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For the last couple of years, people have been trying to escape larger cities. That’s mostly because people are fed up with crazy traffic, pollution, and all the stress that comes with living in a major city. Luckily, there are numerous smaller cities that are absolutely wonderful for living in. These cities offer many of the perks major cities offer but without all the downsides. Because of that, packers and movers in Canada have had an increased amount of work moving individuals and families to the Greater Toronto Area. That said, millennials are mostly the ones migrating to smaller cities. And if you are a millennial looking to move alone, or with your family, rest assured that there are various, amazing GTA places for a millennial and his or her family.

GTA places for millennials: Great for both singles and people with families

Toronto is a lovely city. However, it’s easy to get tired of all that living in a city such as Toronto brings. But, luckily for all current Toronto residents, and all other fellow Canadians at that, GTA is nothing like Toronto when it comes to most of the “bad” things. Yet, all of these places are so close to Tronto that it’s possible to reap all the benefits of Toronto without having to live in it. But before you go about moving with movers East York or any other place has to offer, you should first choose the city of your dreams. So without further ado, here are a few of the GTA cities we think are well suited to millennials.

A big family posing for a photo.
Pretty much anyone can find what they need in GTA!

Whitby is perhaps the best GTA place for a millennial on a budget

The city of Whitby is the second smallest city on our list, counting roughly 135.000 residents. This little city is an amazing option for millennials who are looking to save a coin. Yet, by moving to Whitby you can live frugally but still get all that you would from other, more expensive, cities on this list. There isn’t much left to desire in Whitby. Keep in mind, though, that Whitby has been growing recently. Despite that, however, it managed to keep its small-town feel.

You’ll also be happy to know that this small city is filled with parks and beautiful nature that are all family-friendly. And, if healthy living is what you’re after, Whitby is the place for you. But it doesn’t stop there, with over 470 different businesses operating currently in Whitby, finding a job also won’t be much of a hassle. That said, if you work in Toronto, you might want to look into another option if money is not an issue. This city is, after all, 50 minutes away from Toronto which might be its only downside.

If being close to Toronto is important to you, then Markham is the place to be

Markham is literally 30 minutes away by car from Toronto! So if being close to Toronto is a must for you, you might as well book movers York residents love and recommend right now, because you definitely won’t find a better place than Markham for that. However, being so close to Toronto comes at a cost. This 343.000-resident city is significantly more expensive than most other GTA cities. But, it’s still a lot more affordable than Toronto, so that’s something.

Markham also has a very charming, suburban feel to it. Many of the neighborhoods are very picturesque. That’s why many millennials find themselves attracted to this particular place. But, this city is also family-friendly. There are numerous parks and schools for kids of all ages. As well as boutiques, shops, cafés, restaurants, and even a mall, for all mums and dads to enjoy. Choose Markham and you won’t regret your decision!

A woman driving a car.
Markham is just a short drive away from Toronto!

Aurora, the best GTA city for a millennial with a family

If you’re moving with a newborn, toddler, or multiple kids, Aurora is a great place for you. We all know how overwhelming it can be to take care of kids. But in a city like Aurora, that will never be a problem again. Aurora is notorious for its parks, recreation centers, sports programs, pools, and all sorts of other activities. That means that your kids could have something to do all day every day.

Plus, the schools in Aurora are great. So it’s safe to say that your kids will be taken care of. Also, Aurora is no more than 45ish minutes away from Toronto. And that makes it one of the perfect GTA places for a millennial that has a family but still wants to be close to Toronto. Just beware of the fact that living in Aurora can be pretty pricey. This small city of mere 50.000 residents is quite spendy.

Oakville – prestige through and through

If you have some serious money to spend, then move to Oakville. We say some serious money because a simple home in Oakville can cost you upwards of a million. However, spending so much money to live in Oakville is totally worth it. If prestige and living the life of luxury is your main goal, Oakville is definitely the place for you.

Another important thing to know is that Oakville’s economy and job market are rather strong. Probably the strongest out of all the cities in the GTA area. That means that it offers all sorts of opportunities for people of all backgrounds and aspirations. Also, this city is remarkably beautiful and has amazing education. So if you’re looking for a prestigious city that has it all, you should check out Oakville.

A suburban house.
Beautiful homes are just one of the reasons why Oakville is one of the best GTA places for a millennial!

There are numerous GTA places for millennials

Choosing the right place to move to is very important. Luckily, if you have your eyes set on GTA, know that there are numerous beautiful GTA places for a millennial of every want and need. Doing thorough research or even visiting different cities can be very helpful when choosing one to move to. Sure, stick to the most popular cities but also consider giving a chance to those lesser-known ones. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to choose a city with a good reputation, but also make sure said city has your heart.

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