The Checklist for International Students Moving to Canada

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Embracing the prospect of studying abroad is a thrilling journey, but it’s also one layered with a multitude of decisions and preparations. Choosing to move to Canada for your education is a commendable step, undoubtedly influenced by the country’s top-notch universities, diverse culture, and picturesque landscapes. But before you get wrapped up in the excitement of this new chapter, it’s crucial to remember the less glamorous yet vital part of this process: planning the move. Fortunately, with moving and storage Canada options readily available, this task can be significantly simplified. This comprehensive checklist for international students moving to Canada will guide you through every step of educational requirements.

Understand the educational system as one of the international students moving to Canada

When you decide to move to Canada to get more educational opportunities, you need to know what to expect and what are the system requirements. These are the first steps you need to take, even before you confirm your decision of relocating. So, think about:

  • Canadian institutions and courses;
  • admission requirements;
  • tuition and other fees.
A student in a classroom
Prepare for your relocation to Canada well

Canadian institutions and courses

Canada’s education system is widely respected worldwide, offering an array of diverse courses in its well-established institutions. The country hosts numerous public and private universities and colleges, each with its unique selection of programs and specializations. Research thoroughly to find an institution that aligns with your career aspirations.

Universities such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia are often the first that come to mind when thinking about higher education in Canada. These institutions are globally recognized for their comprehensive range of courses and world-class faculty. For instance, the University of Toronto, renowned for its research innovations, is an excellent choice for those looking to pursue studies in fields such as life sciences or engineering. McGill University, on the other hand, located in the heart of vibrant Montreal, is known for its strong programs in areas like Medicine and Arts.

Alternatively, you may be considering more specialized institutions. The Emily Carr University of Art + Design, based in Vancouver, is a leader in arts and design programs in Canada, whereas the University of Waterloo is recognized for its cooperative education (co-op) programs, especially in the technology sector. Moreover, Canada’s community colleges offer practical education often linked directly to specific professions. Colleges such as George Brown in Toronto or Algonquin in Ottawa provide a multitude of programs ranging from business and arts to health sciences and hospitality.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements may differ among institutions. Typically, they include proof of language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL for English or TEF for French), high school or bachelor’s transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. Some programs may require additional prerequisites such as portfolios or interviews. It all depends on where you are enrolling. One thing is certain – there will be no special requirements when finding movers to help you with your relocation. For example, if you want to study in York, movers in York will always be at your disposal and you can enjoy your moving preparations, while focusing on choosing the right institution.

Tuition and other fees

The cost of studying in Canada can vary greatly depending on your chosen institution and course. As an international student, you can expect to pay between CAD 15,000 to CAD 30,000 per year for undergraduate programs. Postgraduate programs might range from CAD 15,000 to CAD 40,000 per year. Keep in mind additional costs like books, insurance, and living expenses.

Two international students in Canada on their way to a college
As one of the international students moving to Canada, learn all requirements

Obtain your student visa

As one of the international students moving to Canada, you will need to secure your visa. Once you receive your acceptance letter from your chosen educational institution, you can begin the process of applying for a study permit. You’ll need several key documents. The first is the acceptance letter from your chosen institution. This serves as proof that you have been admitted to study in Canada. You’ll also need a valid passport or another travel document that guarantees your identity and nationality.

Next, you’ll need to provide proof of financial support. This proves to the Canadian government that you can afford tuition fees, living expenses, and return travel. Financial proof can come in various forms, such as bank statements, scholarship or grants proof, or a letter from a person or institution providing you with money. An important aspect to keep in mind is that visa processing times can vary considerably depending on factors such as the volume of applications received by the immigration department, the time of year, and the country from which you’re applying. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to apply for your study permit as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Also, start looking for long distance movers in Canada on time since you’ll need a few weeks or months ti get ready for the relocation.

Plan your accommodation

Both on-campus and off-campus accommodations have their advantages. On-campus housing allows you to immerse yourself fully in the university culture and usually includes amenities like laundry and meal plans. However, it can be more expensive and might lack privacy. Off-campus accommodations, like renting an apartment or sharing a house, are usually more affordable and offer more independence. However, you will need to handle utilities, groceries, and commuting. Again, it all depends on the city or town you will be studying in. Nevertheless, if you decide to study in Ajax, movers Ajax will be there to conduct your move, whether on-campus or off-campus.

Understand your tenant rights

Understanding your tenant rights in Canada is an important step in establishing a comfortable living situation. Provincial laws govern these rights, so the specifics might differ depending on your location. Generally, landlords must maintain the homes well, which implies promptly performing necessary repairs. In addition, landlords should respect tenants’ privacy by providing advance notice before entering the property, except in emergencies.

Protection against unjust eviction is also a fundamental right. Landlords cannot force tenants out without appropriate cause and notice. If the property is needed for personal use, the landlord must give ample notice or compensation based on provincial regulations. Before signing a lease, ensure you understand these rights to avoid future conflicts. Being knowledgeable about your rights can help ensure a fair rental agreement and a positive living experience in Canada.

A person writing in a notebook
Obtain your student visa on time

Enjoy your student life in Canada

Embarking on your journey as one of the international students moving to Canada can be an enriching experience, both academically and personally. This checklist provides a roadmap to ensure a smoother transition into your new life. Embrace the challenges and new experiences that await you in Canada, and remember that careful planning can make the process of moving far less daunting.

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