Why Families Move to Odessa, Canada

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Moving with your family’s a different experience from that when you do it alone. You have to be extra careful about choosing the place where you will settle. It is normal that people will opt for a larger city with more employment opportunities and their kids’ education options. However, since living in big cities can be somewhat costly, many individuals search for alternatives. It is always a good idea to turn to Professional Movers Canada to help you first decide on and then relocate to your desired smaller area. Odessa, Canada is one of them. Odessa is known for being one of Canada’s most quiet and most pretty little towns. It is gaining popularity among people and many wonder what makes it so special. If you also wish to know why families move to Odessa, our article can help you figure it out.

Top 3 reasons why families move to Odessa, Canada

As we pointed out, it is very common for people to be easily attracted to life in a metropolis. Flashing lights and busy streets 24/7 is something that astonishes every one of us. However, people often get tired of it and feel fed up with all that hustle and bustle. That is the moment when people become aware of how precious life in a smaller area can be. Odessa, as an example of such small cities still has a lot of things to offer. Keep reading to find out why exactly families decide to move to  Odessa rather than somewhere else.

A house on a lake in Odessa
Getting fed up with all the hustle and bustle of big cities might be one of the reasons why families move to Odessa.

Odessa is very affordable

When relocating, the cost of living is a crucial aspect to take into account. Fortunately, compared to most other cities in the state and the national average, Odessa has a cheaper cost of living. Odessa’s cost of living is quite affordable, contrary to many other nearby places. It is important to mention that Odessa belongs to the Loyalist Township and is the second-largest there. The Township of Loyalist has lower poverty rates than the national average. The same goes for Odessa, being a part of it. Movers Odessa ON have confirmed that only 105 of the more than 16,000 inhabitants were recognized as having an income below the poverty level.

The cost of housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and other goods and services are all on average less expensive. For instance, it will cost about $ 286,900 to purchase a home in Odessa. Also, 15% of household owners are claimed to spend 30% of their income on housing expenses. Compared to the provincial average, this is much lower. That for sure is one of the most important factors for families who want to move there.

Odessa is also easily accessible

The Loyalist Township, which Odessa is a part of, is situated in a lovely area. Its proximity to the major cities is what makes it so special. It is 2 hours away from Ottawa, 2.5 hours away from Toronto, and 3 hours away from Montreal. On top of that, Kingston is only 20 minutes away from Odessa. That opens the opportunity for you to hire local movers Kingston to handle all the heavy lifting and make your relocation as easy as it can get.

Also, since Kingston is so close, you can always easily organize The Ghost of Fort Henry tour (available for 14-year-olds and older). If you are into sightseeing, dining while cruising, and trolley tours on land afterwards, Thousand Island Riverboat Cruise is a perfect activity for you. What is more, considering that Odessa is located along King’s Highway 401, getting where you need to is simpler. That is why families move to Odessa.

Canadian highway
Considering that Odessa is located along King’s Highway 401, getting where you need to is simpler.

Plenty of outdoor activities

Odessa has stunning views because it is situated along the edge of Lake Ontario. Numerous possibilities for an active lifestyle are available to its citizens. Because of its location alongside the lake, people can go fishing, boating, hiking, or biking. The city also features one of the lushest parks called Parrott’s Bay conservation area. The park is full of trees, has wide, level walkways, vibrant flowers, and a variety of friendly creatures to meet along the way. If you first want to visit Odessa before moving there, the best time to visit Parrott’s Bay Conservation Area is in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. The lengthy drive to the village is really worth it because it is so stunning. We are sure you’ll fall in love with the place and that’s when small movers Kingston ON will come to your rescue.

Camden Braes Golf and Country Club is a number one recommendation from locals. It is a decent-sized golf course with 18 holes that is roughly 6400+ yards long. Beginners, intermediate players, and experts can all benefit from the course. Those who pay for country club membership can purchase drinks. It is a marvelous way to spend a day with your family. Visit the Babock Mill in Odessa if you feel like exploring and traveling back in time. The lovely Second Chance Ranch must be on your list if you wish to relax and spend some time with some animals, which your kids will adore! Searching the internet for some additional recommendations is also a good option. You can check other people’s reviews that way as well.

A man entering a golf court
Camden Braes Golf and Country Club is a decent-sized golf course with 18 holes that is roughly 6400+ yards long.

You will love Odessa

We have tried and hopefully succeeded, to cover all the important and typical segments that people consider when choosing a new place for living. Odessa sure is a quiet little town but has a lot to offer. It is such a welcoming community and its residents simply adore it. Little businesses can be found nearby, along with stunning natural scenery, making this a peaceful place to spend your golden years. Those all are the reasons why families move to Odessa. We hope that if you already did a bit of your research, our article just confirmed your determination to pick Odessa for your new home.



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