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Relocating and adapting to a new city isn’t easy on anyone, especially children. If you’ve chosen Vaughan to be your new family nest, you are, consciously or not, already guiding your children to develop lifestyle habits that will support their good health for years to come. There are countless pros for families living in Vaughan, Ontario. From world-class amenities to an enhanced healthcare system to a vibrant living environment to booming economic opportunities. Vaughan has everything at your fingertips for both you and your family. However, as with any big change you make, you will have to assist and help kids adapt to Vaughan lifestyle. Depending on their age, you will have to do so with a different approach thus we have created a brief guide that will help ease your kids’ way into this transition. You are free to contact our movers Vaughan for further help with your move.

Vaughan site
Moving away can be especially difficult for children.

Announcing the move

You are probably excited about your move to Vaughan. And how can you not be excited? It is a great place to live. But know that your kids may not react the same way. Chances are, they know nothing or very little about moving and Vaughan and the different lifestyles. Don’t be surprised if your children react with sadness or anger. Your child might be loving their current home, they may have a strong bond with their friends or family. When they react this way, know that they are just afraid. Your job is to comfort them and let them know that everything is going to be okay. Don’t try to talk them out of their feelings but reassure them that even tho it does mean moving to a new school, that is not a bad thing. Emphasize that their whole family is going and that they won’t be alone.

Help kids adapt to Vaughan Lifestyle

If you can, might not be a bad idea to visit Vaughan with your kids before actually moving. The goal is to give them something that they can be excited about. If your child is old enough, let them plot the route with you and be the navigators. Take them to nearby parks and playgrounds of your new area and their new school. Even showing them some pictures would work. Plan some fun activities you can do together after the move. Talk to them about how they would like their new room to be and allow them to make choices. Involve them in the process. Let your kids be your little helpers. And if you need big helpers, movers York is yours for the asking. Here are some of the sites nearby Vaughan you can show them to get them excited:

  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Vaughan Mills
  • Snow Valley
  • Blue Mountain
The Blue Mountains of Canada
By letting them see their new environment, you are helping your kids adapt to Vaughan lifestyle quicker.

Create a moving book for your kids

This could also be a good way to break down the big news to your kids. You’ll need one notebook, a pen, and a few pictures and glue. Make your move a fairytale for them. Start with “Once upon a time there was a family that lived in an apartment…” and include your family picture. And then you can continue with “But one day daddy got a job in Vaughan and they moved across the country far away” or something along those lines. You get the point. And add a photo of the map, or you moving in your car or on a plane. You should end the story with photos of the things you’re looking forward to. For example, making pancakes in your new home together, their new room, etc. You can also add things to your book as you go and create new memories in Vaughan.

Keep up with the routine

This isn’t the time for making additional changes in your child’s life. You should do one thing at a time. If you thought this would be a good time to transition your toddler from a crib to a bigger bed, we would advise you not to do it now. Keep as many of the things as they were. Let them know what to expect, but also give them some control. Let them participate in every decision and let them pack their stuff alone. Reassure them that all of their toys and beloved blankies or such things are going with them as well. If you are having trouble fitting everything in your boxes and suitcases, you can contact packing service Toronto for help.

Help your kids stay in touch

Your kids will of course experience some nostalgia after the move. They might even be experiencing that feeling for the first time. Moves are often overwhelming, both mentally and physically. Leaving the only place they’ve ever known can be terrifying for children. They might start expressing those emotions even as soon as starting to say goodbye to their friends and their old class. It is important to let them know that they can still visit them from time to time. Encourage them to write letters and do skype calls with their friends. If they are acting awkward on the call, just let them play a game online with their friend. At the same time, you need to explain to them that they are allowed to make new friendships too. You can visit Vaughan’s recreation services and enroll them in a sports club where they will meet many kids. In only a year or so, they’ll have moved on emotionally and form new friendships.

Mom helping kids adapt to Vaughan lifestyle
It is important to stay in contact with your kids’ friends’ parents after the move.

You will certainly be required to help kids adapt to Vaughan lifestyle. However, living in Vaughan will benefit your children in many ways. They will be able to lead much healthier and fruitful lives. It may be hard, but children do recover and set down new roots in a new community. The earlier they learn how to adapt to new places and new cultures the better. If you need any further advice, please visit Professional Movers Canada to avoid having any major problems when settling in your new home.

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