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Running out of supplies mid-packing is a real struggle many people face. But it’s fairly normal for people to miscalculate how much of what they need for a move, especially if this is their first time moving. Still, running out of supplies is not the best feeling in the world. At the very least, it’s very inconvenient. That’s why many people simply opt for a packing service Toronto residents recommend for being swift and reliable. But not everyone can or wants to pay someone else to pack their stuff. In that case, it’s best to invest time in the proper organization before beginning the packing process. That, of course, includes making a list of packing supplies. But that in itself is also not that easy. Sure, getting a few rolls of duct tape would likely be enough. But boxes are a bit trickier than that. So how many moving boxes do you need to pack all of your belongings comfortably? Let’s find out!

The amount of moving boxes you need will depend on what you have

It’s safe to assume that not everyone needs the same amount of moving boxes. For example, someone who was previously renting a tiny studio likely isn’t going to need the same amount of boxes as a large family moving out of a two-story house. That’s just common sense. Still, that doesn’t tell you much about how many boxes you, personally, will need to move your home comfortably. So to calculate accurately how many moving boxes, and other moving supplies Toronto has to offer you’ll need, it’s important to consider a few things.

A tidy living room.
Not every home will require the same amount of moving boxes!

The size of your home will impact the number of boxes greatly

A rule of thumb is that the bigger your home, the more boxes you’ll need. And even though that’s not completely true, it’s a decent starting point. Here, at Professional Movers Canada, we understand that larger homes often require more supplies. However, we are experienced enough to know that there are many other contributing factors that add to that not-so-simple calculation. That means that even though the size of your home plays a role in how many moving boxes you will need to pack your home, there’s still a lot more you have to consider before going shopping for supplies.

How many moving boxes do you need for a move? Well, the more people, the more boxes

The more people live in your home, the more boxes you’ll likely need for packing. Just imagine how many extra boxes you’d need to pack all of the clothes and toys for one child alone. And it’s the same for all other people who live under the same roof. But personal belongings are just one part of the equation. You also have to account for furniture in shared spaces, like the kitchen for example. It’s very likely that the more people live in the house, the greater the amount of furniture there’ll be. And let’s not forget other things like dishes and electronics. So to summarize, larger households will likely require more boxes. However, that’s not where the story ends either.

A family preparing dinner.
The more members your household has, the more boxes you’ll likely need!

Each room will require a certain amount of boxes

It’s safe to assume that you’ll need more moving boxes if you have more rooms. For example, a family that has a house without a game room or a home gym will require fewer boxes than a family that has one or both of those rooms. And even if the houses are the same size, the one with more rooms will likely require more boxes. All expert midtown Toronto movers know this to be true. But it also depends on what you keep in those extra rooms. If you just have a spare room with not much in it, it will likely require fewer boxes than an extra full-blown home office or guest room.

The more time you’ve lived in your current home, the more boxes you’ll likely need

If you’re constantly on the go, you likely don’t have that much stuff. No one would be crazy enough to carry a huge amount of belongings from place to place every six months or so. However, if you’re somebody who’s lived in the same house for decades, it’s very likely that you’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff. And that will significantly impact the number of moving boxes you’ll need for your relocation. Of course, decluttering before a move is always an option. That way you’ll be able to cut down on the number of moving boxes quite a bit.

Consider your lifestyle

Apps, websites, and other helpful tools, like a packing calculator, can be very useful when trying to figure out how many moving boxes you need for a move. However, nothing is as accurate as making an estimation yourself. One good way to do so is by evaluating your lifestyle. Are you a minimalist, someone who likes to keep it light, someone who likes to shop a bit, or an absolute hoarder? Think about the way you live or even go through your home, room by room, and examine their state. Are they all so cluttered? Or is there barely any stuff in them? Being honest about the way you live can be very helpful when trying to determine the number of boxes needed for packing.

A room furnished in a minimalist style.
How many moving boxes do you need to pack a minimalist home? Well, not nearly as many as you’d need to pack a house furnished in a different style!

And finally, how many moving boxes do you need to pack your home? Now you have the tools to figure that out on your own

How many moving boxes do you need? Well, that’s not that easy for us to answer, but it can be very easy for you, knowing what you know now. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer in this case. Without enough information about a particular home, it’s pretty much impossible to make an estimation. Luckily, you know your own home well. Because of that, it’ll be super easy for you to take what you’ve learned today and make a pretty good estimation of how many moving boxes you’ll need to pack your home for relocation successfully.

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