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You needed help with moving and that was the main reason you hired movers Ajax. And you hired them as they are skilled and professional movers. However, you may feel tempted to help your Ajax movers. Or you may be anxious about the safety of your belongings. In such cases, people tend to give advice. Or to walk around and ask unnecessary questions. One thing is for sure. That way you will not help them. On the contrary, you will only manage to disturb them. Instead, tell yourself that they are the team. And they know their place in the team and how to cooperate while moving your things. And how to achieve good results. But there are some other ways how you help your movers. 

Help your Ajax movers - man in blue denim jeans holding brown carboard box.
You may feel tempted to help movers.

Does it make sense to help your Ajax movers?

With all the packing and tossing things around, there could be some things still laying on the floor. It would not do any good to you or your movers if they step on unexpected obstacles. So, you can go around and check if all the paths are free. When they carry loads, they expect they can walk freely. So, by keeping the pathways clean, you will be of great help to them.

Also, in case they are asking you for a small help, do it. It may be to keep a door open for them. Or to open a window for some fresh air. They will be very grateful to you for those favors. And that will make them complete the moving job faster and safer. The bottom line, that is exactly what are you paying them for.

Be careful to keep the way for your movers free

By doing so, you will help your Ajax movers a lot. Instead of standing in the wrong places, just stay out of their way. When you see your movers carrying heavy items, remind yourself that they don’t need your help. If they do, and if they ask, help them. But, do only and exactly what they asked you to do. No more and no less. You may start to feel restless and not know what to do. In such a case, you can occupy yourself with some other things. Say, you can recheck your essential moving bag. That will help you to calm down. And it will help Canada movers to relax and do their job.

Take care that other family members don’t disturb the movers either

You may have pets and children in the household. Keep an eye on them. Playing, they could run into the movers and cause a problem. And, the last thing you need is to have a hurt child or a mover. So, take care to keep kids and pets in a separate room. It will make good for everyone’s safety. Also, in case you have seniors, keep them out of the movers’ path. The seniors are usually as curious as kids. So, they could just show up to ask something. Or to give their suggestions. To prevent that, you can give them a task. For example, send them for a walk. Or suggest that they could invite friends to a coffee shop to say goodbye.

A group of seniors sitting around the table and discussing.
Seniors could invite friends to a coffee shop to say goodbye.

If your movers ask, help them to navigate through your home

You have to be aware that your workers are carrying things in the area they are not familiar with. They might ask you to help them navigate while carrying heavy things. So, as you know you home well, that would be an easy task for you. If you notice that piled moving boxes could become an obstacle, warn them. It is better to lose a few minutes moving boxes to the other side, than having a disaster.

Before the moving day, make sure everything is ready for your Ajax movers

If you were planning your move well, everything should be ready for your Ajax movers. Basically, their job is to make a lot of lifting and carrying. And for sure, like any other modern household, you have a lot of electronics. So, you have hopefully hired the staff from packing services CA. And they hopefully prepared and packed your electronics for the moving day. As well as other items from your household.

How to pack electronics before the moving day?

Besides packing the household items, the people from packing services CA will also pack your electronics. Before they do, they will probably ask you to unplug all your electronics 24 hours prior to packing. Or they will send the experts team to make sure everything is unplugged correctly. They will also ask you to defrost your fridge so that they can pack it.

Moreover, the packing service can provide you with the right packing materials. This is very important for the safety of your goods. And especially if you don’t have the original casing for your electronics. When packing them, they will make sure that all cables are packed in the belonging boxes.

People are sitting around the table and eating.
Offer your movers some refreshments.

You can hire the packing services to prepare all your items for the moving day

You may decide to hire the packers only for electronics and do the rest of the packing yourself. However, you may hire them to pack all the rest of your possessions. That way, you can be sure that all your staff is packed properly. The most important is that you complete all packing preparations before the arrival of the long-distance movers Canada.

Prepare some refreshments for your movers

As they are moving a lot of things, and the heavy items, you can be sure that your movers will accept one help. Offer them some refreshments. That will give them a short break. Also, it will help them to regain strength. You can offer some snacks and juice, or coffee. By that, you will also show them how much you appreciate their efforts.

What else you can do on a moving day?

Besides already said, there are a few more things you should do. You don’t need to help your Ajax movers, but you can do checks. Always double-check all the premises. Even the best movers may overlook a few belongings. After your movers are gone, organize cleaning. It is always nice to leave your ex-home clean for new tenants. So, you can either do cleaning yourself. Or you can hire a specialized cleaning service to do it.

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