10 Fun Facts to Know Before Moving to Toronto

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Toronto still represents one of the best destinations for people of all ages. It just has so much to offer that it is not uncommon for you to consider relocating here. However, besides reputable movers, like Professional Movers Canada, you still need some information before you move. You should learn as much as you can so that you could adapt to its nature in no time. So, we are going to give you 10 fun facts to know before moving to Toronto. You probably did not know many of them so you may want to stay until the end and find out some crucial information about this great city!

Multilingual City

One of the things that people often forget is that Toronto is a multilingual and diverse place. Two main languages are in use there, among other ones, English and France. However, you should not be too worried if you do not speak French. The majority of its population uses English so you should not have any major problems dealing with everyday tasks. French is also used but on a much smaller scale. If you have learned French in school or you want to practice a bit, you can do that too!

people walking on the street
Prepare for some serious winter

Winter is a big thing in Toronto

We all know that Canada is in the north. That makes winter quite a spectacle. However, Toronto is not in the northern part of Canada. It is quite near the US border and you may think that you will not have to deal with snow during the winter. However, it is not going to be like this. Winter is quite strong from December to March so you should have this in mind if you want to move and live here. The great thing is that people usually love winter so if you belong to this group, start making plans with your residential movers Toronto so that you could come here in time to enjoy winter to the fullest. Do not worry, it will not be like in the most northern parts of Canada!

The underground city is an interesting fact you probably did not know before your process of moving to Toronto

You probably did not hear about the underground city when talking about Toronto. There is a 19-kilometer corridor of stores where you can go and buy something. This is something that not too many people know when talking about this great city. Also, this is a great way to avoid crowds and winter coldness. So, make sure to visit it and use it to your own advantage once the winter comes!

The only city in Canada with seven major-league teams

If you are a sports fan, then this fact before moving to Toronto will be your most important one. As it says, there are seven teams from seven different sports that are currently in the top leagues. Those are:

  • football
  • basketball
  • lacrosse
  • hockey
  • baseball
  • soccer
  • rugby

    nba stadium in toronto
    Sports fan? Enjoy it in Toronto to the fullest!

As you can see, there is something for everyone and you should not have too many problems finding something for yourself. If this is your thing and you want to have the ability to access those great games, then you should look no more. Toronto is the only city with this situation and you should only worry about finding the right local movers Toronto that will help you move here. After that, you can enjoy sports like nowhere else in Canada!

World’s highest wine cellar

Talking about fun facts to know before moving to Toronto, we have to mention that the highest wine cellar is located in Toronto. We all know that those are usually below the ground, in the basements. However, Toronto wanted to be different and they located their highest wine cellar above the ground, 351m above the ground. You may be surprised but it is actually located in CN Tower. That is something that you did not expect, right? It was opened in 1997 and it has held this strange world record ever since!

Over 10 million trees are located in Toronto

Another fun fact you should know before relocating to Toronto is the fact that it has over 10 million trees. That is an unbelievable number for a major city like Toronto. Even though there are so many of them, some are just more special than others. For example, the oldest tree in Toronto is believed to be over 300 years old. It is located in one of the most popular places of all, York. To be exact, in North York. So, if you want to live in a place like this where people actually care about the environment, find yourself experienced movers York and make this possible. People need nature so why not come to the city where people want to preserve it?

The largest free-standing structure in the Western hemisphere is located in Toronto

Talking about fun facts to know before moving to Toronto can’t go without mentioning this. The CN Tower in Toronto held the title of the biggest largest free-standing structure until 2007. It held this title for 32 years until Burj Khalifa was built. However, it is still the largest free-standing structure in the Western hemisphere and it still means something. Nothing has come even close to this record.

cn tower as the highest structure is among interesting facts to know before moving to Toronto
CN Tower makes everyone breathless

Toronto Zoo is one of the largest in the world

Even though this may not be that important for you, it will be for your children. Children love zoos and there is no way around it. While we are on this topic, we have to mention that Toronto Zoo is one of the largest in the world. The conditions are top-notch for all animals and you will not have the feeling that you are in the zoo. Choose your moving services Toronto right now and make sure to give your children what they deserve. Even though this may not be important to you, you should do it because Toronto is much more than facts like this one. However, it is still an interesting thing to know that you are in a city where everything can be compared to the world!

Over 50% of the population are not born here

An interesting thing you should know before moving to Toronto is the fact that you are moving to a multicultural and diverse place. Many people think that most people are born in Toronto but that is not the case. Over 50% of the population are born elsewhere and migrated to Toronto. There are over 200 ethnicities and this makes this great city one of the most diverse cities on this planet. The greatest thing of all is that people live and function well here. There are not any problems between the different ethnicities and this makes Toronto one of the safest cities when we talk about this! So, it does not matter whether you are Canadian, Australian, French, or something else, everybody is welcome here!

Toronto International Film Festival is among the largest film festivals in the world

If you want to take a look at some of the biggest stars in the world, then you should relocate to the city of Toronto. The interesting thing is that this festival attracts over 500,000 new people each year. That is a big number, even for a major city like this one. There is one more trivia about this film festival. The ‘People’s Choice Award’ often indicates what movie will be the winner at the Oscars. You may want to learn this early if you choose to relocate to Toronto.

More fun facts to know before relocating to Toronto

The problem with interesting facts to know before moving to Toronto is that we can’t put them all on one list. Toronto is a place you can write for days about. So, we want to give you some additional interesting things that you should know before moving here.

  • The early nickname for Toronto was Little York, comparing it to NYC
  • It has 10 partner cities, some of which are: Chicago, Milan, Frankfurt, etc
  • Toronto is ranked as the safest city in Canada and North America
  • Out of 20, 17 highest buildings are located in Toronto
  • Toronto public library is the biggest in Canada
  • The University of Toronto is ranked the best in Canada

    a woman working in a zoo
    Toronto Zoo will definitely occupy your attention

Now that you have facts to know before moving to Toronto in front of you, you can start preparing for the move!

Even though there are many more interesting facts about Toronto, we could not write them all down, even if we wanted. However, it is better if you learn something once you move here. But, moving to Toronto is much easier said than done. It is all because relocating to major cities can be pretty hard due to the crowds, traffic jams, winter, and much more. So, you want to have the right movers East York that will make things a bit easier.

Have enough time to make the perfect call

In order to make the right call, you need time. Many people think that all you have to do is find the movers online, call them and you are done. There are many moving companies in Toronto and not all of them will be good for your move. What if you are moving a long distance? Would you want new and inexperienced movers or do you want movers that have enough experience in this area? In order to make sure that the movers are right for you, you have to take your time and not rush any decisions. If you do this, you could make a crucial mistake and it can cost you a lot in the long run!

Make your relocation easier by using all the necessary moving services

When opting for professionals, you want to get as much as you can. You do not want to use partial services because you will have to do more tasks than you actually have to. Since moving to Toronto can be hard on its own, you should make sure to ease your moving process. You want to do this by getting a packing service Toronto where your movers will handle preparing your items for the move. They know all the necessary tips and tricks and they will need less time than you would need.

Also, you want to get moving supplies Toronto from your movers because it will make everything easier. Packing will be easier and your items will be better protected. So, if you have a budget big enough, make sure to use this, no matter how easy it may seem at first!

Living in Toronto will not be a walk in the park

Even though Toronto is a safe city, it does not mean that everything will be great. Toronto is quite an expensive city, even by Canada’s standards. You will have to dedicate a lot of your funds to pay for your basic needs. If you are moving alone and if you are renting, you will have to spend around $2700. Naturally, if you are moving with someone, it is going to be even higher. When it comes to real estate, it is expensive. You will most likely rent, especially if you are moving near the center of Toronto.

high buildings like cn tower are among interesting facts to know before moving to toronto
Life in Toronto can be hard, but beautiful!

Also, the commute can be a big problem here. You may have trouble getting where you need to be. However, it should not keep you away from this great city. Pros will definitely outshine the cons so you should make sure to start your new life chapter here!

Toronto is a fun city to relocate to!

As you can see, there are many fun facts to know before moving to Toronto. They may be important to you or they may not seem that important. But, the bottom line is that Toronto is one of the best places where you can live in Canada! That is a fact and you will see for yourself once you move. When moving, make sure to only work with the best moving companies Toronto ON because you do not want to start on the wrong foot! Make sure you prepare yourself well for the move and you should be able to handle everything just fine!


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