How to pack fragile items to endure the long road

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Glassware, china, delicate decorations, musical instruments, and even electronics are among the most sensitive of your possessions. You surely know how easy it is for glass to shatter into pieces, or to have your precious porcelain plates chipped at the edges. When it comes to moving, how to pack fragile items and transfer them to your new place in one piece is a nerve-wracking question. To help you out, our experts at Professional Movers Canada will share a handful of easily digestible practical tips on the matter. It’s possible to move your fragile treasures over a significant distance undamaged. But, you’ll have to put the effort into packing them right. So, below you’ll find out all you need to know on how to pack breakables to endure the long journey ahead.

A tabby cat in a porcelain plate on a wooden shelve
To pack fragile items for moving and transport them safely, you’ll need to put the extra effort and handle them with care

Tips on how to pack fragile items when moving

Being concerned about the well-being of your brittle objects during a move is understandable. After all, it doesn’t take too much effort to damage these. A moment of inadvertence and your delicate vase is bound to end up with a nasty crack, or shattered into pieces even on an ordinary day. Hence, moving means you’ll have to handle breakables with extra care and attentiveness, to ensure you have them safely transferred to your new home. Your team of Midtown Toronto movers reveals the essential points to help you pack your fragile valuables like a pro, and ensure you receive them in your new home safe and sound. Divide and conquer is the way to go if you want to make it as easy as it can be. So, your fragile items packing task consists of 3 main parts, further explained in greater detail.

  • Packing materials
  • Packing techniques
  • Labeling

Gather quality packing supplies to ensure the needed protection

Using packing materials of good quality is essential to ensure your breakables remain intact on the long road. Your ideal option is to order professional-grade moving supplies Toronto from your mover. Not only will you get everything you need in one place, but you’ll also benefit from their pro guidance on what exactly you need for each particular item.

When you prepare to pack your fragile items, check if you keep any of the original packaging. This in itself is not enough for safe transport. However, the styrofoam sleeves that your crystal champagne glasses come with are a sure way to show some extra care. Besides, for the packing of breakable items, consider providing enough cushioning. In addition to new, sturdy boxes, ensure you get an ample supply of soft packing materials as well. Further, let’s see what packing essentials will you need to pack your delicate items.

Bubble wrap, packing tape and scissors
Quality packing supplies are essential for packing delicate objects

What packing materials will you need to pack fragile items?

No matter how much care and attentiveness you invest in packing your brittle items, the quality of materials you opt to use will make or break the deal. Therefore, prioritize using the most protective packing supplies to properly protect your items. Here’s a shortlist of essential supplies you should consider getting:

  • Specialized boxes – some of these are referred to as dish packs. They have built-in dividers and are made of thicker cardboard. The dividers ensure that the movement of the content in the box is limited during transportation. It’s possible to get these with specific dimensions fitted for your dishes or glassware. Dish packs do a great job of absorbing the shock of the bumpy ride.
  • Packing paper – is inexpensive, and it will protect your breakables from scratches and other surface damages. When you pack fragile items, use packing paper to wrap them in them, and to fill in the gaps in the box. Also, note that newspapers aren’t a good substitute for it. The ink may transfer on your items and therefore ruin them.
  • Bubble wrap – the plastic material and the airy bubbles provide the perfect cushioning for all breakable items.
  • Packing tape – to secure the layers of packing materials and seal and reinforce the boxes. Use a strong, durable tape that sticks well, instead of the flimsy one from the dollar shop. Trying to save on tape may cost you disintegrated boxes and broken items.

These are the staples you’ll need to effectively pack breakables. Of course, there are various other packing supplies that may come in handy. Think of a flat-screen TV box, or foam rollers and packing peanuts. Hence, talk to your mover, and ask for a suggestion on what packing supplies are the best to pack your specific delicate items for the move.

How to pack delicate items to endure the long road

Just thinking about the transfer of your fragile possessions is enough to make you dread your upcoming move. And understandably so, as some of these items may have been in your family for generations, or they are pricey and have a special meaning to you. The ideal way to ensure that they won’t sustain damages on the long road is to rely upon expert packing services Toronto. Pro packers will not only supply all the materials necessary but they will pack each item with corresponding expertise. However, if this isn’t within your budget, you’ll need to apply the right techniques and pack your brittles for a safe transfer.

Labeled boxes loaded in a moving vehicle
Apply the right packing techniques and label the boxes to have them prepared for the long road like a pro

A step by step packing guide for fragile items

If you’re packing your breakable valuables for the move yourself, take note of the following mini-guide. With this, you’ll ensure you’re rendering the necessary safety and protection to your extra sensitive items.

  • Secure the boxes by applying generous layers of packing tape across the bottom, to seal any gaps. Reinforce the seams and corners by taping them as well.
  • Layer the bottom of the box to make cushioning from soft packing materials, like bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Remove loose pieces such as lids, and treat them as individual items. To pack fragile items like a pro, fill in the hollows with packing paper.
  • Wrap each piece individually in packing paper or bubble wrap, and seal it with packing tape.
  • Pack like with like items, to make the unpacking easier later on.
  • Place the heaviest item on the bottom, and the lightest at the very top of the box.
  • Stuff empty spaces and corners with soft packing materials, again, packing paper or bubble wrap. Add a layer of these on top of the items.
  • Seal the box with few strips of packing tape, and ensure that it’s well secured from opening up.

Here it’s important to mention that smaller boxes are better for packing delicate items. Also, be generous with the packing materials, and use ample amounts of them to ensure good protection on the road.

The last step when you pack fragile items for moving – labeling

This may seem obvious but in the chaos of moving it’s the easiest to forget. So, once you’ve boxed in your fragile items, don’t forget to label the boxes. You can place a Fragile sticker on the outside of the box. This will let your movers know that they need to handle it with extra care. Or, use a labeling marker, and you can even write a brief list of the contents on the box. This will also make your unpacking a lot easier.

In summary, this is how to pack fragile items like a pro, to ensure they endure the stress of the long road.  So, follow our tips and enjoy a safe and smooth move to your new home. Good luck.

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