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Packing is considered to be the most difficult task when you are preparing for the relocation. There are so many things you need to pay attention to. And this knows to be really annoying. That is why there are some packing tricks that you can find ver useful when you are packing. Those tricks will help you with all ways of moving. You can even try these tricks when you are moving your office or with a pet. But you have one important task to do. Even before starting to pack. And that is to hire Professional Movers Canada. With some exceptional references and the best reviews, hiring this company means you are in good hands.

Where to start?

Let us begin. When the time for packing has come, you need to get moving supplies Toronto can provide you. That means that you need to get boxes, regular ones and some specially made for some items you have that are not usual. With boxes, you can get bubble wrap to protect some items and some soft fabric that will help you avoid damaging the items in the boxes. When you have all the equipment that you need, you can start placing items in the boxes. The best thing about specially made boxes is that you can pack unusual items such as mirrors without breaking your head how to pack them without damaging them.

flat carton box for mirror
One of the packing tricks to start with is getting some specially made boxes for unusual items, such as mirrors.

The list of packing tricks that will help you

No matter how big your house is and how many items you have to pack, these packing tricks are useful. So, the first thing you need to do is to realize that you will not be able to bring everything with you. When you start packing you will see how many items you are not using at all. Starting with clothes. And as hard as it seems, decluttering is your best option. Even if you are not packing by yourself. This means that if you are hiring a packing service Toronto has, you are the one that needs to declutter.

Let us start with clothes

There is a simple trick if you want to pack your clothes but you do not want to fold them or place them in the boxes. You can take out the drawers from your closet and just wrap them with all the items still in them. This is the case where you are moving your entire closet to the new house. However, if you don’t, you will need the moving box. The best way to place your clothes in the box is not to fold them but roll them. This way you are avoiding clothes getting wrinkled.

The other trick you can use when it comes to packing clothes is to place the summer clothes in one box and the ones for winter in the other. That way when unpacking you can sort them easily.

person folding clothes without using packing tricks such as rolling them
Do not fold clothes when packing to avoid them getting wrinkled.

Should you label boxes?

The answer is definitely yes. But, there are all sorts of labeling. You do not have to print the labels and place them on boxes. You can simply color the certain box with some items. For example, you can paint the box as the wall of the room items are from. So, if the walls in the kitchen are yellow, you can color the box with kitchen items in yellow.

But all of the residential movers Toronto can provide will advise you to label the boxes that contain something breakable and fragile. Just to be sure that no damage will be done during the move.

Packing tricks for cables and cords

If you have no idea what cable is for and you are sure that you will not be able to place everything in its place once you are done with the moving, the best trick is to take a picture. For example, you can take a picture of the back of your TV. That way you can see which cable goes where and you will be able to get it done in no time.

picture of position of cables as one of the packing tricks
If you are not sure how to put back your cables after the move, taking a picture of them before moving is one of the best packing tricks

How to pack things that might spill?

If you are packing your kitchen for the relocation, there are a few packing tricks that can be really useful. If there are some products that can spill during the move, you have to options for them. You can have a wrap bag for them. But do not spill the products in the bag. Just place the bottle in the bag and seal it. The other solution is to just place some fabric between the bottles and the products so they do not break when relocating.

Speaking of kitchen…

And since we are talking about the kitchen, there is an important thing you need to pay attention to when packing dishes for the move. Make sure you have some sort of fabric or paper between them. We are sure that you will label the box with the fragile stuff. But to be extra sure, playing the fabrics between dishes is a great idea. You should also place the folded paper on the edges of the boxes. So that dishes cannot move during the relocation.

With all of these packing tricks, all your stuff and items will be perfectly safe for the relocation. If you start your packing earlier than planned, you will have enough time to pack the items more carefully. Make sure that you know where exactly are your items. This is a crucial thing because it will make it much easier to unpack. So, when you are all done with packing, you can start your journey to a new home and a fresh start. Good luck!

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