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Moving to a house with stairs might not look difficult. Until you start to do it. That is the moment when you realize that stairs can be dangerous. And that you had to prepare better. You should consider how many heavy and bulky items you have. Also, you should check if your corridors and staircase are wide enough. Since staircases are usually narrower, you should consider the ways of how to bring things upstairs without causing damages. You could have many friends ready to help you. However, if they were lacking the skills of professional movers Canada,  and proper equipment, they will hardly complete the task.

Distributing the weight of various items when moving to a house with stairs

Your house can have an arrow straight staircase. If so, the persons moving the items up or downstairs will have to hold it all the time in the same way. In case you have a winding staircase, the carriers will have to constantly adjust the way they are holding the item. Usually, they can easily distribute the item’s weight by tilting it to one or another side. If not balanced right, the item might suddenly get too much weight at one spot. It usually goes to one side of the item, causing carriers to lose a grip. And that is not what anyone would like to see. It will not only cause damages. It can easily end up with people sustaining injuries. Also, your staircase can have sharp turns. Moving and bulky items at such sports demand experience and skills.

Young couple carry moving boxes when moving to a house with stairs.
You can still carry light moving boxes.

Why it is good to hire movers to carry things on the stairs?

Are you moving to an upstairs apartment, or to a two-story house? Make sure to hire professional movers Toronto. There are two reasons for that:

  • They will know how to properly move every single piece of furniture you have
  • Movers have the proper equipment for this task

While you still can carry light moving boxes, moving furniture and heavy items is for the professionals.

You may still want to move the furniture upstairs yourself?

If you are resolute and sure that you can DIY, we can offer you some advice. The basic one is that moving the items upstairs is not depending on enormous physical strength. What you need are careful planning, proper handling, and the right equipment. In case you are not sure what equipment you need, consult with your long-distance movers Toronto.

Plan how to carry your items when moving to a house with stairs

Before starting anything else, make an inventory. See how much of your furniture need special handling when moving them on the stairs. Also, divide the furniture into three categories:

  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Furniture with sharp parts

Now, you have identified the demanding furniture. However, there are a few more preparations you have to complete.

Soles of the shoes of a person climbing upstairs.
Always wear close-toed shoes with anti-slip soles.

Measure the staircase and all furniture pieces before moving to a house with stairs

Measure the height and the width of every single piece of furniture. After that measure the stairs width and height of the ceiling above. All those measures will determine how you are going to haul them upstairs. Also, make sure to remove all paintings that are eventually hanging on the wall alongside the staircase.

Consider the material of the staircase

The way of moving furniture on stairs also depends on the material of which the stairs are made. You may have a wooden or marble staircase. Or it could be fully covered with carpet. In all cases, you have to protect it, as well as a banister, before you start moving furniture.

Dimensions and shape of furniture will decide the way you carry it on stairs

Knowing the dimensions and shape will help you to decide should you keep furniture vertically, or horizontally. Or maybe it is better to stand it on end. Whatever position is safer for carriers and furniture, apply it.

Finding the right equipment for moving to a house with stairs

With the right equipment, moving to a house with stairs will be faster and easier. Also, with all those tools, you will need less strength. It will help you protect the furniture and staircase. And it will diminish the possibility of sustaining injuries. Such equipment is:

  • hand truck or utility dolly – this is a wheeled dolly that is designed to carry a heavy piece of furniture. As well, it is easy to roll up and down the stairs. And this dolly you can easily turn around the corners.
  • stair climbing dolly – it is specifically designed for stairs. It can be manual or battery-operated.
  • moving straps – they are allowing you to carry much bigger weights. It is also preventing the misshape of some furniture pieces, like mattresses. When using the moving straps, the stronger person should always be on the bottom side. That is because the weight is more distributed towards the lower side.

When carrying furniture, always wear close-toed shoes with anti-slip soles and work gloves. Also. always wear comfortable clothes.

Anonymous person pressing lift button.
In case your condo building has an elevator, use it.

Few more things to complete before moving to a house with stairs

Before your start moving, make sure to disassemble the furniture. Also, take drawers out. All this will make your furniture lighter, thus easier to maneuver. Protect the staircase using neoprene stair runners, non-slip drop cloths, and old blankets or rugs. Also, wrap the banisters with some old blankets and fasten them with tape.

If moving to a condo building, talk to a manager

In case your condo building has a freight elevator, ask the manager to use it. If not, see if you can reserve using the ordinary elevator for some time. Some elevators are too small for your furniture. In that case, condo movers Toronto will have to use the staircase. But don’t worry. They know how to move furniture regardless of conditions. Whatever they use, your furniture will safely be moved into your condo apartment.

Moving furniture upstairs on your own is possible, but there is the easier way

If you and your friends were not moving heavy furniture upstairs before, consider hiring professionals. Regardless of the tips on how to move when you have stairs, you don’t possess the experience and necessary knowledge. So, letting the professionals do this part of the job is wise. And will spare you of headache. And most probably the additional costs for damaged furniture and staircase. So, when moving to a house with stairs, think about making it in an easy way. The bottom line, hiring movers is much cheaper than having to repair damaged things.

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