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If you think that movers will be okay with moving all your things, you are mistaken. There are a lot of things that movers won’t move for various reasons. But mainly for their and your safety, and the safety of your belongings which they will be moving. So before hiring professional movers Canada you should know what the things that movers won’t move are. That way you can prepare and make a plan of what to do with those things. And whether you will move them yourself, or leave them behind somewhere.

One of the things that movers won’t move is food

Since they can’t keep the food cool during the move, food is one of the things that small movers Toronto won’t move. So you need to figure out what to do with the food from your fridge and freezer. If you can’t eat it all in time, you can always take it to a food bank, where it will be much appreciated.

Woman looking in the refrigerator
Make sure that you figure out what to do with your food before the move

All hazardous items

Most of the moving companies have a list which they can give you, or which you can find on their website, of hazardous things they won’t move. And while most of these things are obvious, some are not. Make sure to check the list when you hire Midtown Toronto movers to help you with the move. Here are some of the things movers won’t move:

  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Matches
  • Nail polish remover

Your movers also won’t move valuables

A lot of moving companies won’t move high-value items, things like cash, expensive jewelry, and art. Especially if you purchased full-value protection, since then they would have to pay the full value of the thing that gets lost or damaged. So before you call packing service Toronto to pack your things for the move, figure out how you are going to move your valuables. Another thing that you shouldn’t let movers handle, and that you should move are important documents and things of sentimental value, you should move those yourself so that there is no risk of them getting lost during the move.

Man packing a box of valuables which movers won't move
You need to be careful when packing and moving your valuables


Your movers won’t move some plants. It depends on the type of move you are having, if it is local or interstate, due to regulations moving plants interstate can be complicated. But if you are moving locally, you are best off moving the plants yourself. Just make sure that you protect them properly and that you know how to move plants because they are very sensitive and need to be handled carefully if you don’t want them to die. If you are going to let movers move the plants, then make sure that they have experience with moving plants. And let them know far ahead of the move so they can prepare to pack and move the plants properly.


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