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When the subject of moving is on the table, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration. During this process, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy. Especially now with an ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, the risk of getting ill is much higher. You have to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick during your GTA move. It’s just as important to hire a moving company that follows all security measures and health protocols. Professional movers in Toronto have a lot of experience and will help you to move under any circumstance.

How to avoid getting sick during your GTA move

Moving can be a stressful and tiring process. You can get sick at any moment in time. While moving, you’re gonna find yourself making more contact with other people. This drastically increases the chance to get ill, especially during pandemics. There are certain rules to follow to avoid getting sick during your GTA move. Some of them are basic, but still important to remember. Perhaps you’ll find them useful.

Wear a mask

Unfortunately, in the last two years, we had to adjust to a certain way of living. Wherever we go, we should wear a mask and keep a safe distance. This rule remains the same while preparing for the move. Even if there is no pandemic, it’s still smart to wear a mask. It’s the first line of defense that will protect from viruses. Also, it will give you protection from dust and other harmful particles. When you hire a professional company, ask the movers to wear a mask and maintain at least 6 feet distance from them. If you’re moving to Ajax, a city in the Greater Toronto Area, movers Ajax will suit your every need.

Hands and face hygiene

The best way to avoid viral infections is to wash your hands and face. If you’re moving during cold and flu season, make sure to wash your hands often and thoroughly. When we say thoroughly, we mean that you wash them for at least 20 seconds. Using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is advisable. Providing paper towels and hand soap to the movers is also a great option. Avoid touching your face, especially if someone is coughing or sneezing nearby.

Proper ventilation will greatly help to avoid getting sick during your GTA move

By opening the doors and windows of your house you lower the chance of virus particles accumulating inside. Keeping the air moving ensures proper ventilation. Having movers inside your home increases the chance of getting sick, therefore it’s a great idea to keep windows and doors open at all times.

People holding bowls with food
Eat protein-rich food to avoid getting sick

Maintain immunity through proper nutrition during the move

One of the most important things is to preserve your health and immunity with proper meals. Especially in situations when you are constantly on the move and have no time for concrete dishes. The condition you will inevitably be in during the move requires enough protein, vitamins, and calories to function normally. Consumption of food, the quality, and quantity of ingested substances, will be reflected in how much you can achieve and how you feel. It can also help prevent viruses in time. When we talk about the importance of nutrition in preventing diseases, pay attention to this:

  • make a list of all groceries you’ll need, no matter if you moving alone or with the family
  • if you are not alone, you have to think about preferences in tastes and food balance
  • determine the exact amounts you will need for one meal
  • frappes are a great choice when you’re on the go!

Stay hydrated, rested and stress-free

Man drinking water to avoid getting sick during the GTA move
It’s important to drink water to stay healthy

Along with proper food intake, it’s necessary to stay hydrated and rested. Drinking enough water throughout the day is of utmost importance. This will allow your body to function normally.  Because of that, you should carry a bottle or two of water with you. Getting enough sleep will directly boost your immune system. Trying to keep up with all this will undoubtedly generate more stress. The way you fight this is to organize your time and make a plan.

Disinfect your moving vehicle

Another great way to avoid getting sick during your GTA move is to disinfect the moving vehicle. Usually, moving companies already have certain sanitation policies, but you can go a step further. When the truck arrives, you can clean surfaces yourself. Use the proper disinfects to clean keys, seatbelts, seats, door handles. Most bacteria are deposited in these places. Sanitizing these surfaces will give you some peace of mind and prevent you from getting sick. If you’re moving to Oshawa, which is a part of the Greater Toronto Area, make sure to hire movers Oshawa. They have incredible sanitation policies, so you won’t have to waste your valuable time cleaning vehicles by yourself.

Wear adequate clothing to avoid getting sick during your GTA move

Man wearing winter clothes
Wear warm clothes to avoid getting sick during your GTA move

When you’re moving during wintertime, it’s fundamental to dress accordingly. Cold weather makes you susceptible to catching a cold or flu. Scientists say that colder, drier weather makes it easier for germs to remain airborne and travel from one person to another. Infected people will likely stay inside closer to one another and pass these particles between them. So, don’t be afraid to go outside while you moving. Just make sure you wear warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, and gloves so you don’t freeze. If you’re moving to Aurora in the Greater Toronto Area, where is often very cold, movers Aurora got you covered.

Final thoughts

These days it’s very hard to stay safe and healthy. Covid-19 and its new variants are making it difficult to do any kind of activity or work. Moving is one of those activities, but often you can’t delay it. By following the rules above you will drastically increase your chances of not getting sick. Stay healthy and good luck!


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