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Organizing and executing a move flawlessly is not an easy task, no matter how experienced you may be. There are so many things that you will have to do from hiring one of the quality moving companies such as these Canada movers, to planning the packing schedule, to choosing the perfect moving date, that it may seem that moving is just a one huge stressful mess. However, it does not have to be like that. The trick is in approaching the whole process as a series of smaller tasks. By doing each task to the best of your abilities, you will not have too mich trouble. One of these tasks is packing your belongings, and each room requires its own special attention. Packing your pantry is one of the potentially more delicate rooms to deal with, so here is a couple of useful tips for you.

Inventory the pantry

When you are planning a move, it is important to do it in the most organized way possible. The best way to do this with your belonging is to create an inventory list. They are particularly useful tools when planning a move because you can use them to organize the entire packing process much more effectively. So, before you start packing the pantry, make a list of all the items you have here. You can then classify them into the following categoriesSave, Throw away and Use. Depending on the specific context of your situation, you can add the Give away category. Maybe your parents are nearby and there is some food that you want to give to them, or maybe to your neighbors.

When packing your pantry for relocation, inventory list is very useful
Inventory the pantry before you start planning the packing process

When to start packing your pantry?

Timing for starting with the packing process is really important. The moving date can be days, weeks and months away, and many aspects of the move can depend on that. That is why careful planning of the whole moving process is key. This is particularly apparent when talking about food. For most of the items in the pantry, a couple of days earlier will be enough. But not for all. That is why the previous step is really important. You should create the inventory list around a month before the moving day. That way you will have a clear picture of when you want to start packing.

What are the items you want to keep?

While we talked about categories in the section regarding the inventorying, you will ultimately divide the contents of the pantry on whether you will keep them or not. So what are the items to keep?

cans on metal shelves
Canned goods are easy for relocating
  • Canned goods – The clear no-brainer here is that canned goods are to be kept. The only important thing to keep track of is the expiration date. Check this for all the canned goods you have, and they are practically good to go. Just bear in mind that canned goods can be super heavy, so don’t expect to put all of them into one, single carton box because that box will tear. And it will be really heavy in case.
  • Cooking ingredients – Spices, flour, sugar, salt, etc, are all easily transported and then later used again. Just make sure that you pack them safely so that they do not spill during the move You can also pack them with the cans as they do not usually add that much weight.
  • Any unopened food and condiments – This food, like canned goods, just needs to be packed properly and that is it. You probably won’t need more than one box for them.

What items should you get rid of?

Food that you keep in jars and already opened packages are clear candidates for either throwing them away or giving them away. The food that requires freezing or refrigeration you can only save if you are moving locally. Otherwise, you will either need portable freezers or you will have to get rid of them. However, you should ask yourself whether it is worth the trouble. Donating food to food banks, or giving them to a neighbor or a friend, or a family member, is probably the much easier way to go about this. Or simply plan to eat this risky-for-moving food in the week preceding the moving day.

filled jars
Salt and sugar are great examples of condiments you can transport without worrying about their state afterward

Pro tip: Remember to hire movers and to hire them as soon as possible

As we have mentioned above, hiring a quality moving company such as long distance movers Canada offers is one of the most important parts of planning a move. The impact that having professional movers by your side during a move can have on its efficiency cannot be overestimated. They are trained professionals who know how to deal with all the potential challenges that relocating one’s home brings. However, a lot of people think that their job is just a simple “loading boxes, driving them to the designated location, unloading boxes there” thing to do. That is just not true. Firstly, each of these tasks carries various side tasks that need to be handled. As experienced movers, they will know how to handle those quicker and more effectively than you.

Secondly, moving companies offer many other moving services besides just those stated above. The moving industry has evolved with the world around and they can now help you move an office with all the devices that can be found there, as well as help out with packing your pantry and the rest of your belongings. Considering all of this stated above, it is no wonder that moving companies are often booked months in advance. This is especially true during the summer when it is peak moving season. Choosing the perfect moving date is thus much harder when you want to book movers just two weeks before the desired date. Calling as soon as you know when you want to move will give you more options. Furthermore, you may save some money by getting an early discount.

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