Pros and Cons of Living in Toronto as a Student

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Being a student opens many different doors in life for you. You get to experience new things and visit new places, all while studying. In fact, you might be planning to study in Toronto, or you’re already on the way to moving to Toronto. That being said, you might want to inform yourself about the pros and cons of living in Toronto as a student, just to be on the safe side. Before you look to hire packers and movers in Canada to relocate all of your belongings to Toronto, you should know what to expect from this beautiful city. So, kick back, relax, and let Professional Movers Canada give you some pointers! We will cover many things, from the more fun ones to practical ones. So, let’s start exploring Toronto right away!

First of all, think of the more important things of living in Toronto as a student

While we do understand that being young means wanting to have fun and see new things, you must first take some other stuff into account. Toronto is, after all, the capital city of Ontario, and is the most populated city in Canada. Sure, that must mean more fun places for you to see, but being a student isn’t all fun and games. While studying in Toronto, you will have to live there, and that means you’ll have to get accustomed to some changes.

airplane view of Toronto
Living in Toronto as a student comes with its downsides and pros as well.

What is Canada famous for if not for its weather? Winter in Canada is long and cold with lots of snowfall, and this might take some time to get used to. Another thing that might ward students off at first is the cost of living in Toronto. Being the largest city, Toronto’s cost of living is quite high up there. Tuition aside, living as a student in Toronto is a bit tough because of accommodation. According to the website, if you’re a student on a really strict budget, you could manage CAD 1,200/month in a shared house in downtown Toronto, along with minimal spending. If you’ve got money to spend, CAD 1,500-2,000/month would also allow you to live on campus in student housing.

You can find more details about the prices on the aforementioned website. In general, you might have to opt for living with a roommate to split the costs of living in Toronto. That in itself, however, has its own pros and cons. Be careful about who you live with, for it can be either great or terrible.

Some other less fun stuff about living in Toronto

If you’re concerned about the cost of living in Toronto, we understand completely. However, don’t give up on looking for moving companies Scarborough can move you to Toronto with yet- there’s a solution. As a student, you may be eligible for an on-campus or off-campus job. All you need is your study visa and a Social Insurance Number, which you can apply for. This will surely come in handy and provide you with some extra money to spend. Internship programs and such are also available, so if you have time to kill after studying for an exam, you can consider applying for one of those.

hand holding money
If you’re worried about being short on cash, you can always apply for an on-campus or off-campus job.

One cool pro for every student out there is that there are many different ways to get around in Toronto. The one that might pay off the most, besides riding a bike, is using the TTC subway. Students get a discount on their monthly passes, so you can basically hop on and ride around the city for $3 per ride. Other options included buses, streetcars and GO train lines. If you’re coming home late from a night out, then services such as Uber and Lyft are also an option, though a little more expensive.

If you consider these facts convincing enough to make your stay in Toronto, that’s great! The many movers downtown Toronto has to offer are waiting for you to call them and schedule your relocation.

The fun side of the student life in Toronto is far more rewarding than you think

You might want to look for a moving company with the best packing service Toronto has ever seen when we tell you that, in 2019, Toronto was the 11th best city for students to live in. The people in Toronto are mostly laid-back and easy-going and welcome newcomers with open arms.

The wilderness in Canada is simply amazing, and you might just want to visit Niagara Falls or the Algonquin Provincial Park. Feeling more like staying in urban areas? Not to worry, you can do a lot within Ontario, too! You can always stop by a Tim Horton’s coffee shop for a quick energy refill. If you have more money to spend, clubbing with friends is an option as well- the clubs stay open up to 3AM! Want to see the very symbol of the city? Panoramic views of Lake Ontario and of Toronto await you at the CN Tower. The Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario are there for those who are interested in history and culture. The city is culturally diverse, so you will definitely find a place where you’ll feel at home in.

part of living in Toronto as a student is studying
When you’ve had enough of studying, you can always go out and explore the city.

So, what have we learned about the pros and cons of living in Toronto as a student? One con is that it might just take some time to get used to it all. The other, main con is that finding a place to live that you can afford may be a little difficult. However, the pros certainly outnumber the cons. Toronto is overall a fun place to live in with plenty of people to meet and many places to see. We’re sure that you won’t regret studying here, so you best give Professional Movers Canada a call and start discussing your upcoming move to Toronto!


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