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Are you about to move, and packing gives you headaches? It’s normal to feel a bit stressed about packing since it’s one of the most important processes when moving. People usually concentrate on packing furniture, clothes, large appliances, and other items, but they forget about things they’ll need during the first days after the relocation. Imagine that you moved to a new house and cannot find your essentials such as your toothbrush, medicines, or underwear. That can be frustrating since you’d have to unpack boxes and search for your essentials. Thus, you’ll make a mess, and it will be hard for you to unpack. That’s why you need to pack your bag of essentials. Wonder what to pack? Professional Movers Canada prepared for you a list of the most necessary items you’ll need the first days after the move. Use this checklist and pack your bag of essentials properly.

Pack your essentials bag using duffel bag or a suitcase
You can use various types of bags to pack your necessities for the first days at your new house

Why is it so important to pack your essentials bag

The best thing you can do to prepare for the move is to pack a bag or two with your most important items. You’ll probably feel tired after the move, and the first thing you’ll want to do is to take a shower, eat and dive into the coziness of your bed. The first days after the move are quite hectic. You don’t want to be searching for toiletries or clothes among a bunch of boxes. And, you certainly don’t want to wait for your movers to unload a bunch of boxes to find your essentials, right? That is why you should have your essentials bag at hand. While your residential movers Toronto are unloading your boxes, you can focus on making the rooms functional for living in the next couple of days.

Having an essentials bag is an inevitable item when you have children. You want your children to accommodate as soon as possible and you definitely don’t want them to make a mess and start searching for their favorite toy among many boxes.

Types of essential bags

If you wonder what kind of bag you should pack your essentials in, first try to separate your necessities and pack them in a bag according to their size. There are many types of bags you can use:

  • Duffel bag – use it for clothes or kitchen appliances
  • Suitcase – use it mainly for clothes
  • Carry-on bag – this type of bag is the most common one
  • (wheeled) backpack – use it for your childrens’ essentials
  • Dopp kit – use it for your toiletries
  • Garment bag – use this bag to pack your clothes that are easy to crumple
  • Vintage suitcase – this type of suitcase is usually bulky and it’s loaded separately in the truck, so use its space to pack your essentials

These types of bags are good to use to avoid packing them in boxes. Also, you can load them into your car instead of loading them in a moving truck. This way, you don’t depend on your movers’ arrival. In case your bags are bulky or not functional enough, use a box to pack your essentials.

What to pack in your essentials bag

The size and the number of your essentials bags depend on the size of your move and the amount of items you’ll need. If you are not sure what it should contain, here are some examples. The largest essential bag should contain the following things. Toiletries and underwear are the first to pack. Then, pack the beddings, cushions, pajamas, and clothes. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes in case it gets cold. After that, pack electronics such as tablets and laptops and their chargers. When it comes to your carry-on bag, use a backpack or a purse. Here you should pack your documents, passport, wallet, keys, medications, phone, USB’s, and other necessities. After you pack those bags, pack your children’s bag. This one should include their clothes and toiletries, as well as their favorite toys. If you have a bay, pack nursery items. And finally, pack your pet’s essential bag.

A duffel bag and a backpack
What to pack in your essential bag depends on the number of family members and the number of their necessary things

Moving long distances? What to pack in your bag of essentials?

Moving long distances is a daunting process and requires a lot of organization. Packing your bag of essentials is a must when it comes to a long-distance move. You cannot know what obstacles you may come across during the move. Your car may break, it may get cold, you may get stuck in traffic, etc. That is why you should carefully plan what to pack in your bag of essentials. Here are some of the most important things:

  1. Bottled water and some snacks and sandwiches
  2. Change clothes
  3. Basic toiletries such as soap, alcohol, toothbrush, and toothpaste or dental floss
  4. Towels
  5. Blanket
  6. Phone, laptop, tablet, and chargers. etc.

These are the basic things you’ll need to have in your car while traveling. But that’s not all. Don’t forget to pack your personal and moving documents. You don’t want to get in a situation where your passport or driving license is missing. Keep those at hand in a glove compartment. Also, don’t forget to carry some cash, jewelry, and other valuables with you. If you want, you can pack fragile items in a car trunk or at back seats if they are vacant. Also, have the car equipment in the trunk in case it gets broken. For the rest of the things that need to be transported, rely on long distance movers Toronto and have a safe and sound relocation.

Pack a first-aid kit

No relocation shouldn’t be done without the first-aid kit, especially long-distance relocation. Pack it just in case. Things to pack are plasters, gauzes, sterile gloves, safety pins, alcohol, sticky tape, bangles, and so on. You should not only carry it because of the relocation, but it is mandatory to have it if you are traveling by car.

A professional mover next to a moving truck
Hire professional movers to help you with your relocation

Pack your essentials bag and hire professional movers and packers to handle the rest

The only thing you should pack yourself is your bag of essentials. Use our tips to pack your essentials bag properly and enjoy your move. The rest can handle the movers if you don’t want to deal with the daunting packing process. If you are not sure whom to hire, check our moving companies Etobicoke. Our professional movers with years of experience can help you pack and move your belongings without much ado. Use their packing services, and don’t worry about what packing supplies to use. Enjoy your move.

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