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Moving a household is a process you can never get used to doing. It would be expected for it to get easier over time, but it gets even more difficult. Usually, the reason for this is the fact that you have more belongings that have accumulated, and each time you need more boxes and other moving supplies. However, you at least know the procedure well and you know that you need to contact a reliable moving company, such as Professional Movers Canada to help you with your relocation. On the other hand, if you are moving for the first time, there are even more tasks waiting for you. The first one is to decide where you want to go. If your decision means moving to Gananoque, you are in the right place. Keep reading and find out everything about this town before you relocate.

What are some basic facts you need to know before moving to Gananoque?

The first important thing you need to know about Gananoque before you decide to relocate there is the location, of course. Gananoque is located in Ontario, but to be more precise, it is in the Leeds and Grenville area. If we want to be even more precise, it is between Toronto and Montreal. Actually, it is halfway through. It is a small time that is easy to walk from one end to another. It covers a surface of only 7.03 square kilometers, and it has 5 thousand and 200 residents. Its location is also great because it is in proximity to the USA and it is near Kingston.

A house in a small town
Moving to Gananoque means having affordable housing costs.

The cost of living in Gananoque

Gananoque is one of the most affordable places in Ontario, and in Canada in general. As such, it is a great place to call home, especially if you enjoy living in smaller areas. The cost of living can be more than a reason enough to contact reliable movers Gananoque ON and relocate to this place. We have gathered all the data concerning the cost of living in this town for you. Just keep reading and decide how to plan your budget before you start organizing your relocation and moving to Gananoque.

The overall cost of living index in Gananoque is 84. Only the fact that the average cost of living index is below 100 is enough to tell you that this town is pretty affordable, and that is less expensive than the average living costs in Canada. However, you may be surprised to find out that it is actually much more affordable than Ontario itself, which has general living costs index of 111. In addition to that, goods and services are also more affordable in Gananoque than in Ontario, and they are 105 compared to 107. Transportation and utilities costs are also more affordable in this town. In Ontario, the cost of transportation is 104, while in Gananoque these costs have an index of 100. The situation is similar with the utilities. They have an index of 107 in Gananoque and 119 in Ontario.

The housing costs in Gananoque

The biggest difference when it comes to comparing the living costs between Gananoque and Ontario is seen when it comes to housing costs. Namely, the housing costs in Ontario are 120. That is not much more expensive than Canada’s average when we take everything into consideration. However, when we know that the housing costs in Gananoque are 39, more than 4 times lower, the difference is significantly noticeable.

A key in the keyhole after moving to Gananoque
The only downside to living in Gananoque is the fact that there aren’t enough houses

We have already said that Gananoque is near Kingston. So, many people are commuting to work from one place to another, or they eventually decide to relocate from one town to the other. Just to compare, and for you to realize even more how affordable Gananoque is, you need to know that the cost of living index in Kingston is 53. So, if you live in Kingston, but you want an even smaller and even more affordable place, you should contact one of the Kingston moving companies and start preparing your relocation to Gananoque.

Renting and buying costs in Gananoque

Another piece of good news before you move to Gananoque is the fact that renting and buying property prices are more affordable than almost anywhere in Ontario. For example, the median home price of an average home in Gananoque is $239,800. For a house of the same price, you would have to pay $349,900 in Kingston. Also, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1000, while the same apartment would cost $1,168 in Kingston.

If you think these price differences are enough to decide to relocate there, we advise that you look into Kingston moving services, because you will find everything you need. Usually, for a good relocation, more than one moving service is needed. It doesn’t matter if the places are not far away, as in the case of Kingston and Gananoque. For a flawless move, don’t hesitate to combine more services and get exactly what you wanted. However, there is one thing to pay attention to when it comes to moving to Gananoque. It is an affordable town. But, the real estate market isn’t among the most competitive ones, because it is small.

Girl holding money
Affordability is the biggest advantage of Gananoque

The most interesting things to do after moving to Gananoque

One of the most interesting places you can visit in Gananoque is the Thousand Islands Playhouse theatre. It has two theatres located on the banks of the St. Lawrence river and that is what makes it special. Of course, the fact that it is between Toronto and Montreal is also helpful. More things you can visit and do in Gananoque include:

  • Joel Stone Heritage Park and Splash Pad,
  • 1000 Islands History Museum,
  • Gan Brewing Company.

Even though it is a small town, you can never run out of things to do in Gananoque.

Don’t hesitate to move to Gananoque

Since it is a small town, the most important things you need to know before moving to Gananoque are connected to the costs of living. We hope that with our guide, you are completely ready to relocate and do some of the amazing things there.

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