3 things to remember when moving with a cat

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It is time to move again and as you already know, there is a rough road ahead. You must organize, pack, and find Canada movers that will transport you safely to your new home. On top of it all, you are moving with a cat which brings another player into this story and a few additional tasks you must cover. In some situations, the whole relocation can shift and revolve around the pet. So, to avoid such a situation and make it a lot easier for you, let us provide a small guide on how to make your life a bit easier when moving with a cat. Let’s take a look.

Try to find a pet-friendly moving company when moving with a cat

For such an endeavor, you surely must plan ahead. The biggest problem is to find a pet-friendly moving company that will take care of your pet adequately. The first question is, do you have all the equipment for transporting a pet or you will rent everything from your movers. Then, can you trust them with your animal? Are they licensed physicians or they will simply take the cargo and load it into the moving truck? There are many questions you must find answers to before hiring condo movers Toronto.

A guy in a moving van
Not all moving companies are pet-friendly. Find one that is and make arrangements.

Therefore, for starters, go online and find a few highly rated pet-friendly moving companies. Then check their website and compare prices, reviews, and services. Of course, focus on pet moving assistance and if possible, read a few social media posts in related groups. Just to make sure that moving with a cat is possible with a said moving company. Finally, if you like what you see, contact your long distance movers Toronto and check if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to perform this task. Communicate with the moving representative and find the best solution to transport your pet safely.

Or a pet-friendly transporting service

If you can’t find small movers Toronto that fit your needs or you simply do not have the budget to cover the service, then you can try with one of the pet transporting services. You can use regular moving services to transport your belongings and another company to transport your cat safely. It is another way to balance between the two and still manage to complete both tasks.

On the other hand, if you have a stretching moving budget you can do whatever you want. You can purchase premium moving services and full-service transport for your cat only. The only thing your cat needs is a glass of champagne and a cool pair of glasses.

Leave it with a friend or at the pet hotel

And the last resort when moving with a cat is to leave your cat at the pet hotel or with a friend. This way you will reduce costs and simply come back with your vehicle once the dust settles in. Also, your cat won’t have to endure all the moving stresses. Unlike dogs and some other exotic pets, cats can suffer great trauma, moving anxiety, and moving depression. You surely do not want to wait for months to get your old pet back. Hence, consider excluding it from the moving process entirely and simply pick it up later.

a girl moving with a cat
You can leave your cat with a friend or at the pet hotel until relocation is over.

Now take things into your hands when moving with a cat

Now, let us cover those 3 things you shouldn’t forget when moving with your precious cat. The first one is the transport with your personal vehicle. If you intend on transporting your cat with your car, you must cover a few things first. Feed your cat a couple of hours before you begin your journey to avoid vomiting. Of course, you will use a cat carrier that will be on the seat next to you. If you put it on the back seat, make sure it is tied from both sides and nicely secured. Also, keep the temperature inside the car bearable for you and your pet. We will add a few more to the list so consider the following:

  • For longer trips bring a litter box, food, and water. Make breaks to use those adequately.
  • Never put a carrier in a cargo holder or a car trunk.
  • Talk to your cat and try to distract her in case she becomes unsettled.
  • Bring favorite toys and place them inside the carrier.

Adapt your new place to suit your cat’s needs

Cats won’t adapt easily. Yes, your home is full of packed stuff with their smell but it is all shuffled and packed and tumbled around the place. Home is new though. And your cat will sniff around and try to find its way through the new chaos. But the most probable scenario is that your cat will hide somewhere and you won’t be able to find it for a while. She will come out eventually when all the ruckus is gone and energies calm down.

A cat in the basket
You must adapt a corner or a place where your cat can feel safe.

Meanwhile, you should find a nice and secluded room to set up a blanket, toys, feeder, and all her toys to make it look like home. A nice cave just for her so she can feel safe to be there while adapting. You can even do this the day before the move, or as soon as you arrive with the moving truck. Just remember to close this room.

And your backyard as well

Now, this is a tricky one and probably the most important one. Neither you nor your cat knows the neighborhood well enough to explore it straight away. You must be careful here and introduce yourself day by day until you figure out how many dogs there are. And other pets as well. So, you must work with this one closely and slowly until your pet is ready to visit the backyard.

Now you know how to handle the whole situation when moving with a cat. There are several solutions and you will have to make the final choice depending on your budget. Hopefully, we provided enough info to reduce the stress on your cat and help you relocate your pet safely. Good luck and have a safe journey.

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