items
  • Pack the essentials

Finish arrangement with your movers

If you have left some things out in the open with your movers, now is the time to close them. You want to specify what moving services Toronto you are going to use and what not. You do not anything in the air because it can cause you some problems later. Finalizing your deal is necessary for this stage of your moving process and you should not take it lightly.

Another thing that we should mention here is that you should always get moving insurance. It is a thing that will help you in the case something bad happens with your items. Even the best moving companies make mistakes and you want to be as protected as possible. Well, this is the way to go!

Pack the rest of your items

We are closer and closer to the end of the pre-move checklist. The time for full packing has come. You want to finalize packing and prepare everything for the move. As we have said, you need to follow the same path, from one room to another. This is the only way to have a decent packing experience.

Also, you want to make sure all your items are properly packed. This is even more important if you are moving long distances. These movers are usually much harder due to distance and you want to reduce any risks to a minimum. Yes, having experienced long distance movers Canada is a way to go but that means nothing if you do not prepare your items properly. So, make sure you use all the moving supplies you have gotten and pay extra attention to fragile and expensive items. Those are the ones that require the most of your attention!

man and woman packing their items as a part of pre-move checklist
Pack the rest of your items properly

Pack the essentials

The last thing on this pre-relocation checklist is packing the essentials. Essentials are basically items that you want to have with you at all times, like important documents, IDs, electronics, toiletries, etc. Naturally, you can’t leave this in the hands of your movers because this is something that you will have with you at all times. Even though you could prepare your essentials on a moving day, it is not a good choice. It is all because you could forget something and therefore complicate your entire move. Give yourself time to prepare all the essential items for your relocation!

Follow this pre-move checklist and make sure you have a nice moving experience

Even though there are many tasks that you need to complete, this pre-move checklist is something that you want to follow until the last day. Having movers Ajax is good and all, but they are not enough for your move to go smoothly. You have to do the preparation before the actual move so that you could reduce the risks to a minimum. After all, it is the actual point of making a checklist before your relocation. So, all you are left with is doing these tasks and making sure that you have done everything that you can!


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