How to Prepare Your New Toronto Home for Aging in Place

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Okay, so you’ve bought a new home in Toronto, or are planning to buy one. And the next question is how to prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place. But before moving on to the topic, we will clarify what “Aging in place” means. It’s a term used to describe the lifestyle of our oldest people, who decide to bypass nursing homes, but spend the rest of their lives in their homes and live the way they want. Therefore, if you choose to do this, you must prepare your new home before moving into it. Preparation means improving efficiency, facilitating movement, and much more. And also, moving and storage Canada companies can take care of your move to Toronto. So, below we will reveal some useful ways to prepare your home!

Are You Sure of Your Decision?

If you have decided to age in place, then there is one thing. You must be sure that you have made the right decision. Think, talk to your family. Consider your wants and needs, and the pros and cons of aging in place. And also, think about whether you will be able to be alone in your home or whether you still need help around the house, or perhaps health care. Also, consider the nursing home option. If you are not interested in these options, then aging in place is the right decision for you. And one more thing, there are many older people who are moving from Toronto to Ottawa, mostly because of cheaper living in Ottawa, which is 18% higher than the national average, while Toronto is 66% more expensive than most cities in North America. So, think again and make the final decision!

Senior aging in the place
Think about how you would like to spend the rest of your life and prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place

Another important thing you need to be sure of is whether you really want to live in Toronto. Is this city a place that will provide you with a quality life and safety, we believe that it’s. First of all, there are many advantages for the elderly in this city, such as health care, places on public transport, and the elimination of queues in supermarkets. But, in addition, citizens of the province of Ontario, of which Toronto is the capital, have various benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, Ontario Drug Benefit, Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, and many more. So, Toronto moving can be considered an ideal choice. But, think about whether you are safe for aging in place.

Tips for Buying a Home for Aging in a Place

Preparing your home for aging in place can take time. And what you need the least at this moment is to spend your days arranging your new home and welcoming the masters, cleaning up the mess, and the rest. That is why we and our long distance movers Toronto have decided to give those who haven’t yet bought their new home in Toronto a few useful tips to help them do so. That way you will save time and money. So, take a look at our tips for buying a home for aging in the place, and then we’ll move on to the main topic!

  • Choose a convenient and accessible location
  • Find a one-story house
  • Pay attention to electrical installations and arrangement

These three tips will be of great use to you, so don’t forget them!

Why do you need to choose a convenient and accessible location when your new Toronto home for aging in place?

When you buy your home, it’s very important to make sure it’s in a good location. What is important is that it’s in the immediate vicinity of all the locations you visit every day. For example, close to parks for recreation and walking, local shops and supermarkets, as well as close to health facilities, pharmacies, etc. Also, it would be ideal if there was a bus stop near your home to make it easier for you to get to the city center or other nearby places. When we talk about your home, it would also be ideal to buy a house that is close to the street. These are some of the first factors to consider when you prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place.

Toronto city
Toronto is a perfect place for your new home!

In Toronto, you can find several ideal neighborhoods for seniors, retirees, and older people. So, we recommend you consider  Humber Valley Village, Bayview Village, Guildwood Village, and Willowdale. Here you can find one-story houses, apartments, and bungalows.

Why is a one-story house a good choice?

You must have asked why a one-story house. The answer to this question is simplicity. Light movement. If you choose a one-story house, it will be easier to move through it. Because you will reach the age when climbing the stairs will be a big obstacle for you. If you plan to live alone, then a one-story house is the best option. Also, it’s ideal to find a house that doesn’t have transitions from room to room and thus facilitates movement for people who move with the help of a walker or wheelchair. But, if you choose a house with two or more floors, make sure that it has one room on the ground floor.

One-story house for aging in the place in Toronto
We advise you to find one-story houses because climbing the stairs every day can be a big challenge for the elderly.

Important things you need to pay attention to when buying your new home

When buying a house in a new and unknown city, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to the prices and make sure it fits your budget. Then a home inspection is necessary. Because there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to in order to avoid rebuilding repairs, extensions, etc. later on. First, make sure that the electrical installations are correct, and that all the plugs and all the lights are working. Next, inspect the plumbing and make sure there are no leaks anywhere. It’s important to inspect the doors and windows, to check that everything is working perfectly. These are some of the things that can be a waste of your money, so check them out!

How to Prepare Your New Toronto Home for Aging in Place?

So, if you have already bought your home, it would be important to do a home inspection before you move in. And in that way, you will understand what you need to fix in your new home, as well as whether everything is working perfectly. When it comes to moving and moving in, you can always count on moving services Toronto. But, before you move into your new Toronto home for aging in place, you need to prepare it so that you can live in it without renovating or remodeling it for the next few years.

Young people renovating home for their parents
If you don’t want to deal with the preparation and other work, leave it to the younger members of your family.

We’ll get straight to the point, and reveal some useful tips for preparing your home for aging in place:

  • Refresh your entire home
  • Redesign the bathroom
  • Customize the kitchen
  • Create a functional bedroom
  • Pay attention to details

Refresh your new home in Toronto

Refreshing your new home involves painting, as well as if the floors need to be replaced. If you want to prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place, we advise you to use colors that get less dirty. For example, you can use pastel colors, baby pink, apricot color, ocher, light brown, light green blue, etc. Also, avoid dark colors. When it comes to floors, make sure they aren’t slippery. The best option is a floor made of bamboo wood, as well as rough tiles. And of course, don’t forget to remove the thresholds.

Redesign the bathroom in your home for aging in place

When it comes to the bathroom or toilet, it must be functional. You have to bypass the tub because for the elderly, entering it can be a big obstacle. It’s important to place auxiliary handles next to the sink, in the shower cabin, and next to the toilet. Also, these three things should have easy access. Avoid preparing rooms with auxiliary cabinets and shelves. Put only what is necessary for the bathroom.

Bathroom in new Toronto home for aging in place
If you prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place, make sure that the bathroom is a functional room that will meet everyone’s needs.

Customize the kitchen to your needs

The kitchen is the place where most of the time is spent. Today’s trend is to have the kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same room, so you can follow it. And in that way, you will go to another room only when you need the bathroom or go to bed. Also, furniture movers Toronto can help you to move furniture from your old house. When it comes to the kitchen, choose a universal size and height so that the kitchen can be adapted to everyone’s needs. We also suggest that you choose drawers instead of doors on the kitchen elements. And of course, a non-slip floor and a fire alarm are mandatory.

Create a functional bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, avoid a lot of decoration details and the like. All you need is one spacious bed, bedside table, lamps, and a large wardrobe with sliding doors for functionality and easy movement. Make sure that the bed is in the middle of the room, as well as that there is at least 1m of free space on the sides between the walls and the bed. For easy access. Avoid carpets next to the bed to avoid slipping. And also, it’s useful to have a phone charger, several sockets, and a lamp next to the bed. Of course, you can place a TV in your room, but the advice is to hang it on the wall. With the help of packing service Toronto all these items you can move from your old home. And that way you can also save money!

Bedroom in Toronto home for aging in place
The bedroom must be spacious and functional to facilitate your movement.

The details you need to pay attention to

There are other details that should be paid attention to when preparing your new Toronto home for aging in place. For example, older people like to read. That’s why you should have a lamp next to your favorite place for reading, or make sure that there is enough light in your home. Avoid dark curtains and drapes and let light into your home. Also, connections for internet, cable, and other things should be in one place and clearly marked. If you don’t understand these things work, the younger members of your family can take care of it.

Old woman in wooden house
Make sure that your new Toronto home for aging in place has everything you need for a carefree life.

Also, one of the details that you must pay attention to during the move is packing. You will certainly want to move some of your valuables, as well as to have everything meticulously and properly packed. That’s why we offer you useful moving supplies Toronto. We offer quality moving and packing supplies as well as the safety of your belongings during the move to your new Toronto home.

Moving to Toronto Can Be a Good Decision

Toronto is considered a city for all generations. Its accessibility and all that it can offer for a comfortable life are one of its main characteristics. So, if you chose Toronto to grow old in, you made the right decision. And also, we hope that our tips to prepare your new Toronto home for aging in place were of great help to you. Also, the Senior Toronto guide can help you enjoy life in this city.

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