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Toronto is one of the biggest and most popular cities in Canada. A good chunk of the Canadian population lives there. But, not everyone wants or can afford to live in a huge city like Toronto. When that’s the case, GTA is probably the best option. It’s the place to be for anyone who wants to be close to Toronto but not actually in it. As you may already know, GTA is comprised of various districts. One of which is York. If you’re interested in moving to York, rest assured that moving with movers York prides itself in will be no issue. However, before you start packing your moving boxes, you should first explore York and the idea of moving to York. That’s why, today, we’ll tell you 5 things you should know about York. Of course, these 5, very basics, facts about York are not nearly enough to paint the full picture of this district. However, it’s a great starting point. Once you exit this article, it’s up to you to let your curiosity take over and take the lead in researching and getting to know York. But before then, let’s explore York together, shall we?

There are quite a few things you should know about York before relocating there

Deciding to move is not easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to your retirement home or you’re just leaving for college, moving can be STRESSFUL. That’s why, it’s very important to choose a city, a district, as well as a neighborhood you’re particularly excited about. That way you’ll enjoy your move with movers East York has to offer a lot more. But to enjoy your move, you also have to know a thing or two about the place you’re moving to. That’s why it’s crucial for you to get acquainted with York before moving there.

A woman researching things you should know about York.
There are many things you should know about York and you should start learning them now!

An important thing you should know about York is that it’s quite affordable

Living in Toronto, as well as GTA is not that affordable. However, York alongside a few other districts is as affordable as it gets. Sure, there are other, cheaper places in Canada. However, none of them are as close to Toronto as York is. That said, not every neighborhood of York is equally as affordable. But luckily, there are quite a few options that would suit most pockets. These neighborhoods, for example, are among the cheapest in the whole GTA area:

  • Rockcliffe-Smythe
  • Keelesdale-Eglinton West
  • Weston

York is a great place for young people and worried parents

York University is one of the best unis in the country by far. It’s home to over 55,000 students each year. And, as a name might suggest, it’s located in York. That’s why York is one of the best GTA places for Millennials as well as Gen-Xers. Because who doesn’t want to be close to their uni?! You could even argue that York is a college city with how many university students live there. And with so many young people there, this city is bound to offer great living for young people.

It’s no secret that college students like to enjoy themselves and have fun while relaxing after studying for hard exams. And despite the fact that York is just not as wild and as crazy as a city like Ottawa is, rest assured that there’s no shortage of entertainment there. But, unlike many major cities, York is also very peaceful. That in itself is probably a huge relief to any parent letting go of their maturing kid for the first time.

Two students studying on the lawn.
York is largely populated by students!

Life in York is safe and peaceful

We already mentioned that York is peaceful. And it truly is. It’s also one of the safest districts in the whole Toronto area. Canada is among the safest countries in the world anyway. However, York is even safer than many other cities and districts in the country. That’s mostly due to this district being predominantly home to students, families, and farmers. You don’t really see many criminals frolicking around York. There just isn’t a place for people like that that there. And this alone is perhaps one of the most important things you can learn about York before moving there.

A good chunk of York is covered in nature and farmland

We mentioned that York is home to many farmers. That’s because a good chunk of York is covered in farmland. And, another major chunk of the district is covered in nature. That doesn’t leave much space for traffic and other non-healthy-living congruent structures. And even though that might seem worrying at first, it really shouldn’t be. York is perfectly balanced and will be the perfect home for someone looking for that sort of living. You can get pretty much everything you might want in York without sacrificing clean air, picturesque view, and healthy living. There are undeniable advantages of living in the suburbs and these are just some of them.

Another useful thing to know about York is that it’s located as close to Toronto as it gets

Some of the best packers and movers in Canada are located in Toronto. And York being so close to Toronto means that you’ll be able to get the best possible moving assistance for your move! However, that’s not the only benefit of being close to a major city like Toronto. For example, you can harvest all the benefits of living in a major city brings without experiencing any of the downsides. You can also work in the city without having to go through the hassle of living there. And if this sounds appealing to you, you’ll love York since it’s a very short drive from the heart of Toronto.

A woman driving a car.
York is just a short drive away from the center of Toronto!

Learn as much as possible about York before moving there!

By now you should have a vague idea of what York is like. However, these were just the very basic things you should know about York and there’s a sea of information out there that you should explore before you get serious about moving. But know that York is a great place that has a lot to offer, especially for the right person. And if you’re that person, you’ll love living in York!

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