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Having carpets and rugs in your home is practical and useful for so many reasons. But sometimes you want to pack them for moving or remodeling your home, for cleaning, or just removing them for a while. When you need to do it, make sure you have moved them carefully and without damaging them. So, in his article, we have listed some tips on how to pack rugs and carpets. And if you are moving, Professional Movers Canada is known as the company that takes care of your stuff like it is their own.

Wash and clean the rugs and carpets before packing them!

This is a very important step when you want to pack rugs and carpets. You need to wash and clean a rug and a carpet before packing for one only reason. You do not want some unpleasant surprise when you unpack them. People usually skip this step. That leads to a lot of dust and a bad smell when they unpack them.

Make sure you have vacuumed so that you remove dust, some animal hair if you have a pet, etc. If you have enough space and you are in a position to, take your carpets outside and let them lay in the sun and fresh air so that you can get rid of some other bacteria that might have come in touch with the carpet.

before you pack rugs and carpets clean them
Clean all the rugs and carpets before you decide to pack them.

How to pack rugs and carpets?

There are some simple rules on how to pack these things.

The first one is never to fold them! If you do it can leave some marks that you will be hard to remove later. If it stays folded for a long time it is possible that you will not be able to make the carpet straight again.

So, instead of folding them, you need to roll carpets and rugs. This is the main advice you can get. And when you have any other doubts, feel free to contact some of the best movers Aurora can offer you. These professionals will help you out.

How to roll the carpet?

There is a simple instruction on how to roll the carpet and the rug:

  • Start without folding the edges.
  • When you are rolling them, make sure that all the edges of the carpet are rolled at the same time on the same length.
  • When the carpet is rolled, pack it n the sheets that are made of some soft materials. When you do this, tide them with small pieces of the same material.
  • Do not pack them in some plastic material, because you need your carpet and a rug to “breathe”.

If you are not sure that you will do the best job when packing rugs and carpets, reach out for some moving supplies Toronto has in order to help you packing and folding the carpet.

rolling the rug
When you want to pack carpets and rugs, make sure you roll them instead of folding them.

Where you should keep your packed carpet and rug?

You will need dry, dark, and colder rooms. Avoid the daylight in the room where you want to keep it. The basement is not a good idea because there can be a lot of moist that a carpet can collect.

Usual places where we have carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are usually near the sitting area. Some people prefer to have them near the bed. So when they have to get up during the night or in cold winter, they lie to feel the soft and warm floor. But, there are not so usual places where people have rugs and carpets.

When you have a pianist in a house, you know how much they value their piano. They spend a lot of time making the music and playing it, that they usually put the carpet under the piano. And that does not make a problem until there comes the time when you want to move and remove the carpet. And with all the tips you can read here, there is only left to remove the piano. This is the time when you want to hire reliable piano movers Toronto can give you.

man playing piano
When you want to remove the piano from the carpet before the move, hire some professionals.

How to take care of a rug when you have a pet?

Cleaning the rug when there are pets in the house is something you need to do very often. Dogs and cats are losing their hair all the time. And that hair is usually stuck in the carpet or a rug. In order to have your carpets without smells, make sure you are cleaning the rugs and the carpets every two days.

The best way to remove the hair from the carpet is to get some sticky roll on. This way when you roll in over the carpet the hair will stick to the roll-on and you can remove it.

There are few other things you can do to clean your rugs and carpets when you have pets. If the pet somehow pees on the rug, the best way to clean it is baking soda and some vinegar. Mix them and use the clean tissue for cleaning. This way all the bad small and yellow colors will fade away.

When you want to pack rugs and carpets, using these tips will make the packing process go smoothly. Make sure you when you pack them not to leave them on the floor, in order to prevent some dust and dirt fall on them. Place them on some type of furniture. Since some of us have large carpets and rugs, make sure you move them out of your way. All of these tips will help not just when you want to remove the carpet, but when you are moving away from the house. One last tip we will give you is to take care of the measurements of the carpets and rug and see if they will fit in your new home.

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