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Moving has become a global phenomenon in the last few years. People want to start a new life in another place with better opportunities. Mississauga is one of the common places where people move in Canada. It is a place with lots of good things and it is definitely worth it to move to Mississauga in 2023. Of course, we will give you some information that will persuade you to do so if you are still undecided. After that, all you need are good and reliable movers Mississauga who can give you what you want. So, make sure you are making the right decision about relocating to Mississauga in 2023. Here is what you should know!

The location

One of the best things about Mississauga is its strategic location. When talking about Ontario, most people think of Toronto. However, Toronto is a mega city and there are many downsides to living here. So, if you still want a big city feel without having to deal with lots of problems like in Toronto, then you should consider moving to the city of Mississauga the next year.

a man waiting for train to come
Easier commute? No problem in Mississauga

But, this is also a good thing if we look at it from another perspective. Mississauga is bordering Toronto and this is definitely a great thing for people that work in Toronto or that need to do something there. Also, there are other places like Brampton, York, Durham, and others. These are all big cities so there will not be any need for you to get out of this area. It is also a good thing because you can use movers Brampton, movers York or Durham to handle your relocation to Mississauga. The choice is much better and you can find the best movers for your relocation!

The commute is far easier than in Toronto

People in bigger cities like Toronto often have problems getting to another part of the city. Even though Mississauga is not small, there is no need for you to worry about transit. This is very important when deciding whether to move here in 2023 or not. Mississauga’s transit is called MiWay. It is very well connected to all parts of the city and you will not need to spend a couple of hours just in transit. Also, if you are in need, you easily access other neighboring places like Oakville or Brampton. MiWay is connected to Brampton transit and Oakville transit. As you can see, it is quite easy to navigate in this place so you should definitely think about coming here the next year!

Employment opportunities

Even though the statistics show that the employment rate is going down by 0,10% every year, it is still not something you should be concerned about. The unemployment rate is at just 8% and that is certainly a good thing. It means that you should be able to find a job here. Some of the biggest companies in the world are here and that certainly says something. Here are some of the industries that employ the most people in the city of Mississauga:

  • management
  • manufacturing
  • education
  • law and government
  • sales
  • transport
  • health

Of course, this does not mean that you can’t find a job in another industry. This is just a statistic of the industries where most people living in Mississauga work. In a city big as this, finding a job should not be that hard to do compared to much smaller places.

we are hiring sign on the door
Finding a job in Mississauga is not that big of a deal

Crime rate is nothing you should worry about if you choose Mississauga in 2023

Of course, one of the most important answers that you want to have is about safety, especially if you are moving with a family. You do not want to worry whether something will happen to your close ones. So, we should address this matter. Overall, Mississauga is a safe place. With a crime rate of 42 and a safety index of 59, we have to say that there is nothing you need to worry about. Naturally, bigger places always have more crime but it is not something that should worry you in the next few years!

The real estate market is cheaper than in other big cities

Another important question that we have to answer to is about the price of real estate. Naturally, you should not expect fairytales, but Mississauga is a perfect middle ground for people that do not want to get ripped off. For example, the median home value is $987,356. It is much lower than, for example, Toronto. This means that you will get a pretty similar lifestyle without the downsides of a big city for a better price. Of course, if you plan to rent, it will be much more affordable. You find everything from $1,700 up to $3,500+. There is something for everyone so it should not be that hard to find something that will be enough for you and your family.

an apartment where you can live if you move to Mississauga in 2023
Real estate costs are affordable

Make sure to have proper moving help when relocating here in 2023!

If you decide to come and live here, you are not done. There is still plenty of work that you need to handle. Moving is just one of them. So, if you want to have a move without too many problems or stress, you should always go for moving help. There is a variety of companies like Professional Movers Canada, that are more than capable to handle something like this. Naturally, you will want to do a thorough check before you make the final call. Make sure to make your move as easy as possible because it is the best way to start a new life in Mississauga in 2023!


Mississauga is have become a bigger deal in the last few years. It is still developing and it is a great thing for people that want to grab their opportunity! Make sure to consider everything from this list so that you could make a proper decision if you want to move to Mississauga in 2023. Also, as we have said, moving is a big part of moving here. You want to have moving help Brampton, moving help Mississauga, moving helpers Toronto, or any other neighboring place so that you could move without too many problems. It is only important for you to be sure that the moving company is the right fit for you!

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