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Toronto, with a population of nearly 3 million, is the most populous city in Canada. It’s also the capital city of Ontario province and the center of business, culture, arts, and music. Before the pandemic, over 40 million tourists visit this beautiful city each year. It’s good to know all those facts, but they are not gonna help if you looking for a new home. It’s obvious why living there is on a bucket list for many people. All of them are wondering how to find a suitable living space in Toronto. When you eventually find one, Professional Movers Canada will help you with the moving phase.

Necessary preparations for finding a suitable living space in Toronto

If you are planning to move to Toronto, we recommend starting preparations on time. When we say on time, that means at least two months before the actual move. The reason for that is high competition for real estate in Toronto. You need to be ready to move the same day you find a suitable place. The best solution will be to hire moving services Toronto. They will help you a lot in the process of moving into your new home.

How the pandemic impacted the real estate market in Toronto

Finding a suitable place to live in Toronto during the pandemic was easier

Before the pandemic, Toronto was one of the most expensive cities in the world. The prices for renting an apartment were extremely high. During the pandemic, the prices plummeted. People were moving out of the city from the fear of getting infected. This provided an opportunity to find suitable living space in Toronto. Might just be the only positive thing that happened during the pandemic.

Explore the possibilities

There’s a lot of ways to research real estate in a certain city. With technology evolving each day, it’s never been easier. The most convenient way of finding what you need is the internet. There’s an abundance of sites online that offer these services. Some of the most popular ones are, TorontoRentals, and Rentfaster. Apart from that, you can find more information on Facebook groups and other social media platforms. Having friends and family in Toronto can also be a huge help. Their insight can assist you in making a correct decision.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a place to live

Choosing the best place to live is not always an easy decision. It’s necessary to think about all the factors that will make your life easier. Once you get multiple options, it’s easy to compare, but which are the factors you should keep in mind? How to find the best place to live? Many would say this is individual to each person and it depends on lifestyle. There are however a few factors that always impact the real estate price. They are equally important to everyone, regardless of age, occupation, and marital status.

Important factors to take into consideration

The connection between living expenses and salary income

One of the first factors is a connection between living expenses and salary income. It’s the key to leading a successful life. In case you already have it resolved, the next thing to keep in mind is a good location and a fine neighborhood. Your new living space should be relatively close to the city center and with good connections to the rest of the city. This way you can get downtown in a few minutes. At the same time, it’s far enough away to avoid traffic jams and all the chaos. A quiet neighborhood includes a low rate of crime. It’s extremely important to pay attention to this when moving to a big city like Toronto. It’s not easy to monitor and protect everyone.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle when you find a suitable living space in Toronto

A suitable place should have a lot of greenery nearby. If possible, a recreation center or gym in the neighborhood will be ideal. Wide sidewalks for long walks and enough parking spots are good to have. You should consider all those minor, but very important things. If you ignore them, later you will regret it. With little effort and dedication, success in finding a suitable living space in Toronto is guaranteed.

Girl raising a hand in school
Make sure your kids get the education they deserve

Education institutions

And finally, regardless if you still don’t have your own family or even plan it soon, it will be convenient to have kindergarten and school nearby. The best in town and close to your new flat, if possible. Every parent’s dream is to have a respectable school with the best teachers for their child. Once you have your own family and a bunch of obligations, you will be more than satisfied to have a school like that in your neighborhood.

Settling down in Downtown Toronto

When people try to find suitable living spaces in Toronto, Downtown is often the first choice. That’s because in Downtown, everything you need and all institutions are usually nearby. However, Downtown is not easy on the wallet. You’re gonna have to be prepared to spend a larger sum. The prices of renting a one-bedroom apartment are ranging from $2000 to $2300 a month. Expenses grow significantly higher if you are moving with a family. Once you find an apartment that suits you and decide to move, movers Downtown Toronto will handle the rest.

Find a suitable place to live in Toronto downtown
Downtown, most attractive place to live in Toronto

Midtown Toronto

If downtown Toronto is a little bit too hectic for you, midtown might be what you are looking for. This is one of four districts outside the city’s downtown. It’s a cluster of neighborhoods comprised of Rosedale, Forest Hill, Deer Park, and Summerhill. Since the year 2000, this region has been undergoing a surge in commercial and residential development. If you decide to make Midtown Toronto your home, midtown Toronto Movers will help you move!

Final thoughts

There are a lot of things to consider when finding a suitable living space in Toronto. Make sure to take your time when making difficult decisions. Think ahead and remember the important things we mentioned in this article. Think of the little details that are, at the end of the day, immensely important. Good luck!

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