Guide to Cleaning Before Moving into Your Toronto Apartment

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Toronto is a wonderful city that you will really love. So, if you are planning to move to this city, you can fully rely on Canada movers who will take care of moving to your new apartment in Toronto. As you already know, the to-do list for your move is too long and requires a lot of time. We have come to one more thing that you should do – cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment. But who else likes cleaning? You won’t believe us if we tell you that even this task can be solved quickly and easily with good organization and a little goodwill. That’s why we have prepared for you a complete guide for cleaning your apartment before moving in. Let’s begin!

Before you start cleaning, get a tour of your new apartment in Toronto!

First, we have some important information we want to share with you. You can explore Toronto after moving in, but find out some facts first. When it comes to Toronto’s rental market, according to data from Move Smartly, the average rent in Toronto has increased by 14%. Also, the average rental price for a two-bedroom apartment is $3,363 in Toronto this month (February 2023.). And that represents an increase of 21.5% compared to the previous year. Also, it can be expected that the rental prices will become higher, due to the record migration to Canada, which is mostly made up of the workforce.

Toronto city
Toronto is a city you will love!

Before you move into your new apartment in Toronto, it would be ideal if you did an apartment tour. In that way, you could see how much work awaits you. There is also the possibility of finding a fully furnished and clean apartment that is ready for immediate occupancy. But still, additional cleaning is always desirable. So, visit your apartment before you start cleaning. While movers and packers Toronto are preparing for your move, you can devote yourself to this task. Look at the situation, how much cleaning work is expected of you, what condition the rooms in your apartment are in, and how much time you will need. In this way, you will be able to organize cleaning before moving in.

We know that cleaning isn’t anyone’s favorite job. But, cleaning can help you get used to the new space in which you will live better. Also, with your favorite music, cleaning can become fun. In the continuation of this guide, we will reveal some tips that will help you to do this job properly, easily, and quickly!

Guide to cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment

Every move and moving into a new apartment marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And we are sure that you want your new beginning to be clean. So, there is no better feeling than when you move into a completely clean and disinfected, fragrant space, which from that moment becomes your new home. If you put in a little effort, everything can be perfectly clean and sparkling on the day you officially move. So, do you want to start?

Clean apartment in Toronto
If you want everything to be perfectly clean, then start cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment.

Here are the main steps you need to follow that will lead you to a completely clean apartment in Toronto!

  • Get everything you need for cleaning
  • Specify the start
  • Ventilate the premises
  • Disinfect
  • Clean floors
  • Clean the furniture

During your move, you can use moving services Toronto. Moving services include everything you need for your move, starting with packing, loading, and unloading, all the way to delivery and storage options. But what is important is that your new apartment in Toronto is completely ready and clean when all the boxes with your belongings arrive.

What do you need for cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment?

After visiting your new apartment, you could conclude how much time it will take you to clean it. For example, cleaning after the renovation takes much longer and is more demanding. In relation to ordinary general cleaning of floors, dust, furniture, and other things. What we advise you is to generally clean all rooms in your apartment (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridor, terrace, etc.). Because that’s the only way everything will be clean and disinfected. So, maybe now is the time for shopping. You will need to buy all the cleaning products and other cleaning tools. Here is the list:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Sponges for washing
  • Broom
  • Floor cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Disinfectants (alcohol 70%, or something else)
  • Cleaning products (sanitary towels, floor cleaning products, etc.)
  • Space refresher
  • Products for cleaning glass surfaces
  • Cleaning gloves
Product and tools for cleaning apartment in Toronto before moving in
Once you’ve got all of these cleaning products and tools, then you are ready for cleaning action!

You can always use what you already have in your home and thus save a little money. Also, instead of microfiber cloths, you can use old cotton clothes. It absorbs and cleans just as well as microfiber cloths.

Where to start with cleaning?

Someone would answer this question “start from the beginning”. While there is no right answer to this question. You can start cleaning from wherever you want. But perhaps the best guideline is to start from the farthest room from the front door. Especially when it comes to cleaning floors. For example, you can clean the bathroom because it’s the smallest place in your apartment. Then move on to the kitchen and then to the rest of the rooms. If your apartment is big, you can organize your time and clean a part of the apartment every day. It is true that it can be taken away. But sometimes it’s impossible to clean a four-room apartment in one day.

Why is room ventilation important?

Canada is mainly known for its cold weather. And if you clean the apartment during the winter months, you can cool the rooms by airing them, and in that case, it won’t be very pleasant. If the apartment has ventilation, it’s also a good option, but not the best. Because there is nothing better than when the freshness of the air enters your home. Ventilation is also important because it removes and suppresses viruses and bacteria that are in the air, and most of the dust will also come out. That is why we suggest that, instead of opening all the windows in the entire apartment, ventilate each room separately.

A woman opening a window
Open the window in your apartment and let the fresh air in!

For example, after cleaning the bedroom, open the window and leave it like that. Leave the room and close the door so that you don’t cool down the other part of the apartment. It’s enough to ventilate the room for about 1 hour.

How to disinfect your apartment in Toronto before moving in?

You will probably have the most work to do with the disinfection of your apartment. First, you should check whether insects or other unwanted tenants appear in your new apartment. If there are any, we advise you to carry out pest control. So, after you’ve done that, you can proceed to clean and disinfect. This means that all furniture, objects, floors, and windows must be treated with disinfectants. But, keep in mind that they can be strong and abrasive and damage some surfaces. Therefore, choose the means according to what you will clean. If, for example, you are cleaning kitchen parts, shelves, or cupboards, you can do it first with a damp cloth, and then run over them once more with diluted alcohol.

Girl cleaning apartment in Toronto
For disinfection and cleaning, choose less abrasive agents. Diluted alcohol is the best option.

Also, don’t forget sockets and switches in your apartment, as well as door and window handles. These are surfaces that the previous owners touched most often, but also the places where a lot of bacteria are hidden. Considering that such things are made of plastic, you can treat them with undiluted alcohol. Cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment includes disinfection, don’t forget that.

How to clean floors?

It’s very important to clean the floors, but keep in mind that when you bring in your things, they will get dirty again. There are condo movers Toronto who are really careful and will try their best not to dirty your apartment. Also, all your boxes will be transported in clean trucks, so soiling will be minimized during moving in. But regardless, after you move in, clean the floors again. When cleaning floors, it’s best to first remove all large debris, then vacuum and mop the floors. Of course, if you have a steam cleaner, you can use it.

When it comes to cleaning floors, you can find many manufacturers and different types of cleaning products t in supermarkets. We advise you to always choose those that are on a natural basis. And if you want to make your own cleaning product, you need warm water, vinegar, and one spoonful of liquid glycerin. This will best clean your floor and give it a perfect shine. Also, vinegar is very good at removing stubborn stains from floors, and glycerin will give shine to all surfaces.

How to clean furniture?

You can always agree on everything with furniture movers Toronto. After you clean your apartment, you can arrange delivery of your furniture. And only after that arrange the delivery of your personal belongings, dishes, and other things. The movers will bring your furniture into your apartment and, if necessary, assemble it. Then, after that, you can move on to cleaning. Also, the cleaning tips apply even if you bought or rented an already fully equipped apartment.

Woman cleaning furniture in new apartment
Cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment includes cleaning all the pieces of furniture

You should be especially careful when cleaning the furniture. Because as you know, it comes in different sizes, and shapes and is made of different materials. So, if you use special cleaning products for cleaning furniture, you must choose them according to the type of furniture you are cleaning. Today, you can find various cleaning sprays and wet wipes for wooden surfaces. And when it comes to fabrics, dry cleaning is the best option. So, think about choosing a cleaning method before moving into your Toronto apartment.

What to do after moving into your Toronto apartment?

After you move into your new apartment, you can enjoy everything that Toronto has to offer. Toronto is a really wonderful city. And according to data from, 6.6 million people live in the Toronto metropolitan area. This means that you will meet a lot of people and make friends here. There are many reasons why Toronto attracts so many people.

Toronto is also a multicultural city, where you will be able to meet different cultures. According to data from Person PTE, 2.7 million immigrants in Toronto make up 46% of the city’s entire population. But after the hard work of cleaning and moving, you need a little rest. And that can be a great opportunity to explore this city. That’s why we reveal several top destinations that you can visit. Among them are the interesting CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Casa Loma, etc.

Are you ready for moving to Toronto?

If you are worried about the process of your move, our company can provide you with all the necessary help and support. In addition to our professional moving teams, piano movers Toronto are also at your disposal. But what is very important is to be organized. Even when it comes to cleaning before moving into your Toronto apartment. So, try to remember our tips for cleaning your apartment because they will really be of great use to you. And don’t think of cleaning as a hard and tiring job. Now, play your favorite music and enjoy. Also, cleaning is a good anti-stress therapy!


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