Moving to Oakville – A Brief Guide

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Moving to a new home is always a challenge. Organizing a relocation may be quite stressful for people who didn’t relocate before. That is why residential movers Toronto has to provide are always available. Quality movers are here to help your relocation go smoothly, even if moving for the first time. That is why we prepared an easy guide for beginners that can make moving to Oakville an easy task. Here are some tips on preparing a move to Oakville without difficulty.

How to prepare for moving to Oakville?

Preparing for a move may be the most important part of relocation. Preparing correctly is a job half done. The most important factor to consider is the time frame for your move. When you have enough time to prepare, you will probably organize your relocation with ease. The first step is creating a to-do list. Put on paper all the tasks you need to complete before the moving day. Doing so will help you not to forget everything you have to do. In most cases, with a good plan in mind, you will be able to divide the tasks and be ready for moving helpers Toronto when they arrive. When preparing, also make sure to calculate your budget.

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If you plan your move well, moving to Oakville will be a breeze

How to calculate the budget for your Oakville move?

Calculating your budget for your relocation is very important. Knowing how much you are able to spend on a moving company’s services will be a great help. When you know your budget, you will consider which moving service you will be paying for. On the other hand, you may save some money on your relocation if you pack and move furniture without the help of a reliable moving company. However, in the long run, it is better to hire professionals. Often, it ends up being the more affordable option.

Packing service may cost you extra when moving home. However, when moving long-distance, it is essential to find the best movers Oakville has to provide. Professional movers in your area will provide a moving quote for each client. The moving quote is the estimate of your relocation costs. Professionals advise that you ask more than one moving company for a quote. Each moving company will calculate the price of your relocation depending on your specific needs. When you have multiple moving quotes in hand, you will be able to choose movers that best suit your needs and stay within your budget.

Packing your home – how to?

The first step before packing your home is finding out how many packing supplies you will need to pack every piece in your home. Consider the items you will be relocating, calculate the packing supplies you need, and get more than you think you need. Also, booking a packing service in Toronto would be a great decision.

An empty room
Before packing your home, make sure to get all the necessary packing supplies

Packing supplies you need include:

  • Moving boxes. Get moving boxes in various sizes. This way, you will be able to pack heavier items into smaller boxes and use larger moving boxes for lighter items. Also, consider getting some moving boxes with reinforced bottoms for packing items that are heavier. If packing bottles, consider moving boxes that are custom-made for bottles. This way, you may pack glass bottles and prevent them from spilling out during transport. On the other hand, if packing mirrors and paintings, ask your movers if they have specialized moving boxes for packing mirrors and similar items.
  • Bubble wrapping plastic materials. Plastic bubble paper is one of the most important packing supplies you shouldn’t forget when packing home for moving to Oakville. Wrap your sensitive items in a protective plastic bubble material before you pack them inside moving boxes. If you secure breakable items this way, they may not damage or break even during long-distance transport.
  • Packing peanuts. Use packing peanuts when packing fragile items of high value. Make sure to protect them first and wrap the item and then place it inside a bigger moving box. After that, fill the box with packing peanuts and secure the lid. This way, you will make sure that the most valuable items won’t break during transport.

Find the best movers when moving to Oakville

It is no secret that fraudulent movers are out there. Most non-reliable moving companies operate and conduct their schemes constantly. That is why researching Canada movers is what you need to do before hiring them.

A tree in a park in Canada
Finding a new home and hiring reliable movers will be just one part of your moving plan.

When researching online for the most reliable moving company, consider moving companies with the best ratings. The quality rating can tell a lot about the moving company in question, but that is not all. Most moving companies that wish to expand their reach to potential clients usually invest in their online presence. They list details about the company and its services. If you see a company you like, you should contact a representative and get more information about it.

How to check if the moving company is reliable?

When checking the reliability of a moving company, there are several steps you can take to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy. Firstly, obtain company information from the moving representative, including their ID number and address, for further verification. Visit the FMCSA website and search their official mover database to confirm the company’s legitimacy and check for any past disputes or complaints. Additionally, read customer reviews and ratings on platforms like Google, Yelp, or the BBB to gain a balanced perspective. Ensure the moving company has proper insurance coverage to protect your belongings. Obtain quotes from multiple companies, compare prices and services, and seek recommendations from trusted sources. Inquire about the company’s experience and verify their licenses and certifications. Pay attention to their communication, professionalism, and responsiveness. By following these steps, you can gather the necessary information to make an informed decision and move smoothly and stress-free.

Prepare for moving to Oakville by researching the place

Apart from organizing relocation, packing, finding the right condo movers Toronto and doing other moving-related tasks, you also need to be mentally prepared. The best way to do so is to know exactly where you are about to move. Find out everything you need about Oakville, including the cost of living, job prospects, and things to do after your relocation.

Oakville is considered an excellent place to live for several reasons. Firstly, Oakville is known for its safety and family-friendly atmosphere. The town consistently ranks as one of the safest communities in Canada, providing residents with a sense of security. Secondly, Oakville offers a high-quality education system. It is home to top-ranked public and private schools, along with easy access to renowned post-secondary institutions in nearby cities. Additionally, Oakville is characterized by its natural beauty and green spaces. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities and a high quality of life with numerous parks, trails, and waterfront areas.

A person holding money
Prepare for the higher cost of living in Oakville

Furthermore, Oakville’s convenient location is advantageous for both work and leisure. Situated along Lake Ontario and close to Toronto, residents have access to employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and entertainment options. The community in Oakville is known for its strong spirit and active civic engagement. Numerous community groups, clubs, and volunteer opportunities foster a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The cost of living in Oakville

The cost of living in Oakville, Canada, can be considered relatively higher than other cities. Namely, the housing market in Oakville is known for its higher prices. The average price of a detached house in Oakville is around CAD 1.5 million, with varying costs depending on location and property size. Townhouses and condos are relatively more affordable, with average prices ranging from $600,000 to CAD 900,000. Rental prices in Oakville are also on the higher side. For instance, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Oakville ranges from $1,600 to CAD 2,000, while a two-bedroom apartment averages between $2,100 and CAD 2,500 per month. However, it’s important to note that rental prices can fluctuate over time.

The cost of utilities, including electricity, heating, water, and garbage services, can vary depending on the size of the residence and individual usage. On average, monthly utility expenses for a small apartment in Oakville can range from $100 to CAD 150. Also, Oakville has a well-connected transportation system, including public transit and major road networks. A monthly public transit pass in Oakville costs approximately CAD 135. If you own a car, you should consider fuel, insurance, parking, and maintenance expenses, which can vary depending on your usage and vehicle.

The cost of groceries in Oakville is generally in line with the national average. A typical monthly grocery bill for a family of four can range from $600 to CAD 900, depending on dietary preferences and shopping habits. Dining out at restaurants can vary significantly based on the type of establishment and meal choice, with an average meal for one person ranging from $15 to CAD 40.

A person working with a laptop
You will have good job prospects in Oakville

The job prospect in Oakville

Oakville offers favorable job prospects due to its strong economy and diverse industries. The town has a relatively low unemployment rate, which is approximately 5.1%. Job opportunities in Oakville span various sectors, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, finance, and professional services. Companies such as Ford Canada, Siemens, Walmart Canada, and many others have a presence in Oakville, providing employment opportunities across different fields.

The salaries in Oakville tend to be competitive, reflecting the town’s economic strength. For instance, professionals in the healthcare sector, such as doctors or nurses, can expect higher salaries compared to the national average. Similarly, individuals in engineering or technology-related roles may enjoy above-average compensation due to the demand for their skills. Overall, Oakville’s thriving economy and diverse industries offer promising job prospects, competitive salaries, and career growth and development opportunities.

Things to do in your free time

Oakville offers a variety of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. With its beautiful waterfront, visitors can enjoy scenic walks along the shores of Lake Ontario or explore the picturesque harbors. The town is also known for its numerous parks and green spaces, providing opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. Art and culture enthusiasts can visit the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, which hosts various concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions. Additionally, Oakville features charming downtown streets lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes, offering a vibrant atmosphere for shopping and dining experiences. Whether you’re interested in nature, arts, or leisurely pursuits, Oakville provides diverse options to explore and enjoy.

A person packing a moving box
Prepare well and enjoy your move

Enjoy your move to Oakville

Oakville presents a desirable living destination with its safe environment, excellent education system, natural beauty, strong economy, and vibrant cultural scene. Before moving to Oakville, engaging in thorough preparation and research is important. This includes checking the reliability of moving companies, assessing the cost of living, and exploring job prospects. Additionally, packing on time and having a stress-free move can help ensure a smooth transition and an enjoyable experience in Oakville. Take the time to prepare and gather relevant information, get a free estimate from different companies, make informed decisions, and fully embrace the benefits and opportunities Oakville offers.

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