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Moving can be a hassle, no matter the size of the work. The fact is, even if you are certain that you can do everything yourself, you may still need a lot of specific moving supplies. Some moving companies can even offer you moving supplies free of charge if you choose to move with them.  For example, by contacting Professional Movers Canada you can get the best quality moving supplies in Toronto alongside your other moving services. Nowadays you can usually order the supplies online and have them delivered to your location. When you are done packing your company will send somebody to come and pick up the empty boxes. So there’s no need to worry about waste or unused boxes, and you will still have control over your relocation. But if you’d still prefer to move on your own, here is what you need to know.

A pile of quality moving supplies in Toronto
Moving by yourself can be quite hectic and exhausting at times.

Moving supplies & moving equipment you might need

Depending on the size and type of your move, you may need more or less moving supplies. There are also many different kinds and types of moving supplies. Many people opt for second-hand moving supplies because it’s cheaper when in reality it will probably cost you more in the end. Quality moving supplies are a staple ingredient to any successful move. We doubt that you would want your items damaged and so would highly recommend avoiding using second-hand moving boxes. We recommend you contact moving supplies Toronto if you are on the lookout for quality moving supplies in Toronto.

Moving supplies

To get an idea of what you would want to get, we have made this list of essential moving supplies that you’ll need. Once you stock up on these, a great deal of your moving-related anxiety will evaporate. And if you’d like it completely gone, take a helping hand from our long distance Toronto movers and save your time and energy. One of the most hectic and stressful scenarios during a move is that your moving supplies start falling apart and your belongings end up scattered everywhere. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t go cheap on these. Here is a quick checklist of the most essential things you should pay the most attention to.

  • Moving boxes. Whether you need small, medium, large, or only a couple of basic wardrobe boxes, choose the sturdy ones. Most of your belongings will need to be put in a box, so invest in quality boxes. Cardboard moving boxes are better for the environment, but plastic ones are more durable. However, there’s quality cardboard on the market as well.
  • Packing tape. For building up and sealing your boxes, you should not use any kind of tape. It will require durable packing tape if you want all your belongings to stay intact during your move. Once again, quality is the way to go.
  • Cushioning. For cushioning, you don’t necessarily have to buy a lot of materials. You can buy some bubble wrap or packing foam for your most fragile items but you can also use your blankets, linens, or any other soft materials.
A young man wrapped in bubble wrap with a fragile label on it
Having the right moving supplies will ensure your peace of mind.

Moving equipment

To help you carry out the move successfully, you’re going to need quite a few additional items. Probably more than what’s in the toolbox that you have at home. Having all of these essentials on hand before and after moving day will make your life much easier and less stressful.  Even though many of these tools are smaller in size, they make a big difference when it comes to the ease and efficiency of a household move. If you don’t have these things, the cost at your local handyman store can add up. In case you change your mind and decide to hire movers, condo movers Toronto will have all of these on hand and you won’t have to lift a finger. Here is a quick checklist of all the tools you might find need:

  • Scissors
  • Multi-bit screwdriver
  • Laser level
  • Stud finder
  • Allen wrench
  • Hammer 
  • Tape measure
  • Command Strips
  • Furniture sliders
  • Box cutter
  • Label maker
  • Screws, nails, nuts, and bolts

Where to find quality moving supplies in Toronto?

Moving supplies can be found easily throughout the whole town. Every neighborhood in Toronto has at least a few hardware stores that have a variety of all kinds of moving supplies and moving equipment. Of course, there are a lot of online second-hand stores as well where you can get anything and everything for cheap, but we wouldn’t risk it if you have a lot of stuff that needs to be packed. Always choose quality over quantity. It’s much better to buy fewer boxes and use vacuum compression bags for your clothing than to have a lot of low-quality ones. Most stores in Toronto have online services, so you can simply order your supplies to your doorstep. The most popular one is probably The Home Depot Canada and it is also easily available throughout the city. If you use their app, you can also find some coupons for discounts.

Toronto landscape at night
Finding quality moving supplies in Toronto is not that much of a hassle as it would be in other parts of the country.

Gathering the right moving supplies, packing, and moving all by yourself a lot of takes time and effort. Having found top-quality moving supplies in Toronto will certainly help tho. We hope that our articles were able to help you in your moving process. Finding a reliable moving company can seem expensive and unnecessary at first, but your peace of mind should always be your top priority.  Professional Movers Canada can ensure you a hassle-free experience in no time. All you need to do is give us a quick call. You can rest assured knowing that with our moving assistance you are getting the best value of moving services. We strive to make our moving services affordable and efficient. Your first quote is always free and non-obligatory.

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